Meg Whitman Supporter Disparages President Obama, Uses "Birther Humor" To Entertain Whitman Supporters in San Diego

The California Democratic Party today released video captured at a Meg Whitman rally featuring conservative radio host and Whitman court jester Mark Larson warming up the crowd by trashing President Barack Obama and challenging his citizenship.

During the primary election, Whitman took a wide right turn, brandishing her anti-immigrant and dyed-in-the-wool Tea Party conservative credentials, including touting her endorsement from Dick Cheney.

"President Obama is the rightfully elected forty-fourth President of the United States," said John Burton, Chairman of the California Democratic Party. “For Whitman to rely on 'Birther' stand-up comedy to gin-up her crowd is beyond reprehensible. She should once and for all disassociate herself from the Tea Party crowd and apologize for stooping so low as to use this sleazy shtick at her campaign events."


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