Meg Whitman Joins Tea Party Calls For Repeal of Health Care Law

Sacramento – Meg Whitman’s rightward scramble kicked into overdrive this week as the Republican gubernatorial candidate added her voice to Tea Party-inspired calls for a repeal of the historic health care reform law signed by President Obama last week.

Speaking before an audience in Redondo Beach, Whitman stated that as governor she would urge California’s attorney general to join attorneys general in other states in a legal challenge against the new health care reform law.

"In a matter of days, Meg Whitman has gone from stealth conservative candidate to Tea Party foot solider," said John Burton, Chairman of the California Democratic Party. "All that’s missing is the tri-cornered hat, powdered wig and incoherent protest sign. Californians need a governor who understands that governing is a serious undertaking, not an opportunity for live action role playing."

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