Chairman John Burton Responds to Republican Republican Senate Candidates Calling For the Repeal of Historic Health Care Reform Law

Sacramento – All three Republican U.S. Senate candidates have now called for the repeal of the historic health reform legislation signed into law today by President Obama.

California voters must be made aware that these Republican candidates are effectively calling for a repeal of a law that:

  • Extends coverage to 7.3 million Californians who do not currently have insurance;
  • Provides affordable coverage to 2.7 million Californians who currently have non-group insurance but would be given access to affordable coverage through a health insurance exchange;
  • Provides 4.5 million California seniors with free preventive services;
  • Reduces by half the brand-name drug costs for 794,000 California seniors currently covered under Medicare Part D; and
  • Provides a small business tax credit for up to 392,000 small businesses in the state.

"Senator Barbara Boxer worked tirelessly together with her colleagues in the Senate and the House to pass this legislation, now signed into law by President Obama, that extends affordable coverage to those who don’t have it and secures affordable care for Californians who are blessed to have coverage," said California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton.

"The contrast between Democrats and Republicans is being made clearer than ever today.

"By calling for a repeal of the law, Republicans like Carly Fiorina, Tom Campbell and Chuck DeVore have gone on the record against helping seniors who are struggling with rising prescription drug costs, against tax breaks for small businesses who are desperately trying to provide their employees with coverage, and against health insurance portability and choice," added Burton.

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