Californians knock, is Whitman at home?

Long Island native Meg Whitman has spent millions to run hundreds of ads telling Californians to "Talk to Meg," but the real question is, why bother if she won't talk back?

Whitman's "buy it now" campaign held a disastrous event in Oakland Tuesday, where the consultant-coached candidate banned the press from a tour and refused to answer questions. Eventually her staff blocked the windows to keep cameras from capturing even a glimpse of the reclusive Republican.

"A candidate who won't talk to the press is a candidate who won't be honest with the people of California," said California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton. "Meg Whitman continues to live in a billion-dollar bubble. California deserves a governor who understands and will fight for everyday Californians."

Worse yet for the Whitman campaign, the candidate, her staff and her supporters couldn't agree on who shut out the media. Sarah Pompei says they were running late, but Meg stayed for half an hour to talk to a friendly Republican columnist.

Whitman says they were "surprised" by the number of reporters, but they had plenty of room for journalists - as long as no one spoke to Meg. The campaign claimed Union Pacific officials banned cameras on the tour, but Union Pacific says they expected press.

"Is this the new leadership Whitman promises?" Burton asked. "She passes the buck and ducks out the back door when nobody is looking. Californians deserve better."

The California Democratic Party today released a video commemorating Meg Whitman’s disastrous series of press "non-appearances."

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