California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton Writes Open Letter to Meg Whitman Asking For Clarification on Her "Plan" to Cut $1 Billion From Welfare Services To Fund Education

California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton today sent the following open letter to GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman:

Dear Ms. Whitman:
I had a chance to listen to your political radio ad that claims you will fund $1 billion at some point – when is not clear – to help students in higher education in California, and that you will be taking that $1 billion out of “welfare.”

Just how much more will you be taking from the 1.3 million aged, blind, and disabled people, whom you consider to be “on welfare?”

Or would it be from 1.1 million children on CalWORKS, all of whom are receiving funds below the federal poverty level?

How do you get to the $1 billion savings?

Furthermore, have you calculated the profound economic and social damages your cuts will cause to the 1.3 million aged, blind, and disabled people and 1.1 million children?

I would like your answer to this critical question, along with answers to my previous questions about some of the other bogus promises you have made.
Peace and friendship,

John Burton
California Democratic Party

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