California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton Condemns CA GOP and Rep. Dan Lungren's "Smear Tactics" in CD 03 Race

"Rep. Dan Lungren and the California Republican Party are resorting to desperate smear tactics by attacking a respected physician and community leader, Dr. Ami Bera, in order to distract attention from Lungren’s sorry record on jobs, the economy and health care.

Dan Lungren would do well to concentrate on issues that have a direct impact on residents of the third Congressional District instead of desperately lurching toward the media spotlight in an attempt to endear himself to his D.C. counterparts – many of whom he’s known since he was first elected to Congress in 1979.

The building of an Islamic community center in lower Manhattan is an issue for the residents of New York, the Mayor of New York and the local planning commission.

Residents of California’s third Congressional District wouldn’t want New York residents second-guessing them on a local project in their own district, and their elected representative should refrain from doing the same.

Dan Lungren and the California Republican Party must immediately distance themselves from the ultra right-wing of the Republican Party and those perpetrating these appalling smear tactics."

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