California Democratic Party Chairman Calls on Meg Whitman To "Come Clean" With CA Voters on Goldman Sachs Profits

Open Letter To GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Asks Her To Reveal Extent To Which Her Goldman Sachs-Acquired Profits Are Funding Her Campaign

Sacramento – California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton today called on GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman to “come clean” with California voters and reveal how much of the $60 million-plus she has spent so far in her campaign is from profits acquired through Goldman Sachs.

Whitman previously sat on the Goldman Sachs Board of Directors and has come under fire for her role in a now-banned corporate practice known as "spinning," in which Goldman Sachs executives allegedly traded access to insider "hot stock" deals in exchange for access to companies' bond business. Whitman was the CEO of eBay at the time the allegations took place.

It has since been reported that Whitman is personally invested in at least 21 private money funds that are being run by Goldman Sachs.

"How much of the more than $60 million that you have personally spent to try to buy the governor’s office comes from Goldman Sachs profits?" Chairman Burton asks in an open letter to Meg Whitman. 

 To see a copy of Chairman Burton’s open letter to Meg Whitman click here. 

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