California Democratic Party Calls on Meg Whitman To Release Social Security Administration Letters Related to Former Housekeeper's Employment at Whitman Household

Sacramento – In an open letter to Meg Whitman today, John Burton, chairman of the California Democratic Party, called on the GOP gubernatorial candidate to fulfill her recent promise to authorize the release of all Social Security Administration “no match” letters she received regarding her housekeeper’s social security number.

A copy of the letter is included below:

Dear Ms. Whitman,

Call the Social Security Administration like you promised.\xe2\x80\xa8 \xe2\x80\xa8During a press conference on September 30, 2010 you promised to call the Social Security Administration and authorize the release of the letters they sent you – the ones you claim you never saw – informing you that you had hired an employee who gave you the wrong Social Security number.

So do it.

Enough hedging. Enough hemming. Enough hawing.

I’m curious to know if your husband, the doctor, scribbled any other notes on those letters that you claim the Whitman household never saw.  I’d like to think that a neurosurgeon, by nature, pays attention to those pesky little details, even if you don’t.

Since neither you, nor your husband, seem to be able to put together a credible story, I’m sure the Social Security Administration could help things along.

But only if you let them.

You can call them any minute. In fact, I’ll make it easy, here’s the number: 1-800-772-1213.

Do the right thing and keep to your word. Authorize the SSA to release those letters to the public.\xe2\x80\xa8 \xe2\x80\xa8I, along with millions of California voters, await your reply.

Peace and friendship,

John Burton


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