California Democratic Party Announces Ground-Breaking "Friend Out The Vote" Effort With New Facebook App

Sacramento -- The California Democratic Party (CDP) today rolled out a new innovative and targeted Get Out the Vote effort through a first-of-its-kind Facebook app that matches traditional campaign data targeting with the specificity and interpersonal appeal of the world's largest social networking site.

The app is available at

Simply put, the CDP’s new application will allow Facebook users to reach out to and contact “friends” in their network who are occasional Democratic voters and encourage them to turn in their Vote-by-Mail (VBM) ballots or to vote at the polls on Election Day.

“Midterm elections are about turnout and the CDP is using every tool at its disposal to get Democratic voters to turn in their Vote-by-Mail (VBM) ballots now or turn out to the polls on November 2,” said Shawnda Westly, Executive Director of the California Democratic Party. “At a time when fewer people are using the phone or paying attention to the wall-to-wall barrage of 30-second campaign ads, tools like the CDP Facebook app are helping us cut through the noise by combining the power of technology, public voter information and social networking. We’re using Facebook and online advertising to communicate with voters in a way the state Party never has before – and we think this is going to boost voter turnout among voters who care about Democratic issues, but haven’t heard our message through traditional mediums.”

In California, there are 15.4 million Facebook users of voting age, representing 56% of the state's potential voter population. Research shows that the best way to reach out to this population of voters is through direct voter contact from friends.
“Our entire GOTV operation this year is designed to maximize Democrats’ 2.3 million voter advantage over the GOP in California,” said Westly. “The CDP’s Facebook app will allow friends to motivate friends to the polls. “Friending Out The Vote” is a natural extension of our traditional GOTV efforts.”

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