2010 Election Kicks Into High Gear for California Dems with New Web Site

New Site Boasts Dramatically Improved Navigation, Social Media Integration, and One-Stop-Shop GOTV Tools for Activists

Sacramento – The California Democratic Party today announced the completion of a web site overhaul and refresh of its main site: www.cadem.org

The new site boasts improved navigation, integration with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, and direct access to campaign and GOTV tools for Democratic activists.

“When John Burton was elected chair of the California Democratic Party he made a commitment to do everything he could to make sure the CDP was stepping up its game, and this new and dramatically improved web presence is in keeping with that commitment,” said Tenoch Flores, communications director for the California Democratic Party. “Our new www.cadem.org home page will be user friendly and focused on providing quick and easy avenues for activists and supporters to get involved in the California Democratic Party.”

The site also features a portal to the CDP’s coordinated campaign, the VOTE 2010 program. Democrats interested in volunteering for the coordinated campaign will immediately be able to:

  • Find their nearest location from more than 90 local Democratic campaign offices from Crescent City to San Diego
  • Phone bank from home using the CDP’s online phone bank tool
  • Sign up to become a precinct leader (option is for registered Democrats only)
  • Invite a friend to join them via Twitter and Facebook

“The new www.cadem.org comes just as our statewide coordinated campaign kicks into high gear,” continued Flores. “The Republicans are running two self-funded ex-CEO multi-millionaires who are determined to drive California back into the Bush years of tax cuts for the rich and cuts to services for everyone else. But the more they spend, the more fired up our voters and grassroots activists get to turn Democrats out to vote.”\xe2\x80\xa8

“Our new website will better connect California Democrats, make it easier to find information, provide feedback, and ultimately drive more Democrats to the polls.”

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