Statement from Chairman John Burton regarding Republicans' recent discovery of one Decline-to-State voter, Assemblyman Juan Arambula

SACRAMENTO — California Democratic Party chairman John Burton today released the following statement about the California Republican Party’s recent discovery of one Decline-to-State voter, Assemblyman Juan Arambula.

"It’s beyond ironic that California Republicans are now embracing Assemblyman Arambula as one of their own, given the party’s historic hostility toward Decline-to-State voters.

"hile Democrats have long welcomed the views of Decline-to-State voters, California Republicans continually shun anyone who deviates from their philosophy of kowtowing to special interests and protecting corporate tax loopholes — even if it decimates public education, guts health care and forces the frail elderly into nursing homes.

"The intolerance of the Republican Party is legendary. Legislative Republicans in California recently ousted their leaders because they had the temerity to vote for Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s budget deal. A number of Republicans now face recall efforts for the same “offense.” National Republicans forced U.S. Senator Arlen Specter to defect from the GOP because he didn’t toe the party line.

"Unlike Republicans, Democrats welcome the views of the 20 percent of Californian voters who are registered Decline to State. That’s why Democrats invited DTS voters to vote in our presidential primary last year. California Republicans, meanwhile, were too insular to open their primary to anyone with an ounce of political independence.

"California Democrats are always open to working with Decline-to-State voters on issues that concern us all — including a common-sense, balanced budget that doesn’t decimate the state’s safety net; quality health care and education; and environmental protections that improve the world around us."

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