Statement from Chairman John Burton on Legislative Democrats' Budget Plan

"I thank Senator President Pro Tem Steinberg, Speaker Bass and the members of the Conference Committee for pushing back against the governor’s plans to eviscerate state programs that protect the poor, the elderly, people with disabilities and students.

"I also applaud legislative Democrats’ efforts to share the sacrifice by having corporations, oil companies and tobacco users play a part in closing California’s staggering deficit.

"As difficult as it was to make additional cuts to social programs after several years of the same, I congratulate the Speaker and the Pro Tem for drawing a line in the sand against future cuts to the safety net.

"I would hope legislative Republicans would pass, and Governor Schwarzenegger would sign, this proposal, which at least preserves the safety net in these tough fiscal times.

"A cornerstone of the Democratic Party – and the hallmark of a decent society – is protection of the most vulnerable of people."


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