California Democratic Party: "Protect All Californians, Stop the Severe Cuts and Support a Balanced Solution!"

The California Democratic Party today unveiled its new online action page where party leaders, activists and concerned citizens can speak out against the governor’s latest proposed budget, which contains severe cuts that will devastate millions of Californians, shred the safety net and stunt the state's economic economic recovery.

"Democrats are standing firm against these devastating cuts," said California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton. "We will do everything possible to minimize these cuts and the harm they will inflict. It is critical that the Legislature pass a budget that asks big corporations and the wealthy to do their part to end California's shortfall. A balanced budget solution must contain new revenues in addition to cuts."

In the coming weeks, the California Democratic Party will provide online tools to help people concerned about the budget reach out to lawmakers and the public in a sustained, targeted way through letters, phone banking and video messages.

"This is about core Democratic values. We firmly believe in protecting the vulnerable and ensuring the viability of the services we all rely on -- such as public education, health care, in-home care for the elderly and state parks," Burton said. "We must tell lawmakers to protect all Californians, stop the severe cuts and support a balanced solution.“

Added Burton, "We may win this fight, we may lose this fight, but we will make this fight."

At, Californians can learn more about the budget and write letters to the editor or letters to their legislators. Soon, they will be able to use the website to call their lawmakers and submit personal stories and videos about how the proposed budget cuts would affect them.


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