Eric Bradley Deep Blue Grant Program

Eric Bradley was a staunch Democrat, dedicated volunteer, and a leader in his community. After his passing, the Eric Bradley DEEP BLUE Grant Program was established to honor his memory and continue his mission of promoting young people’s engagement and achievement.  

Through the grant, the California Democratic Party has set aside $5,000 to fund projects that will welcome and engage California Democrats between the ages of 16-35. The deadline to apply has been extended to October 25, 2019.

Submit an application here.

The criteria for eligibility are as follows:

· Open to central committees, CYD chapters, chartered Democratic Clubs, affiliated statewide organizations
· A volunteer project that will target young voters and young potential voters (high school students, trade schools, union apprentice ships, Job Corps, Conservation Corps, etc.)
· Projects must be for specific activities (movie nights, dance parties, spoken word contests, county fair booths)
· Measurable goals — number of attendees, new CYD chapter formed, number of new members in the 16-35 age group

Young Democrats are the future of our party, and organizing and engaging young Californians is more important than ever as California leads the resistance to the Trump presidency.

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