Making Convention Safer, Less Expensive and More Engaging

Convention is fast approaching, and we're looking forward to seeing you in San Diego!

We hope you're excited for our annual gathering. Your CDP Team is busy finalizing the schedule and logistics including some exciting changes we've implemented to take Convention to the next level. Our state is the Big Blue Beacon of Hope for our nation, and that's what our Convention will be celebrating.

Over the next two weeks, we'll be releasing a series of Convention Previews featuring the ways we have innovated and re-imagined our Convention as an opportunity to showcase our Party's activists and values.

For our first Convention Preview, we want to highlight the changes we have made to make Convention safer, less expensive and more engaging.

Making Convention Safer

Every single person who attends our Convention should be safe from bullying, harassment and assault. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to make this Convention as safe as possible.

Sexual Assault & Harassment Hotline We have worked with national survivor advocates to establish a 24-hour hotline during the three days of the Convention where Delegates have a safe and confidential way to report an assault or threatening behavior against themselves or others. Information about the Sexual Assault & Harassment Hotline will be provided to Delegates when they register, and will be posted throughout the Convention.

Additional Security Following current best practices, we are stepping up the level of visible security at our Convention this year. We are taking this step for several reasons. First, we want to ensure adequate personnel to respond to any reports we get from Delegates or from the Sexual Assault & Harassment Hotline. We also want to ensure that there are plenty of trained professionals who can de-escalate potential problems before they turn into situations that threaten your safety. Lastly, in the unlikely event of a natural disaster or other major incident, we want to make certain everyone in the Convention Center is safe and secure.


Making Convention Less Expensive

 We know that the cost of Convention is significant, especially when it comes to the restaurants and food options available to Delegates, and for entry to ticketed CDP events. Bringing down the cost for Delegates at future Executive Boards and Conventions is a core priority for our Chair and Statewide Officers, and for this Convention, we've taken some steps to ensure Delegates have more moderately priced options.


Blue Beacon Cafe We're setting up a pop-up cafe in the Convention Hall with the generous support of AFSCME UDW, so Delegates will be able to purchase coffee, soft drinks and light meals at affordable prices. The Cafe will be open for much of the Convention, including Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, and both mornings before General Session.


More Affordable Luncheon Over the years, the price of CDP ticketed events like the Luncheon has expanded to the point where tickets are not affordable for many Delegates who want to attend. That's why we've lowered the price of the Luncheon, and expanded the number of tickets available.


Making Convention More Engaging

 We want to make sure every part of Convention is informative and engaging, and that's particularly true for General Sessions. In addition to our traditional set of speeches by Candidates, Constitutional Officers and notable Democrats from around the country, we will be making some major changes to the General Session experience for Delegates.


Thematic Programming Blocks Each General Session will feature specific themes of programming. This is a practice that has already been incorporated into CDP Executive Board meetings with great success. General Session is the most visible way for us to recognize and celebrate core communities and values of our Party, and we want to make the most of that opportunity. Stay tuned, we'll be announcing the themes in upcoming Convention Previews.


Statewide Candidate Forum We have an amazing field of candidates running for Constitutional office, and in addition to speeches like those that will be delivered for Governor and U.S. Senate, we'll be featuring a new forum for candidates for Lieutenant Governor. We think this is an exciting new way to get to know the candidates and help Delegates make their decision in a more in-depth way. Be on the lookout for your opportunity to help shape the forum.

Up Next...

Stay tuned for the announcement of the first of thematic block of General Session.

See you in San Diego!


--The CDP Team

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