Platform 2014: Equality of Opportunity

The California Democratic Party recognizes the growing disparity between the top two percent and the rest of Americans.  We understand that institutionalized racism, classism, sexism, and anti-gay bias contribute to that disparity, and we believe that all Americans deserve the opportunity to participate fully in the economic, cultural, political, and social facets of society.  We take pride in and celebrate our diversity and work to foster the common values and commitments that unite all people, regardless of age, sexual orientation, cultural heritage, national origin, disability, socio-economic status, gender, race, or personal views on religion.

To fight for all people to live with dignity and equality, California Democrats will:

  • Speak in a unified voice against hatred, racism, and violence directed against any minority group;
  • Encourage, support and defend voluntary and mandatory affirmative action measures aimed at enhancing equality in employment, education, and business opportunities;
  • Affirm that the right to accept or reject any religious belief, to bind oneself to any religious creed, or to hold no religious creed whatsoever, is a private matter, and should always remain a matter of individual conscience. Therefore, we oppose any government funding to organizations that fail or refuse to respect these rights;
  • Protect the constitutional and sovereign rights of Indian Nations, and well-established rights and jurisdictions of California Native American tribes;
  • Support nondiscrimination for the LGBTQ community in all aspects of their lives, including housing, employment, healthcare, and family/adoption, and our continued support for their legal right to marry; support clergy of all religious denominations in their freedom to solemnize these marriages in accordance with their respective beliefs;
  • Support the use of gender neutral language;
  • Support wage equality, thus allowing individuals to achieve upward mobility and economic equality in our communities; and,
  • Work to ensure that government (especially our legal system) works for all citizens, not just the privileged.