AD 80


Angel Godinez





Time & Location:

Chula Vista Public Library - Civic Center Branch


365 F St.
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Cross street: 4th Ave.
Location Phone: 619-691-5069

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Lucas O'Connor   Male   I have spent the last two years serving on the Executive Board of the party, and I'm running for re-election after a very successful year for California Democrats. We held every statewide office, defended every incumbent member of Congress while adding a seat, plus passed the water bond and long-overdue sentencing reform. We also reformed the endorsement process to empower grassroots activists, and stood up for affordable higher education, net neutrality, immigration reform, campaign finance reform, and the right to organize. Working with Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, I work every day in the community making sure the state works as well as it can for all of us and advocating policies to keep California a national progressive model. It's critical for California to continue leading the country with progressive policy, and begins laying the groundwork to elected a new Democratic president and expand our legislative majorities in 2016. There's a great deal of work ahead to build on our momentum, and I look forward to serving.
Martin Hernandez   Male    
Larry DeHoyos   Male   Being a democrat represents democracy in political change and futures. I support the new vision of the democratic party to better our economy while taking care of our hard earned money. I have supported the democratic party since the first time I voted in a Presidential Election in 1992. This made me realize what democrats do for the country and how it's the democratic beleif that give the United States of America its representation and strength in the world.
Marco Briones   Male    
Carlos Mendez   Male   I'm running for a position in the 2015 ADEM in order to try and help move the party forward. After suffering huge losses nationwide and some losses statewide, I want to follow in the footsteps of South Bay Democrat elected officials that held together by using teamwork to move the party forward and showed that democrats can focus on working together instead of infighting, win elections, and improve their communities simultaneously. As an almost lifelong resident of the South Bay, I want to help my community which is sometimes forgotten by San Diego politicians and make sure that I can use my voice to amplify what I hear from others living in the area. So I ask you to please vote for me and allow me to do my best in helping improve my community by being one of their delegates to the Democratic Party and voice their issues in order to show them that the party hasn't forgotten the South Bay.
Jose Preciado   Male   Thank you for your continued support of my involvement as a partly activist. I continue to be president of the Chula Vista Democratic Club. I am an elected member of the South Bay Irrigation District and serve on both the Sweetwater Authority and the San Diego County Water Authority Boards of Directors. I am an active member of my union and serve as steward for Academic Professionals of California- Unit 4 bargaining unit at SDSU.
Eugene Chavira   Male   My name is Gene Chavira and I want to continue taking an active role in promoting the California Democratic Party agenda. I have held many leadership roles over the passed years. Currently I serve as an Assembly District Delegate, Representative of Sweetwater Teachers Association and representative to the California Teachers Association and the San Diego Imperial County Labor Council. I was a founding member of the successful Committee To Establish Areas of Representation for SUHSD. I have also produced several pro-labor episodes of Labor Link TV. I am a high school teacher at Mar Vista High School in Imperial Beach. I am a life long democrat and resident of the 80th district.
Kelvin Barrios   Male   I would be honored to serve as an ADEM Delegate for the 80th Assembly District. I am extremely active in local politics and have worked, interned, or volunteered for many local/statewide candidates and the Democratic Party. I am on the Executive Board for the California Young Democrats and serve as the Regional Director for San Diego County. My role in CYD is to encourage young people to get involved in the process of electing Democrats, to charter new Chapters and register young people to vote. I am also the Chair and a founding member of the newly formed CYD Labor Caucus representing Labor's interest on the CYD E-Board. In my community I serve as the President and founding member of the City Heights Democratic Club and Secretary/Board member for the City Heights Town Council, actively recruiting members for both organizations. I am an active and committed member of the Chicano Democratic Association, San Diego County Young Dems and the Latino Caucus with CYD. I am a Past President of the Mesa College Democratic Club and active SDCDP GO Team Member. I believe I represent the Progressive Democratic Values of our District and will bring that with me while serving as a Delegate.
Don Anque   Male   I am excited to be a candidate to represent the underserved communities of Assembly District 80. Having grown up in Assembly District 80, I have a lifetime of service in the community. I volunteered at the St. Vincent de Paul Village, the Birch Patrick Convalescent Center at the Sharp Chula Vista Hospital, the San Diego Food Bank, and Hogar Infantil. The face-to-face conversations with homeless people, the elderly, the starving, neglected children, and anyone else that needed our help the whole experience was life changing. I look forward to advocating for Assembly District 80 and helping out those in need.
Paul Ochoa   Male   I am runing to represent my district in the important decisions that are made by the California Democratic Party.
Sean Elo   Male   As a Regional Field Director for the California Democratic Party on Scott Peters' reelection campaign, I worked to engage young people and traditionally underrepresented communities with our party in order to help defeat Carl DeMaio and his anti-immigrant, anti-worker agenda. I am dedicated not only to protecting San Diego from extremists such as DeMaio, but to advancing the Democratic Party in pursuit of progressive ideals such as affordable education, economic equality, immigration reform, and workers' rights. It would be an honor to serve this diverse and vibrant district as a representative.
Ricardo Ochoa   Male   As a progressive who's been active in the labor movement for over 20 years, I see the importance of Labor and the Party working together and supporting each other. It is only by being united that we can continue to win for working families here in the South Bay, throughout San Diego, and in the entire state. I am a union-side labor lawyer with deep personal and professional roots in the South Bay. I grew up in this community, graduated from the Sweetwater District, and currently live in National City. As an attorney, I represent the unions for teachers and support staff of the Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVE and CVCEO), the Labor Council, the Building Trades, IBEW Local 569, the American Federation of Teachers, and many other unions active in the South Bay. Through my work with Labor, I have been part of many of our local victories, particularly on school boards, community college boards and at the County Board of Education. I have also long been active in the Party, including previously serving as an elected delegate to the convention and a representative to the Party's Executive Board. I ask for your support so we can continue to advance the cause of working families.
Roberto Alcantar   Male   For the last few years, I have worked tirelessly to elect Democrats in San Diego County. As a volunteer, I have knocked on countless number of doors, made thousands of calls and have walked precincts non-stop during election cycles to elect Democrats. I currently serve as Vice-President of the San Diego County Young Democrats and as an elected member of the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee. It would be an honor to serve as a delegate for the 80th Assembly District and be part of the team that will continue to move our State forward and will keep fighting to make San Diego more progressive.
Maria A Stacey   Female   I am very Interested in this position because i am a citizen that knows what the community needs to see and obtain from our government and representatives. My personal challenges have been an inspiration to move my self to a level where i can see beyond my self and will love to learn my way to represent and encourage others like me in this journey. I represent the students that struggle to get education,the single mom that has to work hard to put his son into college, the women of color and second language citizen fighting against the daily challenges minorities face and non than less the women that would love to see others to succeed and move beyond poverty to make this county better than what already is. I am about to graduate from the University of San Diego with a masters degree in Leadership with emphasis in human rights . I hope you can see in me the potential to represent democrats in my district.
Genoveva Aguilar   Female   Genoveva Aguilar is the San Diego Coordinator for the Service Employees International Union-United Service Workers West. She comes from very humble beginnings having grown up in Sherman Heights, one of San Diego's Historic Barrios. Aguilar graduated from the University of San Diego with degrees in Ethnic Studies, Sociology and Spanish. She became a mother in 2010 when she took on the responsibility of becoming legal guardian to her nine year old nephew after her brother's tragic death in 2009. She is the founder of Casa de Vecinos Organizados, a grassroots organization dedicated to building resident leadership through community empowerment and social advocacy in low to moderate income communities. Aguilar has been a longstanding community and labor leader who has been recognized as one of the best organizers in San Diego. Most recently she was honored by the California Legislature as the 80th Assembly District's Woman of the Year as well as one of SD Metro Magazine's 40 Under 40 Honorees of 2014.
Ana Julia Castro-Mendoza   Female   I would like more women to run for office and my vote can determine the endorsement of candidates from the California Democratic Party.
Doris Gauff   Female   I am a democrat and it is an honored and a privileged to ask for your vote to work with the elected official of the 49 district. I will do all the duties required of me as Assembly District Delegate (ADD's). As well as but not limited to promoting party agenda and help with bringing to elected official community members concerns to get their voices heard so they can get the help that they deserve in this community. I humbly ask for your vote.
lisa huynh   Female   I have been an activist within the Democratic Party for several years. I have been involved with Organizing for Obama and Organizing for America as well as volunteering for local Campaigns. Most Recently I worked with student at SDSU to establish a Democratic Club on campus. I was instrumental in organizing a major rally on campus for GOTV with Congressman Scott Peters, Congresswomen Susan Davis, and State Senator Marty Block. I have worked with local campaigns to register young people to vote and helped with GOTV efforts. I currently serve on the E-Board for the SDSU College Democrats and the City Heights Democratic Club along with being active with the California Young Democrats. I am a Progressive, Pro Labor, Young, Female Democrat that wishes to represent the 80th Assembly District at Convention.
Judy Walsh-Jackson   Female   Personally and professionally, I live by the principles that we democrats cherish. For over thirty years, my career has revolved around social justice issues in one form or another. My educational background (both as an undergraduate and at the graduate level) is in the field of social work with an emphasis in social policy, advocacy, and community organizing. I'm grateful to those who came before me and brought social security, civil rights, worker's rights, women's rights, LGBT rights, etc. to my generation. I am committed to electing progressive leaders who will not waver in protecting those human rights but will also further advance our democratic cause for future generations. I would be honored to serve as a delegate and thank you for your consideration.
brigette browning   Female    
Francine Anzalone-Byrd   Female   Thank you for your consideration of my application. Although my name may not be familiar to you, I have been politically active for decades. My involvement has been "behind-the-scenes" as a donor to democratic candidates/organizations such as the DNC and volunteer (phone banking for presidential candidates, moveon.org, etc). In my professional life I retired after many years as the Executive Director of a large non-profit that provided housing and other services to homeless women and their children. As a young mother in the mid-late 60's and early 70's I was active in the civil rights movement in LA. In 1999 I was honored by Morehouse College. As an active retiree I now have more time to devote to the causes that I am passionate about like working to elect progressive democrats. I would be honored to serve as a delegate of the 80th Assembly district.
Pearl Adams   Female   I have served in the CA Democratic Party process as an elected member of the 50th Assembly District and as Office Manager of the LA County Central Committee in 1980's. I also held the chairperson position for the CA Black Caucus and represent CA as Alt. Delegate at DNC during the 80's. My experience includes participation in National, state, city, and school district in various states and at various levels. I will continue to share my knowledge as an advocate for the constituents of San Diego.
Michelle Krug   Female   I am a social justice activist/organizer particularly immigration reform, education advocacy, and labor issues. I attended my first protest at age six. My mom who was a teacher in the New York City school system had me on a strike line with her and I have not stopped fighting for social justice since. I have lived in San Diego since 1979 and worked as a waste water operator for 30 years. I am now retired. During that time, I served on the Executive Board of my union as well as being a delegate to the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council. Since retiring I now serve on the E-Board of AFSCME retirees and have continued as a delegate of the Labor Council. For the past six years I have served as an Assembly District Delegate and have attended every convention. In addition to that, I am also an elected member of the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee. I work hard to get good progressive democrats into office and I passionately work for the principles I believe in.
Georgette Gomez   Female   I'll be honored to serve as a delegate for the 80th district. I am a Native San Diegan, that believes that we all deserve a healthy place to live, work and play. I've been working towards this for decades with strongly held social justice values. I'm currently the Vice President for Political Action with the San Diego Democrats for Equality and I'm also a member of the Chicano Democratic Association. I've been working with Environmental Health Coalition for over 10 years, helping to achieve environmental justice in the South Bay. I strongly believe that we need strong value based Democrats running for office, I'm fully committed to that and willing to work hard in making that happen with your support and vote.
Zarai Santos   Female   As a community organizer, I have been working for community development and outreach in hopes of providing opportunity and resources to low-income neighborhoods. Recently, I worked as a field organizer for the California Democratic Party, encouraging San Diego State University students to be civically engaged by extending internship opportunities. In my efforts to propose a new and improved student organization for the College Democratic Club at SDSU, I identified strategies that serviced students to obtain a greater voter outreach and voter participation. My leadership development progressed with advocacy in voter education, communicating effectively with political officials of Congress and the Senate, and being an active member of raising the minimum wage in San Diego. These experiences in non-profit coalitions and campaigns at a local and state level, have allowed me to understand the need for social equity and sustainability for the Democratic Party. I ask for your vote as a delegate to represent the 78th Assembly District. My passion for social issues and steering the younger generation towards the Democratic Party will allow me to impart Democratic values.
Betsy Keller   Female   I have lived in San Diego since 1975 and the past ten years in Chula Vista. I have always been a registered Democrat. My active participation in the party started in 2008 for many different issues and campaigns. Since 1990, I have worked in the Senior Retirement/Senior Health Industries. However, I started as a Music Teacher/Therapist in New York and I have witnessed the importance of educating the total student using the arts as a medium to increase the students' capacity to succeed. I have always served in numerous civic and community organizations. I have been involved with OnStage Playhouse (a Chula Vista community theater) for over 10 years and served as President for 5. In January, I will begin my two year term as President of the Third Avenue Village Association, a Chula Vista Business/Community organization. Integrity is a major principle of mine and so I try always to "walk my talk". I want to represent you in this capacity because I have lots of energy and passion for our democratic principles and given the nations recent election results, I feel compelled to help move our party forward.
Sandy Naranjo   Female   As someone who is both native and active in the 80th district, I seek to play a greater role for the 80th district by serving as a delegate. Growing up in the South Bay I witnessed a lot of people struggle financially and suffered in poverty. I knew that there was potential to change and after graduating from Cal State San Bernardino, I returned to the South Bay and became active with labor unions and community groups. Being in the organizing field made me realize that organizing wasn't the only avenue to improve the lives of people. Politics play an important avenue and can create change for those who remain active. My hopes as a delegate is to be on a table with others from different fields who want to see the 80th district prosper socially, economically and politically. The voices of myself, my neighbors and the rest of the 80th district are best heard through the legislative system. As a proud young, college educated Latina, I hope that I can be strongly considered and voted as the next delegate for the 80th district.
ELIZABETH VAZQUEZ   Female   I am a parent, educator and community activist committed to public service. My background as a research practitioner and former school board member will help me advocate for best practices and policies that address the needs of our diverse Assembly District. I will collaborate with stakeholders to ensure an inclusive and transparent process. Educational funding will be a priority because an educated community is a thriving community. Thank you for your consideration. Vamos Pa'lante...Forth we go!
kimberly santiago   Female   I am a progressive, young democrat and a social worker working with a local non-profit. I have been involved with the SDSU College Democrats and the City Heights Democratic Club; I am also active with the newly created California Young Democrats Labor Caucus. I am currently a Student at SDSU with a Major in Social Work and a Minor in Women Studies. I believe we need to come together as a Party to win in 2016; I look forward to being part of the process of reorganizing the Democratic Party moving forward. I would be honored to represent the 80th Assembly District at the 2015 and 2016 Democratic Party Convention.