AD 79


Michael Thaller





Time & Location:

Malcolm X Library

5148 Market Street
San Diego, CA 92114
Cross street: Market St. & 51st St.
Location Phone: 619-527-3405

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 12:30pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Taisha Brown   Female   I've been a democrat since I registered to vote 28 years ago, so I know the importance of voting and having my vote count. Over the past 2 years I've shown my dedication to the CADEM, by. I showing up at every meeting across the State, and continuing to support the Party by talking to others about making sure to register to vote and voting when the time comes. I am a State worker and I know Politics matter and they really matter for Middle class families across California, I will continue to fight and educate members of my community on the importance of being a democrat and registering to vote. Without the Democratic Party there will be no middle class. I'm running for 2015 Assembly District Delegate because I am a proven leader and I will represent the African American Community and educate African Americans on the importance of Politics and Middle class families.We need to put the needs of our citizens first. I've spent my life in community service and I would like the opportunity to continue doing that for the people of California. My number one priority is to get Hilary and all other indorsed demarcates elected into office by knocking on every door and making every call needed
Miriam Plotkin   Female   Miriam Kanter Plotkin has actively attended the CA State Dem conventions for decades, sharing the info widely, encouraging others, helping to write/edit the platform/resolutions, as well as educate thru the many caucuses (committees). Locally, Miriam has done the same on the Dem County Central Committee and several Dem Clubs, having a general, not a specific focus. Miriam works for all Democrats and potential Democrats. Voter registration and helping others donate to the Dem Party are ongoing issues for Miriam. She believes in education, employment, environment, and equality for all. For more info, please contact Miriam (me) anytime at miriam2@cox.net or 619 469-4200. Thank you for voting, however you choose. Please assist the Party and yourself by voting for Miriam Plotkin.