AD 79


Michael Thaller





Time & Location:

Malcolm X Library

5148 Market Street
San Diego, CA 92114
Cross street: Market St. & 51st St.
Location Phone: 619-527-3405

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 12:30pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Taisha Brown   Female   I've been a democrat since I registered to vote 28 years ago, so I know the importance of voting and having my vote count. Over the past 2 years I've shown my dedication to the CADEM, by. I showing up at every meeting across the State, and continuing to support the Party by talking to others about making sure to register to vote and voting when the time comes. I am a State worker and I know Politics matter and they really matter for Middle class families across California, I will continue to fight and educate members of my community on the importance of being a democrat and registering to vote. Without the Democratic Party there will be no middle class. I'm running for 2015 Assembly District Delegate because I am a proven leader and I will represent the African American Community and educate African Americans on the importance of Politics and Middle class families.We need to put the needs of our citizens first. I've spent my life in community service and I would like the opportunity to continue doing that for the people of California. My number one priority is to get Hilary and all other indorsed demarcates elected into office by knocking on every door and making every call needed
Miriam Plotkin   Female   Miriam Kanter Plotkin has actively attended the CA State Dem conventions for decades, sharing the info widely, encouraging others, helping to write/edit the platform/resolutions, as well as educate thru the many caucuses (committees). Locally, Miriam has done the same on the Dem County Central Committee and several Dem Clubs, having a general, not a specific focus. Miriam works for all Democrats and potential Democrats. Voter registration and helping others donate to the Dem Party are ongoing issues for Miriam. She believes in education, employment, environment, and equality for all. For more info, please contact Miriam (me) anytime at miriam2@cox.net or 619 469-4200. Thank you for voting, however you choose. Please assist the Party and yourself by voting for Miriam Plotkin.
Laura Lusk   Female   I have been active in my local Democratic Club, and on their board. I have been a delegate for the past 2 years and look forward to continuing.
Antonia Lopez   Female   I have been an Assembly Delegate for 4 years and have enjoyed this and I'm honored to represent my district. Please vote for me again I will continue to attend the state conventions and the national convention.
Claire Pratt   Female   I have been a state delegate twice before. For the past three years I was in charge of voter registration for the Bonita/Eastlake Democratic Club and was elected President of the group for 2015. Following political activities locally, at the state and national level occupies a lot of my time and energies. I enjoyed being part of getting out the vote this November and have lots of progressive ideas for growing our club in 2015 with the help of an amazing, talented board.
Miriam Aguilar Escobar   Female   Miriam Aguilar Escobar Is a Strong Progressive Community Activist for Democracy. A Guatemalan Leader who committed civil disobedience in the Capitol at Sacramento during CTA's State of Crisis, demanding justice for students for Fully Funding public education as a civil right. Miriam Aguilar Escobar has been instrumental in bringing changes in education, especially for English Language Learners, Students with Special Needs, Early Childhood Education and Undocumented students. As a genuine and passionate democrat she has walked precincts and worked phone banking, including but not limited to the election of President Barack Obama, going to Nevada to persuade undecided voters. Locally, Miriam Aguilar Escobar has dedicated many hours volunteering to elect local, state, and national Democratic leaders. Your vote is very valuable, and voting for Miriam Aguilar Escobar is a vote for a progressive, outspoken, and conscientious leadership. Con tu voto, Si Se Puede!
Carol Jeffries   Female   California Democrats are an important part of society. I would like to do my part by becoming an Assembly District Delegate. I believe that politics matters, and engaging in the political process is a privialage. I have leadership skills, computer skills, and communication skills that I will bring to this position. Please vote for me, Carol Jeffries
Donnetta Moore   Female   l have followed my mother Kathleen Harmon for many year in politics. I was a delegate for President Clinton in Denver. I have followed my mother's foot- steps as a volunteer for our party since I was in high school. I have always been a strong advocate for issues impacting my community. Recently, I have volunteered for Councilwoman Myrtle Cole, Assemblywoman Dr. Shirley Weber, Congressman Juan Vargas, and the newly elected mayor of Chula Vista- Mary Salas. I feel very strongly about running to represent the 79th District. I have been proud and loyal member of the party even before I was old enough to vote. I really want to care on where my mother is right now because she taught me to be loyal to the party all my life. Therefore I ask for you support. Thank you.
Kathleen Harmon   Female   I was recently awarded a lifetime membership to the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee. This was done to recognize my contributions over decades to the Democratic Party. I have attended every State and National Convention since 1972. I was born in 1931 and have lived through this country's most wonderful years and most challenging years. I have always been inspired and hope for a better future for all Americans. I support and serve local and partisan elected officials in my community and throughout the San DIego Region. I serve my community to give thanks and to remind folks about our shared experiences. I appreciate your time and efforts and look forward to having your support and vote to be a delegate for the for the 79th Assembly District. Thank you.
Elizabeth Leventhal   Female   I have been an active Democrat my entire adult life. I grew up in a Democratic family - with deep roots here in San Diego. My father led voter registration drives on behalf of the League of Women Voters, the Machinist, & the local Democratic Party. I have volunteered & worked on many campaigns from the state level down to the local level - from Serra Mesa to Lemon Grove to the College Area to Chula Vista. I also serve my community as a member of my local Mission Valley Planning Board. I would love the opportunity to serve this district as an ADEM delegate and make sure the CDP is reflective of our values & the issues we all care about, from the environment & civil rights to the fight for fair wages & benefits for working families. I look forward to earning your support on January 11th.
Salimisha L. J. Logan   Female   I have been a life-long Democrat for over 30+ years, and strongly believe in the party's inclusive values. I have worked on political campaigns helping to get Democrats elected, from Councilman Leon Williams (1969) to Assemblymember Shirley Weber (2012) and others since. In 2013 I served as the Southeast Campaign Coordinator for the David Alvarez for Mayor Campaign. As a young adult I moved to Los Angeles and relocated back to San Diego in 2002. I also participated in getting Democrats elected in Los Angeles. In 2013 I joined the San Diego County Democratic Party (SDCDP) as Assemblymember Weber's Alternate and was also elected that year to serve as a State Delegate for the 79th State Assembly District. I attended both State Conventions in 2013 and 2014, regularly attended SDCDP Central Committee meetings, actively participated in the South Caucus, and this year I volunteered to be a GO Team Coordinator in the south area. I also serve as Acting-Secretary for the MLK Jr. Democratic Club. I was honored to serve as your 2013-2014 State Delegate, and again ask for your vote to continue to serve as a State Delegate for the 79th State Assembly District. Thank you for your considerati
Aida Castaneda   Female   As a life long democrat civic engagement has been the cornerstone of my life. I have always been committed to empowering, educating, and inspiring our community. I'm especially passionate about uplifting our youth, respectfully representing our immigrant communities, and building equity for women.
camron pate   Female   I am Camron Pate, a native of California. 2007, I retired as a Chief Purser (Flight Attendant), from United Airlines, after 28 years of service. I became the first African-American Woman to be registered in the Port Of San Diego for the International Longshoreman & Warehouse Union Local 29. 2014, I was elected as Secretary-Treasurer for ILWU Local 29 I am the first Woman to be elected as a Titled Officer. I am currently serving as a delegate for the ILWU District Council, San Pedro, CA. I have recently been appointed by Local 29's President to be a delegate for the San Diego Labor Council.. My experience with the ILWU District Council has been incredible, its afforded me the opportunity to interview perspective candidates,to volunteer at a series of events and to heighten my awareness of political initiatives. My attributes are excellent communication and writing skills, I am resilient, I am a team player, I am a leader and dependable. I can better serve by becoming a California Democratic Delegate.
Connor Alarid   Male   I am a lifelong democrat and a young activist; I have been heavy involved in the San Diego Democratic Party as a Volunteer and as an Intern for the 2014 Scott Peters for Congress Campaign. I along with fellow democrats worked hard to keep California's 52nd Congressional district blue and actively recruited volunteers for the campaign. I am a founding member and President of the SDSU College Democrats and involved with the California Young Democrats. I was a key organizer for a Rally that took place at SDSU with State Senator Marty Block, Congresswoman Susan Davis, and Congressman Scott Peters that encouraged young people to get out and vote. I am a progressive democrat that is a proven leader and wish to represent our Assembly District at Convention.
Don Anque   Male   I am excited to be a candidate to represent the underserved communities of Assembly District 80. Having grown up in Assembly District 80, I have a lifetime of service in the community. I volunteered at the St. Vincent de Paul Village, the Birch Patrick Convalescent Center at the Sharp Chula Vista Hospital, the San Diego Food Bank, and Hogar Infantil. The face-to-face conversations with homeless people, the elderly, the starving, neglected children, and anyone else that needed our help the whole experience was life changing. I look forward to advocating for Assembly District 80 and helping out those in need.
Jose Caballero   Male