AD 78


Steve Rivera





Time & Location:

Marina Village Conference Center

1960 Quivara Way, Room E-1
San Diego, CA 92109
Landmarks: Mission Bay near the Hyatt Regency

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Jim Kilby   Male   The Democratic Party is best described as the party of WE whereas the Republican Party is best described as the party of ME. We need elected officials who can identify with the masses and the less fortunate. I grew up in a home where my widowed mother cared for me and my invalid grandmother. No running water. Once a month we received "commodities" which was the assistance available long before food stamps. My mother provided as best she could with a third grade education. She cleaned houses and took in laundry. This was the "hammock" we received but were thankful. I was fortunate enough to graduate from college and retired from my position as a college professor in 2007. The politicians we have today are too far removed from those less fortunate. I know what it was like and would love the opportunity to represent those most in need.