AD 78


Steve Rivera





Time & Location:

Marina Village Conference Center

1960 Quivara Way, Room E-1
San Diego, CA 92109
Landmarks: Mission Bay near the Hyatt Regency

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Brian Polejes   Male   My name is Brian Polejes, and I ask for your vote to reelect me as a delegate to represent the 78th Assembly District Delegate to the Democratic State Convention. I'm privileged to work every day for economic and social justice as a union organizer for SEIU Local 1000. Both at work and on my own time, I work hard and recruit others to work to elect Democratic candidates. I'm an active member of our LGBT community and supporter of groups advocating for protection of our environment, peace, and gender and racial equality. Your vote would allow me to continue to advocate for these progressive values within the Democratic Party.
Lawrence Zynda   Male   I have been a democratic all my life. I'm a university graduate with a BS degree. I'm a veteran. I have been a care giver for my developmentally disabled sister for 20 yrs. until she died in April 2014. I'm President of Through The Storm Foundation a nonprofit.
Jared Quient   Male   I am eager to serve as a delegate to the 2015 and 2016 state democratic conventions and represent the 78th assembly district. As the political director of the San Diego County Young Democrats, a board member of the League of Conservation Voters and a lifelong progressive activist, I feel my experience and values make me an ideal candidate. Thank you for your consideration.
Curtis Page   Male   Long ago, I learned to beware of those who tell you it is not important to vote, or that all candidates are the same. Often, those very people are quite likely to be hard at work, or big contributors to, the other candidate, making sure their supporters vote. It is completely unfair to expect the highly motivated and incredibly qualified candidates we support to do it on their own. They need people to invite their neighbors to meet & greets, to make phone calls and knock on doors. But firing up during the campaigns is not enough. Democratic candidates and office holders also need good people to make sure that the party structure they count on is strong and effective. I have been actively involved in District 78 campaigns in the two and a half years since moving to San Diego. I did the same in the red states in which I have also lived. All those experiences have taught me that the work done before the ballots are set is critical. We need the best candidates possible, which means recruiting them and insuring them we will be organized effectively to help everyone in our communities understand why voting in a given election matters to them in their personal lives. If we do that well, t
Joe LaCava   Male   I am the son of Italian immigrants who came to America when there was a strong middle class. We benefited from my father's union and a company that understood a job was a career. Now, my family benefits from my wife's public school union but corporations have no loyalty and the middle class is disappearing. I have been a community leader for nearly 15 years and a tireless advocate for neighborhoods at city hall. I campaigned for David Alvarez, Sarah Boot, and Carol Kim in 2014. I collaborate with local social advocacy groups, doing my part to achieve their goals through my leadership--chairing the citizen's city-wide Community Planning Committee and advisory groups such as pedestrian safety, transit, Rose Canyon trail, PureWater, CDBG funding, and creating the first ever Neighborhood Input on Infrastructure. I have supported the defense of and new initiatives in social equity, civil rights, the environment, and more. Our progress can be undone too easily. And we have more work to do. Government is where we meet the needs of all while protecting the environment. We can do that with a collaborative Party, strategic advocacy, and getting out the vote. I ask for your support.
Jonathan Wubbolding   Male   I am a navy veteran who is now going to school at Mesa College. While I am going to school studying International Relations, I am investing time in the community and the party in order to further our ideals.
Maximilian Cotterill   Male   I have been actively involved in Democratic politics since before I was able to vote. Before I turned 18, I had already interned for then congressional candidate, Mark Takano and helped to found the Riverside County Young Democrats. I have since graduated and now am a student of Public Policy and History at UCSD where I was deeply involved in the 2012 election and subsequent reelection of Scott Peters as well as leading the chapter of College Democrats. I am running for a Delegate position in the 78th Assembly District because I have always strongly believed in the core values of the Democratic Party. We must defend the working class, protect the environment, reinvest in education, maintain women's right to choose, and continue supporting smart and effective public policy.
Tanner Songer   Male   I look forward to serving the 78th Assembly District as a delegate. I have been volunteering in the local community for several years as a volunteer coordinator and more recently as the Political Outreach Chair for the Human Rights Campaign in San Diego. In that role I have been an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights and have helped raise thousands of dollars for progressive causes. I am also proud to have contributed my time to the campaigns of numerous Democratic candidates in offices ranging from the school board to the House of Representatives. My goal is to use my experience and skills to advocate for statewide policies and candidates that will serve the interest of every citizen in California. It is my firm belief that every Californian deserves a responsive representative who listens to their constituents and won't forget where they came from. Elected officials must live up their promises and it is incumbent upon all of us to demand accountability. I look forward to helping shape a progressive party platform that is open-minded, inclusive and effective. I thank you for your consideration.
Shawn VanDiver   Male   I am excited about the potential to be elected a delegate for the 78th Assembly district because I believe that, as a veteran and a single parent, I have an obligation. It's very clear that we are experiencing trying times as Democrats in San Diego. I am a believer of change from within and I believe that I can bring my leadership experience (gained over 12 years spent traveling the globe, leading Sailors toward myriad missions in the Navy) to bear toward developing an inclusive and united party. A party working toward common goals and shared progressive principles.
Craig Roberts   Male   The "top two" primary makes the role of state party delegate more important than ever in vetting the most electable, progressive Democrats prior to the primary, in order to give these candidates state party backing and to indicate to voters which candidate best emulates our party's ideals. In addition, it appears Senator Boxer will shortly announce that she will not run for reelection, meaning we'll have an open U.S. Senate seat for the first time in 24 years. We state party delegates must help select the best Democrat to represent us in Washington. My 21 consecutive years as a state party delegate gives me the experience to help guide the party in decisions like these. I ask for your support to represent our Assembly District, home of San Diego's first Assembly Speaker, the Hon. Toni Atkins, at the next two state conventions.
Michael Thomason   Male   I grewup in Australia and after leaving school spent my life in Public Service. I have been a Life-Long Democrat and firmly believe in the "Right to Vote" I walked my precinct for Democratic Candidates in past elections. I am a member of the following Democratic Clubs: Dems For Equality Veterans Democratic Club La Jolla Democratic Club Pacific Beach Democratic Club
Fred Rogers   Male    
Rory Pendergast   Male   As a three year member of the board of the San Diego County Young Democrats (SDCYD), and the current President, I have been actively and intimately involved in local politics. My involvement spans from supporting campaigns of democratic candidates, to representing SDCYD in the community, including winning the Club of the Year award from the San Diego County Democratic Party's Club of Clubs. I am a lifelong progressive activist and will gladly roll up my sleeves to make phone calls on behalf of a campaign, walk any precinct to reach voters, hold candidate signs on the side of a busy road or highway to promote democracy, and whatever else it takes to get the job done. I have been invited to share my opinions on local and national politics on various new stations including KUSI, FOX 5, ABC 8 and CW6. Additionally, I have been the only democrat on a republican talk show advancing the views of the Democratic Party, hoping to educate my opponents on progressive beliefs. Given my knowledge of politics, drive to push change, and ability to communicate, I am an ideal candidate to represent the District at the State Convention.
John Loughlin   Male   As an Irish/British/American citizen I've been a registered Democrat since becoming a U.S. citizen in September 2008. I'm the founder of a San Diego based communicationÊand technology services business, and I apply those skills pro bono towards helping Democratic clubs and progressive causes with training, websites, mailing lists, Social Media, electronic payment processing, and databases. I'm currently an Assembly District Delegate for the 78th, a Regional Data Coordinator for the Grassroots Organizing Team, and a Precinct Leader for my home precinct in Ocean Beach. I'm a supporter of the ACLU, Amnesty International and Union of Concerned Scientists. I humbly ask you for your vote.
Edward Harris   Male   It has been an honor to represent the residents of our coastal communities recently as their Councilmember for San Diego City District 2. During my time in office, I worked with fellow Democrats to push forward a progressive agenda passing an aggressive Climate Action Plan, increasing the minimum wage, and increasing funding for more affordable housing in San Diego. I also brought forth a successful Council resolution in opposition to Assembly Bill 2145, defending consumers' right to choose when selecting energy providers. As a lifeguard for the past 26 years, I have been a strong environmental advocate for our beaches and bays, and I am committed to ensuring that future Democratic representatives place our quality of life over big energy and polluting special interests. As a Marine Corps Veteran, I supported a Park and Recreation program to provide rehabilitative services to residents, including veterans. It's a start, but now we need more from our state and national leaders to ensure that the men and women who come back from serving their country are treated adequately and I will hold our representatives accountable. I humbly ask for your vote.
Cynara Velazquez   Female   I have been an active member of the California Democratic Party in San Diego since 2004, when I traveled to Arizona to assist in the Spanish Language Campaign for John Kerry. After that, I became involved in our local Democratic GO-Team, first as a precinct leader, then as a community and regional coordinator. I coordinated volunteer field operations in the SD Democratic Party office in 2006 in Escondido, and then in Chula Vista in 2008, 2010 and 2012, focusing on building the volunteer base and Spanish Language outreach. I became active in drug policy reform and in 2012 and 2014 and ran local ballot initiative campaigns to allow access to medical marijuana around San Diego County. In 2013/early 2014, I volunteered as interim regional Coordinator for the Central West Go Team. I was also active with the David Alvarez for Mayor Campaign. In 2014, I also volunteered as a data coordinator/analyst at the South County Coordinated office in Chula Vista. I am an active member of the Point Loma Democratic Club. I have also been an active member of the Eastlake Bonita Dem Club, the Chicano Democratic Club, the South Bay Democratic Club and others. I was an ADEM delegate in 2013-2014, an
Laurel Dean   Female   I have been a democrat for my entire voting life and believe strongly in the progressive agenda that represents the Democratic Party. Although I am troubled by the "big money" values that have permeated both parties and corrupted our system I still feel that the Democratic Party represents what is good and decent and I would like to have a greater role in participating within the system.
Nancy Casady   Female   My name is Nancy Casady and I am the General Manager of the Ocean Beach People's Food Co-op. My current focus is on climate change activism. My husband, Derek, and I are working to organize a series of San Diego marches with a goal of getting 30,000 people in the street to demand President Obama declare a climate crisis and mobilize the country to shift the economy from fossil fuels to sustainable energy and create millions of jobs. Such a plan has been developed by the director of the Stanford Energy Program. I am seeking to become a delegate to the 2015 State Convention because of my experience as a lobbyist for the California Abortion Rights Action League, as a current Governor Brown appointee to the California Food and Agriculture Board and as Treasurer of the La Jolla Democratic club. I am a longtime San Diego Go Team precinct walker. I believe this experience qualifies me to understand and deal with the many issues that come before the convention. I respectfully request your vote and thank you for all you do to keep the Democratic party strong.
Gail Mackler   Female   As a present CADEM delegate, I am hoping to return for one more term to represent the 78th AD. As a member of the Credentials Committee, it is important for San Diego County to have as many members on the CADEM committees as possible. It is also important to attend all state conventions, and I have always considered it my responsibility to attend all conventions and Eboard meetings and to report on the proceedings to my fellow Dems. If I am re-elected to one last term, I will make this the last time I run and give someone else the chance to be a delegate.
Gretchen Newsom   Female   My name is Gretchen Newsom and I am a community and labor advocate. As a CDP delegate, I will work tirelessly to strengthen civic engagement and voter registration, particularly with younger generations. My experience and skills are diverse and emphasize the importance of getting involved and striving to make a difference in one's community. As a community leader in Ocean Beach, I work toward preserving and improving community resources, advocating for a sustainable local economy, enhancing community dialogue and civic engagement, and maintaining our unique "vibe." I am a member of Run Women Run and Secretary of the Point Loma Democratic Club. I am also the Political Director for IBEW Local 569 the electricians' union - where I organize efforts to invest in good-paying, green-collar jobs and alternative energy. I previously worked for former CDP Chairman Phil Angelides in a variety of roles for 8+ years, including Special Assistant at the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, a partnership with Magic Johnson and Canyon Partners on the creation of affordable rental housing, and as a Deputy Policy Director on his gubernatorial campaign in 2006. I would be honored to have your
Martha Page   Female   The job of the Democratic Party boils down to bringing before the voters of each assembly district candidates who embody both progressive values and a passion for public service. And then helping them win. That work does not begin and end with individual campaigns but has to include focus on recruiting, funding, communication, and community building year in and year out. That is the only way to keep the Democratic Party strong in San Diego. As a former newspaper reporter and editor, and a community organizer for non-profits, I believe I bring significant communication and negotiation skills to the role of assembly district delegate. We must work together to engage all voters, to better communicate the importance of political parties in the election process, and to incorporate new people and new ideas if we are to continue to build a strong progressive voice in this uniquely diverse district. I have spent the two years since moving to San Diego working on both local and congressional campaigns. Won some, lost some. Now, I want to become a delegate in order to help move the needle further into the win category. I also want to work to let my community know that their concerns are im
Katherine Altobello-Czescik   Female   As a lifetime resident of California and Del Mar native, I believe our region plays a critical role in the California progressive political landscape. I am running for Assembly District Delegate for AD78 because I am passionate about the issues that matter most to California Democrats like civil justice, energy and the environment, equality of opportunity, immigration, and education. If elected I intend to work with fellow Democrats and move our shared ideals forward. My first involvement with elections, outside of student government, was during my sophomore year of college. As a college intern for CADEM's Battleground CA campaign I learned about grassroots organizing and the importance of voter engagement. I continued pursuing my interest in political campaigns working as an organizing fellow for Mike Bonin running for LA City Council. I then switched gears from campaigns and decided to explore the world of public policy and administration working for both the City Manager's Dept. of Del Mar and for the LA City Council District 11 offices. I graduated with a BA in Political Science from Loyola Marymount University in May of 2014 and plan to continue my education pursuing a master'
Julia Anker   Female   As a student at UCSD and someone in the process of becoming a teacher, I understand the importance of public education, both pre-K through 12 as well as higher education. I am a democrat because I support labor unions, women's rights, and public services, among other things. I am active in UCSD's college democrat club and am running to represent the 78th Assembly District as a Delegate because I want to take a more active role in shaping the party for the better.
Stefanie Warren   Female   My name is Stefanie Warren. A lifelong California resident, I have lived in Ocean Beach since 2005. It would be my honor to represent District 78 as a delegate to the California Democratic Party's State Convention. I am running to serve as a delegate because I believe in the power of community. In 2013, Governor Brown appointed me to the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board. Since then, I have participated in monthly public board meetings and many smaller meetings with various community groups and leaders, industry organizations, and local officials. I use all of those meetings as an opportunity to solicit information from our constituents. As a board member, I am a steward of our ocean, bays, and beaches and take to heart my job of listening to the community to help form policy that will best serve San Diego. When elected, I would seek out the same kind of community participation in order to best represent District 78. As the person charged with electing party officers and endorsing candidates, resolutions, and ballot measures, I would use my collaborative, community-based leadership style to build upon and expand the success of our Democratic Party. Thank yo
Jerelyn Dilno   Female   I am a progressive Democrat, a veteran, a senior and retired editor. I am a woman and member of the LGBT community. I have served on the SD County Committee, and have attended several state conventions as well as been a delegate to 3 National Conventions. I am a former co-chair of the LGBT Caucus of the state party, I have been a volunteer in many local campaigns. I believe I have a unique perspective and can represent a comprehensive position for the constituencies I represent. I would appreciate your support.
Andrea Villa   Female   s a community activist and political organizer for over 20 years (including as two-term President of the San Diego Democratic Club now SD Democrats for Equality), I understand the vitality of inclusion and diversity of viewpoint, the importance of building strong coalitions and the formative power of robust dialogue. I believe in full inclusion of all peoples at the tables of self-determination and that we all are oppressed if a single one of us is oppressed. In my years in politics and at the National Democratic Party Convention and California Democratic state conventions, I have successfully represented the ideals of my fellow progressive Democrats and the mission and platform of the San Diego Democrats for Equality: full equality for LGBT people, a woman's unequivocal right to choice, affordable health care and education for all, a humane and respectful immigration policy, support of workers in all industries to organize and for a living wage for all workers everywhere, environmental sustainability and stewardship, and more. I would be honored to return as a representative of my communities - LGBT, Latino, social justice - to the California Democratic Party state convention.
Jamie Quient   Female   I am running to serve as a Democratic Party Assembly District Delegate because I want to ensure that the next assembly member elected to represent district 78 is a true advocate for the interests of our community. I am committed to advancing issues such combating human trafficking, achieving gender pay equity, ensuring LGBT equality, and protecting our environment. I am proud to serve on the Executive Committee of Run Women Run, an organization aimed at training, supporting and electing pro-choice women to elected office. In that capacity, I run the candidate endorsement process and dedicate my time to vetting the candidates running for elected office in San Diego County. Beyond my work for Run Women Run, I volunteer my time helping on Democratic campaigns whether it is walking precincts, making phone calls, or fundraising for candidates. Through this work I have had the privilege of getting to know many of our elected officials and learning about the issues that matter most to our community. I hope to have the opportunity to serve as your Assembly District 78 Delegate.
Susan Guinn   Female   Susan Guinn is a lifelong Democrat, a member of the Clairemont Democratic Club and received the Democratic Party endorsement as a candidate for County Clerk in 2014. She supports our progressive values. Guinn is a nationally recognized consumer rights lawyer and the Chair of the San Diego Unified School District's Environmental & Sustainability Committee. She founded KidsEcoClub with her son in 2010, which provides approximately 40,000 K-12 local youth with environmental sustainability education and activities every year. Last year, KidsEcoClub was recognized as the "Gold Standard" of non-profits working with schools by SDUSD.
mary doyle   Female   I live in Imperial Beach and work here in IB as a public high school teacher librarian. A life long Democrat, I support grass roots involvement/ local activism. I believe that public education is the great equalizer. I value our environment and I cherish human and civil rights. For these reasons and more, the Democrat party is my home! I am very involved in my union: Sweetwater Education Association, CTA, having held leadership positions on the union board and serve as school site reps and PAC treasurer. In Imperial Beach, I volunteer on Tidelands Advisory Committee, a citizen committee appointed by the mayor. I hope to continue in that position this upcoming year as well. I am very excited that Imperial Beach is now part of Assembly District 78. Before moving down here 8.5 years ago, I lived in Hillcrest. I volunteered briefly for the San Diego GLBT Center before returning to teaching full time. Equal rights is a passion for me, as a member of the LGBT community. Now that IB is part of assembly district 78, I would be honored to serve in this district a long sliver of California coast. I may be the most southwesterly delegate in the 48 contiguous states. Vote for
Linda Perine   Female   My name is Linda Perine. I am asking for your vote as a delegate to the Assembly District #79 Election Meeting. I am currently President of the Democratic Woman's Club of San Diego county. I have been active in San Diego Democratic and LGBT politics for several years. I am deeply concerned that the Democratic Party has lost its way both nationally and here in San Diego County. I believe that good policies is good politics and that the Party needs to stand up for its core beliefs. Most people agree with us on the fundamental issues of equality of opportunity, environmental stewardship, a woman's right to control her body and the responsibility of government to ensure a level playing field. We need to stand strong for the average person and the middle class. When we stand up for what is right, we win. When we try to play both ends against the middle, we lose. I want us to win. That is why I am asking for your vote.
Susan Peinado   Female   I serve the County Democratic Party as President of the Point Loma Democratic Club, San Diego County Democratic Party Club of the Year 2014. In my first year, our team doubled our club membership. I hold the position of Vice-President of the Democratic Woman's Club of San Diego, am a current delegate to the California Democratic Party Convention, as well as serving as an Alternate on the Central Committee. This dedication and commitment to social and economic justice issues, hard work and time commitment to elect Democrats, is indicative of my ability to enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of common tasks. Also serving the San Diego History Center, located in Balboa Park, on the Board of Trustees, I bring into my political commitment a sophisticated view of San Diego and how politics affects us on a daily basis. I would greatly appreciate your support and vote. Thank you so much for your consideration.
Rhoda Quate   Female   When Obama took the stage prior to the 2008 presidential election, a noticed a man with incredible integrity and admirable values. This man inspired me. Our value systems are synchronized exactly. I am honored to have President Obama as my president. His presidency has inspired me to care even more about the Democratic values that I already had. I have become involved with promoting the Democratic Party platform, which are in line with the values that he and I share, ever since he took the stage. In 2008, I got involved with Obama for America (OFA) and canvassed heavily for the President's election locally and in neighboring states. Once in office, I became a neighborhood team leader for OFA and we worked hard to push forward the President's agenda. I participated in rallies on the downtown streets of San Diego in support of issues like, Health Care Reform and Climate Change. In 2010, I organized and held phone banks at my home for Health Care Reform support before and after the ACA law was passed. When Obama's re-election campaign got underway in 2012, I was asked to be a Staging Location Director for OFA (now Organizing for America) at one of 5 staging locations in
Rocio Leon   Female   I am honored for the opportunity to give back to my community and advocate on behalf of our members as a Delegate for AD 78. As a resident of the district, I am running because I care about the future of the Party and my community. I grew up in University Heights, working for my parents' small business store. I received a full ride to attend Oberlin College in Ohio, where I focused my education on gender, race, sexuality, and class inequalities. I left college equipped with the knowledge and tools to address social and economic inequities. Since returning to San Diego, I have had the opportunity to work on the Carol Kim for City Council and David Alvarez for Mayor Campaigns. I am currently working with the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Ensuring that our Party continues to include the voices of young, passionate and hard-working people is my top priority. I will work to build a strong presence in our community and represent our district as innovative and progressive by building stronger community partnerships with local businesses, industries and community organizations so that AD 78 can be more competitive and continue to thrive. I respectfully request your vote.
Rebecca Taylor   Female   Hello Democrats! I'm Becca Taylor, Chair and co-founder of the California Young Democrats Veterans Caucus, Chair of ITN Greater San Diego (transportation nonprofit for seniors), Vice President of the San Diego County Democratic Club and Ocean Beach Town Councilmember. I believe in using data to guide informed policy, respecting others opinions, and policies that promote social justice and equality for all. If you'd like to help register Democrats in our district or have questions, feel free to reach out: 850-206-4043, becca.taylor85@gmail.com or @NoStoneUnturned. Thank you.