AD 77


Pete Babich





Time & Location:

Mainstream Bar and Grill

13385 Poway Road
Poway, CA 91064
Cross street: Poway Rd. & Community Rd.
Location Phone: 858-486-6246

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 12pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Farouk Al-Nasser   Male   I have been a registered member of the Democratic Party since I became eligible to vote 40 years ago. For the past 8 years, I have been the Vice President of the Poway Democratic Club, AD 77 representative, and member of the CAD credential committee. AD Eboard representative of AD 77 over the past 2 years. I campaigned for and financially contributed to Democratic candidates; an advocate of progressive principles within and outside the Party. Other activities: Past President of San Diego County World Affairs Council and Current board member, member of RB Continuing Education Center Academic Committee. I made more than 200 presentations to political (democratic clubs), local Universities and social clubs advocating a non-aggressive foreign policy, based on diplomacy in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and the World. I welcome your support and vote to represent you in AD77.
Michael Gelfand   Male   I am a founding member of the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club and have been it's President since 2008. I am proud to be bringing Democratic Party values to an otherwise politically conservative area of North County. I would very much like to bring the point of view of my club members to the State Party convention as a delegate. We are a very progressive, liberal group to the surprise of many. We also have a membership of over 100 per year and over 500 on our email list. I am a committed Democrat and supporter of Democratic candidates.
Ralph Peters   Male   I am a committed member of the Democratic Party. My first campaign experience was working for Gene McCarthy. I was the former Go Team Coordinator for Rancho Penasquitos and am the current Secretary of the Rancho Penasquitos Democratic Club. I had been parliamentarian of the RP Town Concil. I am also an alternate member of the SDC Central Committee. I don't think I've ever not voted in an election. I am analytical by nature and would be an excellent asset to the party.
Thomas Hough   Male   I'm a San Diego broadcast personality and conservation professional, and along with communications work for the local Surfrider chapter and an Oregon-based wilderness advocacy non-profit, I've lent digital media and communications assistance to several political campaigns. A long-time advocate for California State Parks, I've served in leadership roles with annual lobbying efforts in Sacramento, and I've spoken on the matter in a series of presentations on the value of state parks during the Schwarzenegger years, when threats of closure became endemic. While serving in high-profile on-air roles, I remained active in the community as public affairs director for the San Diego Lincoln Financial Media stations, working with charities and non-profits in producing community-based programming. I also built and developed my own conservation-oriented media platform. I'm currently the president of San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action, and have become more active within the San Diego County Democratic Party at the grassroots level. I'd like an opportunity to bring my conservation vision to the state level, and work with other activists to elect more Democrats, and continue m
Jason Bercovitch   Male   My name is Jason Bercovitch. My political passion is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Protecting the environment, access to affordable education, reducing income inequality, and immigration reform are some key issues that I consider critical to a better future. I graduated from Rancho Bernardo High School in 2003. I then went to the University of California, Riverside where I graduated with a major in Business Economics and a minor in Political Science. Upon graduating, I worked at various different banks learning the intricacies of our financial system. My expertise is in finance and accounting. I am an active member of both the Black Mountain Democratic Club and the Poway Democratic Club. I have worked as a poll worker since 2003. I have volunteered at the Senior Center downtown, helped clean up our beaches, and collected food and other donations for our homeless. I would be honored by your vote for Jason Bercovitch to be a delegate representing Assembly District 77. Thank you.
Aaron Bercovitch   Male   My name is Aaron Bercovitch and I have a background in helping the community, fighting for human rights, and protecting the environment. I have worked with multiple nonprofits focused on a variety of issues ranging from homeless shelters to conservation issues to fighting for human rights. Additionally, I have volunteered at the local public library, Special Olympics, and the humane society. I graduated from Rancho Bernardo High School and then moved to Flagstaff, Arizona to attend Northern Arizona University. I graduated form NAU with a Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Communication Studies. As a student I joined the Theta Chi Fraternity where I was the chair for multiple committees, and won an award for the most study hours in my chapter. I was also awarded the Exploring Leadership Award by NAU for being active in the community. I have demonstrated my loyalty to the Democratic Party by volunteering and working for a variety of campaigns endorsed by the party in multiple states. I am also an active member of the Black Mountain Democrat Club along with the Poway Democrat Club.
Hugh Rothman   Male   I have always been an extremely committed Democrat. Six years ago, I started actively walking precincts for the Grassroots Organizing (GO) Team of the San Diego County Democratic Party. I eventually moved to Rancho Bernardo and volunteered to serve as the Go Team Community Coordinator for the Rancho Bernardo community. Recently, I volunteered to serve as the GO Team Regional Coordinator for the North Inland region of the county. I have also directly volunteered for many campaigns over these last few years, walking as many precincts and making as many phone calls as I could. I am also a member of the Rancho Bernardo Democrats Club. I have no agenda other than to identify the best possible candidates for the Democratic Party, and to work as hard as I can to get those candidates elected. I would be proud and honored to represent you in AD77.
Anthony DeGuzman   Male   Hello, my name is Anthony DeGuzman and I strive to be the California Democratic Party's Delegate for the 77th Assembly District. I am a progressive resident and student residing within the Mira Mesa community, currently working on a political science degree while taking classes at Miramar College. Recently I have been involved within various political campaigns, including working Congressman Scott Peter's 2014 reelection campaign as the Deputy Field Organizer for the Asian and Pacific Islander outreach team, working especially within the communities of Mira Mesa and Clairemont Mesa. I had also volunteered for Carol Kim's campaign for District 6 and was part of the north county Organizing for Action team, where we advocated on issues such as immigration reform, climate change, and gun control. As a resident of Filipino-America descent, I have been very active within my own Filipino community as well, including working as the assistant volunteer coordinator for the Filipino Sun Festival held in Mira Mesa Park. I hope to represent my community as the California Democratic Party's Delegate for the 77th Assembly District, a community that I truly care about.
Julie Busse   Female    
Esther Escovedo   Female   I would be proud and honored to represent the 77th Assembly District, thank you.
Judy Ki   Female   I have been actively involved with the San Diego County Democratic Party, as an activist and a donor. I am running for my 6th term as DSCC delegate. I am proud to be one of the first DEM donors, both in San Diego and in the State Party.
Jennifer Sosa   Female   As a recent UCSD graduate, I exerted considerable time and effort to helping grow the College Democrats chapter on campus and engaging students in the political process. I was able to continue this effort as a Field Organizer for the California Democratic Party. I hope to continue to see the growth of young people in the party.
Carol Waldman   Female   I have been active in many roles for many years within the Democratic party. I have served as a state delegate to more than a dozen California State Democratic Conventions and was a Delegate to the National Democratic Convention in 2012. I have volunteered on numerous campaigns and served on the staff of various elected officials. I am very committed to the Democratic Party and look forward continuing to help elect Democrats in 2016.
Mara Elliott   Female   I am a committed and involved Democrat who wants to take my involvement to the next level. I care deeply about Democratic principles, including livable wages, pay equality, the environment, and a fair and accessible education system that's open to all regardless of income. I support the campaigns of local Democrats by volunteering or contributing financially, and I am apprised of the important issues facing the City of San Diego and the State at large. I am a practicing municipal attorney, and believe this skill set would be valuable should I be elected. I will bring passion, energy, and commitment to this post, and I will come prepared to contribute. I would be honored to serve.
Kathleen Burke   Female   As a native of San Diego's 77th District, I am a life-long Democrat with a passion for public service. I am a licensed CPA currently working for a publicly traded company in San Diego Organovo, Inc. I studied Business at the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business and am pursuing my MBA at San Diego State University. With my background in business, if elected, I will work towards the betterment of our state and local economies, especially through an increase in green jobs. I will endorse candidates, resolutions, and ballot measures that protect our district's women, children, seniors, veterans, minorities, and immigrants through fair social and economic policies. I will place special focus on access to quality education and healthcare, as well as the creation of a more energy efficient and sustainable state. I am excited about the opportunity to represent our 77th Assembly District for both the 2015 and 2016 State Conventions, not only to support the ideals of the California Democratic Party, but those of the community I have been proud to call home my entire life!
Lisa Alverson   Female   My name is Lisa Alverson, and I've lived in San Diego for almost 3 years. Before moving here, I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Central Florida. Following graduation, I began building my professional experience through a series of opportunities that involved progressive candidates, causes, and elected officials. Currently, I have the distinct privilege of representing the legislative and political priorities of nurses and healthcare professionals through UNAC / UHCP. Additionally, I serve as an Executive Board Member for APALA San Diego, an organization that seeks to empower members within the Asian American community to become more civically engaged. This, along with my continued involvement in organizations such as the AAPI Democratic Club, Run Women Run, and the San Diego County Young Democrats fuels my commitment towards our collective goal of building a strong progressive movement. In advance, I am grateful for your consideration of my candidacy.