AD 76


Bill Fischer





Time & Location:

Oceanside Library Community Room

330 North Coast Highway
Oceanside, CA 92054
Cross street: Pier View Way
Location Phone: 760-435-5564

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Roberto Rodriguez   Male   I've been a teacher since 1987 in the Sweetwater Union High School District. I currently serve as president of the Sweetwater Education Association, the union the represents the 1800 educators in Sweetwater. In the most recent election I led our teachers in a campaign that elected 4 Democratic Party endorsed candidates to our school board. For our school district this means that we finally have removed four convicted board members. I'm active with the California Teachers Association which has a long history of supporting Democratic candidates throughout the state. As a part of CTA's Political Action Committee I've been able to ensure that CTA sponsor a variety of events for the the county part as well. Furthermore, I'm also on the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council Executive Board. I firmly believe that when Labor and the Democratic Party work together we are at our strongest and we thrive. My experiences as a labor leader and a committed Democrat, allow me to help bridge any gaps that may exist. Our unity in purpose is our strength. Thank you for considering me, Roberto Rodriguez, as Assembly District Delegate for the 76th Assembly District.
Michael Bullock   Male   I ask for your vote to continue as a CDP delegate. I support Democratic values, including single-payer health care, living wage/unions, immigration reform, equal rights, celebrating diversity, women's rights, and good/affordable education. My focus is environmental protection, in particular: climate stabilization & transportation reform. I bring the following qualifications: author of 2 adopted CDP resolutions and 5 Platform changes; elected to our County Democratic Party Central Committee, where I authored 5 adopted resolutions; UCSD guest lecturer on Climate/Transportation; retired (7 years) Satellite Systems Engineer (36 years); precinct walker (8 years); and responsible for regional transportation policies for a large environmental organization. In addition, I have authored & presented the following papers for the Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA): "The Development of California Light-Duty Vehicle Requirements to Support Climate Stabilization: Fleet-Emission Rates & Per-Capita Driving" and "A Climate-Killing Regional Transportation Plan Winds Up in Court: Background & Remedies" I coauthored this AWMA paper: How to Efficiently & Conveniently Unbundle Car-Parking Cost".
Herschel Stern   Male   I have been involved for 14 years with the Democratic party in North County through my Assembly District and local democratic clubs. I held a number of positions through the Assembly District, including County Central Committee member and State Party Delegate and I served two stints as president of the Rancho North Coast club. Most recently I was campaign manager for Rick Cassar, a Democratic endorsed candidate who won handily in a Republican dominated district. I would like to be an Assembly District Delegate since the convention and the associated networking are important for remaining effectively involved in state and local Democratic activities.
Vincent Loughney   Male   I ask for your vote to continue as a CDP delegate I have a B.A. in Political Science and I am a Certified Business analyst. I joined DEMCCO after I retired and was elected Chair of Special Events in 2011. I have actively participated on the DEMCCO board and as a "candidate appointed" ADEM delegate for the past 2 years (AD76). My goal is to promote progressive ideals and preserve citizens rights (especially the right to vote) through the election of Democratic candidates in local, state and national elections. To promote the Progressive agenda I took classes at Palomar College that allowed me to have an on air Radio Talk Show for 2 years. I interviewed authors, local and congressional candidates, Women's Groups, Rock the Vote, Latino Groups, Postal Union (APWU) and many more. I have worked on many campaigns including Congressional and City Council, etc. Some of my other work experience includes power plant operator (IBEW), power plant training instructor, U.S.N.R.C. Inspector and License examiner, Senior Test engineer for power plant simulators, Manager of an LLC 2011 present. Thank you for considering me, Vincent Loughney, as the 76th Assembly District Delegate
Bill Fowler   Male   I ask for your vote to become a CDP delegate. I am a member of DEMCCO and have financially supported local candidates. I was an endorsed Democratic candidate for the Tri-City Healthcare District Board of Directors in 2014. I would like to help develop greater Democratic Party impact in my heavily Republican precinct and, of course, district-wide. I am a centrist who stands strong for the California Democratic Party platform, especially freedom and equality for all, regardless. I believe it is the government's responsibility to directly support individuals and families mired in poverty. I believe in everyone's right to health care and wholly support the Affordable Care Act. I have a special interest in people's right to privacy, which is foundational to many of our freedoms. I believe that our community police in many cases have become "Warrior Cops" who have divorced themselves from the community to instead collect military hardware to bust small time criminals and have leveraged the "War on Drugs" to substantially erode our constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure. I am a technology consultant by trade. I have a Ph.D., in International Relations. I humbly ask
Ken Clarence   Male   I am currently President of DEMMCO.
Paul McEneany   Male   I have lived in San Diego since 1996. I'm a founding member of the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club, Treasurer of KOC -12749, and President of Live Well San Diego Lions. Our club partnered with the SD County Live Well Initiative dedicated to improving the Health, Well Being (including economic well being) and Safety of all County residents. I served on several OFA Committees..Health, Education & Immigration. I have participated in every election since age 18. I am a Vietnam era Veteran E7 USAR 98th Signal Battalion. I have a BA in Finance and a MBA from RIT. My career is in hi-tech including 25 years at Xerox and DIR and VP positions in 3 San Diego companies, Jostens Learning, Encad, and SicommNet where I am the VP of Mktg. My expertise is in Change Management, org. effectiveness, business dev. & partnerships. The past 14 yrs I have helped public agencies automate their procurement, reduce costs and increase transparencies. Customers include states of ID, HI, ME, TX, MI as well as cities and counties. Please support me as a Assembly District Delegate and give me the opportunity to use my skills, knowledge and experience to improve the Health, Well Being and Safety of constitu
Cecily A. Resnick   Female   I have been a Democratic voter since being able to vote. I have been active in the Democratic Party since 2008 when I was the GO Team Community Coordinator for two zip codes in Escondido. After moving to Encinitas, I became the GO Team Community Coordinator for Encinitas East in 2010. Then in the 2012 election, I served as the Regional Data Coordinator for the North Coastal Region of San Diego County. In 2014, I became the GO Team Regional Coordinator for North County Coastal San Diego County. I am a Democrat because I believe in the values of the Democratic Party - a Party that cares about others in the community not only one's own interests. I am concerned about how big money is increasingly influencing our political system. I think the Democratic Party is crucial in promoting democracy in our country.
Shannon Lienhart   Female   I'm a life long Democrat and I currently serve as an alternate on the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee. I've been a professor at Palomar Community College for 24 years and I'm passionate about protecting public education. I believe we must curb corporate greed, bring back a healthy middle class and work to protect our environment. I actively participate in issues involving LGBT, women, immigration, civil, and human rights. If elected, I will represent all Democratic values.
Andrea France   Female   I am running as an alternate for the 76 district. I feel that we need to bring our younger generation a voice in our Democratic community. We should start reaching out to our newly graduating youths. This is my personal passion for our Democratic community. I also would like to form a coalition with other organizations to go out in the community and increase voter registration.
Patricia Mc Farlane   Female   I want to continue as a delegate to the 76th AD. I am the PAC Chair of the Democratic Club of Carlsbad Oceanside, a member of the central committee, and the North Area Democrats. I walk my precinct, call precinct members and I am part of the "Go Team". I also participate in fund raising for our Democratic Party Candidates.
Joan Bullock   Female   I would like to be a delegate the California Democratic Party Convention. I am uniquely qualified to perform the duties of a delegate because I have attended the last 6 conventions with my delegate husband and have been a proxy for 3 of them. I am currently serving on the board of directors of the Democratic Club of Carlsbad and Oceanside, as a first vice-president. I understand the importance of making serious choices for the direction of our party. I have a BA and work history in Child Development. The issues I am most concerned with are the environment, social justice, living wage, child protection, and women's issues. I have regularly attended the related caucuses as a convention visitor. We have serious threats from Republican law makers that would have a lasting impact on our society and our environment. It is up to us to work for the health and happiness of our nation.
Donna Rencsak   Female   I ask for your vote to elect me to continue as your delegate to the CDP Convention in 2015 and 2016. I have been active in Democratic Politics since the age of 12. Since that time I have worked on National, State and Local Campaigns. Professionally, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration/1980, a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology/1995, and a Doctorate Degree in Human Sexuality/2000. I worked in the corporate world for AT&T for 25 years, and have been counseling individuals and families since 1993. My work as a psychotherapist supports my strong interest in mental health, relationship, and gender issues. I have also hosted a radio talk show focusing on these issues, where I weekly interviewed the top experts and authors in this field. I strongly support Democratic Values, as the daughter of a GM Michigan auto worker; I have a strong attachment to Labor Union History and Values. As a psychotherapist, I worked to assist individuals in understanding the Affordable Health Care Act. As an expert in Human Sexuality, I support all LGBT issues and in past conventions attended the LGBT Caucus, as well as featuring activist leaders regularly on my radio show.
Esther Sanchez   Female   My name is Esther Sanchez, and I am running to vigorously represent the residents of the 76th AD. A council member for the city of Oceanside, the largest city in North San Diego County, for 4 terms, most of which as the only woman, only person of color, and the only Democrat, I have extensive experiences in organizing and legislating at the local level, talking with thousands of citizens about our Democratic values. I believe I am in a unique position to reach out to the public in the 76th AD to increase Democratic registration, identify and train candidates for local office, and raise money. I have also practiced as an attorney for over 25 years and have served as a California Coastal Commissioner. My first term was a time of learning the organization's processes and structure. Born and raised in Oceanside and a lifelong Democrat, I am eager to make a difference in my AD to turn the 76th AD from red to blue. I would appreciate your support for 76th AD delegate and E Board Rep. Thank you!
Madelyn Sheets   Female   As your Assembly Delegate you would know that education, diversity, and multiculturalism are at the heart of my lifelong personal values and career as an educator. With a BA in History and 2 Masters' Degrees in Education, my career has spanned schools from California to Europe, Japan, and China. After 15 years teaching in the San Marcos School District, I retired from CSUSM where supervising Student Teachers was my focus. In Geneva, Switzerland I served as an Education Officer at the United Nations Headquarters developing teaching materials for UNICEF and the High Commissioner for Refugees, working with people from many international governmental agencies. One highlight of my career was lecturing at the UN Women's Conference in Beijing where Hillary Clinton gave her famous "Women's Rights are Civil Rights" inspirational speech. Supporting women and girls is one of my passions and bringing young voters into the Democratic fold has always been my goal. You have my word that in these fast changing and challenging times, the priorities and diverse views of the citizens of our community will be respected and represented if I am chosen as your delegate from the 76th Assembly District
sheila kadah   Female   I am a progressive strong hard working Democrat that will do a great job! I will give more than 100%.
Maria Rosino-Miracco   Female   My name is Maria Rosino-Miracco, and I am writing to ask for your vote to serve as the District Representative at the State Democratic Convention. As a lifelong Democratic, community activist, and mom of three kids in my neighborhood public school, I want to keep the legislature focused on the right priorities. If elected, I will use my experience to hit the ground running in February, working to ensure that the people of North San Diego County have a strong voice for our values and families and to empower the people and community to advance changes that will serve the public interest. I am a native Californian born and raised in Los Angeles by immigrant Italian parents in a bilingual household. I am the first generation American in my family educated in our public school system and the first to have gone to a state college and subsequently to law school. I have been a resident of Carlsbad since 2005 in order to establish new roots in a family oriented community and to be part of a distinguished school district for my three daughters. Since moving to Carlsbad, I decided to seek out ways in the community where I could parlay my in-house legal experience as a mortgage banking and
Eve Simmons   Female   As a lifelong Democrat, I've watched with pride, as our party has represented equality, justice, integrity, wisdom, fiscal responsibility and an enlightened approach to policymaking. I try to embody these values in my work as an environmental speaker, activist and lobbyist. I believe my work, passion and experience will help me represent your needs and concerns most effectively. I have lectured on Climate Change/Disruption for decades, and have lobbied members of Congress for action on these issues both locally and in Washington D.C. I've worked as a wildlife guide for the San Diego Zoo, an Associated Press photojournalist, an Earth Day and Hug-A-Tree speaker in public schools, a community organizer, teacher and ambassador for Helen Woodward Animal Center and a mother of two. I serve as a San Diego County Fish and Wildlife Advisory Commissioner, a Climate Reality Project Leader, Encinitas Environment Day board member and a former board member of SDEDF. My website is TheGreenFlash.org, and Twitter @ Eve_Simmons I care deeply about humanity and the natural world. It would be a privilege to represent you and to serve our party. I am grateful for your vote. Cheers and Best, Eve Simmons
Donna ARNICAR   Female   I humbly ask for your vote to become a CDP delegate. My experience wanes in comparison with other candidates. However my core beliefs and values have always been aligned with Democratic Party issues. As a Registered Nurse with 30 years of experience in the Emergency Department, I believe that health care is a basic human right. We all need and deserve equality on so many levels; the right to vote, health care, to live on a clean planet that will support life for generations to come. in 2008 when (then senator) Obama spoke, I felt as if he understood the human condition. He talked about honesty, hard work with fairness and a level playing field. I was convinced that we actually could change our nation. In 2008 I made telephone calls with OFA. In 2009 I increased my involvement to become Volunteer Coordinator and eventually Team Leader for Encinitas in 2012. Finally, I volunteered with the Democratic Party for this mid-term election. I believe that if we work to preserve and improve: Education, Health Care, Financial Fairness and Clean Energy- that jobs will follow and our Economy will prosper. Thank you for your consideration.
Susan Swan   Female   I would be honored to represent District 76 as a delegate. I grew up in the La Costa area and attended La Costa Heights Elementary, Oak Crest Junior High School, and San Dieguito High School. Political involvement came to me early - at Oak Crest, I helped form a student committee to support our teachers, in a labor dispute with the district. In 2004, while I was in law school, I traveled to Nevada for voter protection in the Kerry/Bush election. In 2007, after making a $25 donation to Barack Obama, I received an invitation to attend Camp Obama. I joined the campaign, loved it, and in a sense, I never left. During election season, I spend many of my Saturday mornings canvassing, and evenings phonebanking. In the Obama campaign, I was first a neighborhood Volunteer Coordinator. I traveled to Texas and Nevada to provide election protection both outside the voter booths, and at caucuses. I helped train volunteers in phonebanking and canvassing, as a Camp Obama facilitator. On the night of the 2008 general election, I served as a Tally Captain at the Los Angeles general election phonebank, keeping track of how many phone calls were made by the hundreds of volunteers. I was
Cecily Resnick   Female   I have been a Democratic voter since being able to vote. I have been active in the Democratic Party since 2008 when I was the GO Team Community Coordinator for two zip codes in Escondido. After moving to Encinitas, I became the GO Team Community Coordinator for Encinitas East in 2010. Then in the 2012 election, I served as the Regional Data Coordinator for the North Coastal Region of San Diego County. In 2014, I became the GO Team Regional Coordinator for North County Coastal San Diego County. I am a Democrat because I believe in the values of the Democratic Party - a Party that cares about others in the community not only one's own interests. I am concerned about how big money is increasingly influencing our political system. I think the Democratic Party is crucial in promoting democracy in our country.