AD 75


Richard Bova





Time & Location:

Park Ave Community Center

210 Park Ave
Escondido, CA 92025

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Gary Bland   Male   I attended the 2014 California State Convention as a Proxy and enjoyed it so much that I want to be a delegate for 2015-2016.
George Van Hasselt   Male   To Whom It May Concern: For the past ten years, I have been heavily involved in Democratic Party politics. Until a year ago, I lived in the Bay Area, where for seven years I served as President of the East County Democrats for Action political club. Our club was intensively involved in campaigning, electing Democratic candidates, and registering voters. I also served on the Executive committee as an elected member of the Contra Costa County Central Committee. Currently I am on the Executive board of the Escondido Democratic club and on the San Diego County Central Committee. Since moving here, I have been an active volunteer in numerous political campaigns. I believe I am very well versed in various political issues and feel I could make a definite contribution toward helping to shape the Democratic party platform at the convention. Sincerely, George Van Hasselt
Jim Kilby   Male   The Democratic Party is best described as the party of WE whereas the Republican Party is best described as the party of ME. We need elected officials who can identify with the masses and the less fortunate. I grew up in a home where my widowed mother cared for me and my invalid grandmother. No running water. Once a month we received "commodities" which was the assistance available long before food stamps. My mother provided as best she could with a third grade education. She cleaned houses and took in laundry. This was the "hammock" we received but were thankful. I was fortunate enough to graduate from college and retired from my position as a college professor in 2007. The politicians we have today are too far removed from those less fortunate. I know what it was like and would love the opportunity to represent those most in need.
Xavier Martinez   Male   I have represented the AD 75 as delegate the last two years and would like to continue to represent AD 75. I have been active with the San Diego County Central Committee and the California Democratic Party since 2002. I have also been a Regional Director representing North County and a co-chair of a state committee for two terms. I would like to see the AD 75 become more active in electing Democrats in North County.
Kent Smith   Male   After thirty consecutive years now serving as a delegate to CDP State Conventions, I believe the experience gained through organizational exposures, personal and political contacts, and participation in three important caucuses: Veterans, Children's, and Disabilities, uniquely qualifies me for the position. Over these years I've been able to introduce, and then integrate Democratic values to a local populace heavy with Independents and Republicans. Close ties to local Church, educational and Veterans organizations have enabled me to work successfully toward these aims throughout the community. I very much hope to once again be a Delegate for the Convention, and promise, if elected, to make strong efforts in conscientiously taking full advantage of the opportunities which arise for the Party.
Michael Summers   Male   I was a union member and was elected to the executive board for many years before I retired. I am now President of the Fallbrook Democratic Club entering my third year as such. I am a loyal Democrat and will serve the party well.
Dan Buse   Male   President Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County. Member Escondido Democratic Club. 16 year Teamster (Shop Steward). USMC Veteran. State Board Member ABATE of California (Motorcycle Rights Organization).
Armando Telles   Male   Social consciousness is the premise of which I have continued to serve San Diego communities, working with my fellow Veterans, students, and community leaders to mobilize potential voters. As a resident of Escondido my recent community engagements were focused on empowering high school students about local issues by uniting different communities in the conversation about how we as the next generation can lead and support the Democratic efforts in our neighborhoods. To be a delegate is a responsibility to my community I can uphold diligently and tenaciously, while cultivating the next generation of leaders.
Carl Crider   Male   I have been a registered Democrat since I became old enough to vote and have been a resident of San Diego County since 1975. I am a member of the Lake San Marcos Democratic Club. I have owned a small business in Encinitas since 1989 and have lived with the economic challenges of managing such a business. I am committed to equal rights for all, protecting the due process of all Americans and all who visit our country, protecting affordable health care, equal pay for equal work, a woman's right to control her own health care choices, creating a viable guest worker program, and immigrant rights. I have been active with The ACLU, The International Rescue Committee in San Diego, Mama's Kitchen, and Women's Empowerment International. Prior to starting my company, I was the Executive Director of Social Advocates for Youth, San Diego, working in areas of juvenile justice and delinquency prevention. During that time I served on the board of the California Child Youth and Family Coalition, lobbying for progressive legislation in juvenile justice. I would be honored to be a delegate to the California Democratic Party.
Ruth E. Van Hasselt   Female   To Whom It May Concern: For the past ten years, I have been heavily involved in Democratic Party politics. Until a year ago, I lived in the Bay Area. There for seven years, I was a political activist with my husband, who served as President of the East County Democrats for Action political club. During that time, I was intensively involved in campaigning and electing Democratic candidates, and registering voters. Currently I am a member of the Escondido Democratic club and an associate member of San Diego County Central Committee. Since moving here, I have continued to be an active volunteer in numerous political campaigns. Like my husband, I am very well versed in numerous political issues, and believe I could make a definite contribution toward helping to shape Democratic Party ideals. Sincerely, Ruth Elaine Van Hasselt
Pia Harris-Ebert   Female   Having served as your delegate for the past two years, I am once again asking for your vote. Profession: Teacher,(retired)Elected Councilmember and Vice Mayor for the City of San Marcos (retired) President of the Teachers Union for 16 years. A proud and loyal Democrat all my life!
Betty Ball   Female   I enjoy the meetings and Caucuses at the meeting and getting to know more people in the CASDEMP. I am also running for E-Board for the 75AD.
Peg Mitchell   Female   I have been a delegate for the last two years and have been active in a number of caucuses including the Environmental and Progressive caucuses. It is my goal to help update and maintain the Party platform on our key specific progressive issues - renewable energy, gun safety, immigration and minimum wage issues to name a few. I am active as an on the ground activist and citizen lobbyist particularly for the environment and climate change issues.
Mary Borevitz   Female    
Pamela Bland   Female    
Rena Marrocco   Female   I truly believe that the solution for so many of the world's problems today can be solved by the Democratic platform. From the environment to income inequality to universal healthcare to women's reproductive health, it is imperative that we endorse Democratic candidates who are fully committed to these ideals. I would be so honored to be a part of that endorsement process. As I have done so with my position within the San Diego Central Committee, I would take this responsibility seriously and be present and informed at every meeting. I have been a Democrat most of my adult life, but registered NPP when I first moved back to California in 2001, although I always voted Democratic slate. In 2008, I realized how silly it was to not own my true party allegiance and re-registered Democratic and have never regretted it.
Laura Kohl   Female   I am a committed Democrat and have worked actively in local, state, and national elections my whole life. I am a retired educator and author, and travel around the country often. I see too much poverty and prejudice on my travels. My own dream is to live in a world where people are treated with dignity, all children are fed, all veterans are cared for, and our environment is protected. I strongly advocate for civil and human rights.
Diane Summers   Female   As a teacher for 30 years I witnessed the importance of public education and the needs of immigrants in our state. In retirement, I am active on the executive board for the Fallbrook Democratic Club because I feel a responsibility to do whatever I can to make a difference for my community, state, and country. One of my biggest concern is to protect our environment for the health and well being of everyone.. And, I look forward to being a delegate.