AD 74


Steven Young





Time & Location:

Laguna Woods Clubhouse 7

24111 Moulton Parkway
Laguna Woods, CA 92637

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Dinah Frieden   Female   Hello Democrats! I am sure that you would like to see our district and county become "blue". I want to see that too! As an incumbent Assembly Delegate I know that we need positive energy, enthusiasm, and networking skills to grow our Democratic base. We need to meet and reach out to all segments of our beautifully diverse district, expressing our hope and beliefs in our Democratic Party. And we must listen! Our progressive ideals for education, the environment, business, and social justice must be advanced. I have that important enthusiasm. After being elected delegate, I joined my local Democratic Club; I was elected Secretary and I am now President. I network with our Central Committee, and Democratic and community clubs. This election cycle I worked actively on campaigns and hosted several candidate "Meet and Greets". Professionally I am a retired retail buyer and small business owner. In our community I have served in non-profit organizations, on executive boards and commissions. My experiences in business, our community, and as an incumbent delegate, combined with my enthusiasm, help me to well represent you. Democrats, please elect me, Dinah Frieden, and together let'
Anila Ali   Female   After immigrating to the United States with my family I knew it was my civic responsibility to devote myself to helping others. As an educator and a community leader I have dedicated my life to public service. It is my true calling. I will bring with me to the convention my experience as a former member of the City of Irvine's Children, Youth & Families Commission, my expertise as the founder of IPPA, (a non-profit) and my devotion to proudly serving on the advisory board of UCI award winning Olive Tree Initiative. Serving as a State Delegate for the 74th Assembly District I will bring my passion, my intellect and my experience to represents all Democrats. Democracy must be a partnership between government and its citizens. To represent a district well, you have to know your district. After being a Candidate for the 74th Assembly District this year I genuinely understand and respect my diverse district. I listened and learned from my constituents. Our district is extraordinary! Humbly I can say that almost every women's group endorsed me in my race. I truly believe I will bring a unique prospective to the 2015 California Democratic Convention.
Craig Beauchamp   Female   I've been fortunate enough to be active with the Democratic Party on national, state and county levels (in CA, NY, IL, NM and CA) since I was 18 when I began as a volunteer for the JFK presidential campaign in Laguna Beach. Since then I continue to ask myself what "can I do for my country?" After returning to CA, I first became a ADEM delegate in 2009, attending the party conventions, many but not all e-board meetings, various caucuses (Environmental, Women's, Disability and Progressive), and being active in the Orange County Central Committee. I have been fortunate enough to author several resolutions which were adopted by the Party over the last few years. Although this last year I wasn't as active as I should have been, now that I have cut back my work hours, I hope to be able to devote more of my time and effort to TURNING ORANGE COUNTY BLUE for 2016. I know I will be a good and active advocate and representative for the 74 AD on the local, County and State levels.
Heide Krueger   Female   Representing my District for the State of CA in a democratic way
Lizabeth McNabb   Female   The Democratic Party in Orange County has made great strides recently in raising funds, increasing awareness, and recruiting candidates. We will continue shift the political landscape here in OC until it is in the Blue column. I was the founding Treasurer of the Costa Mesa Democratic Club and am a member of the Planned Parenthood Community Action Fund Board. I am committed to helping Democrats win across the region. It would be and honor to serve as a delegate, and I look forward to making Democratic voices in Orange County heard. Thank you, Liz McNabb
Jean Ardell   Female   As president of the Newport Beach Democratic Women's Club, I have promoted Democratic values in this conservative city. As columnist for "Left of Center" in the Newport Beach Independent, I am skilled at presenting the arguments for Democratic values. I am passionate about working as a delegate to present the strongest possible Democratic platform, one that will both attract Independents and embarrassed moderate Republicans and inspire them to actually vote Dem.
Patricia Gwin   Female   I began my journey as a Republican because that's what my aunt and uncle were. I worked for the Republican Party and the Nixon Campaign in 1968. In 2000,I began my allegiance with the Democratic Party mostly over the controversy over climate change. Since then I have allied myself with the Democratic Party over social justice issues, climate change, equal pay for equal work, a women's right to health care. I would like to represent the Democratic Party in any way I can. I have recently had the privilege to work for the 48th Congressional District Democratic Candidate in the 2014 midterms.
Farrah N. Khan   Female   Standing up for social justice, immigration, the environment and basic human rights is nothing new to me. I would be honored to serve as a delegate to highlight issues that are important to us. Currently serving as the Community Services Commissioner for the City of Irvine as Beth Krom's appointee, I have actively participated in local campaigns during the 2012 (Krom, Agran and Wong) and 2014 elections (Agran, Gaido, Fox). I am a small business owner and I sit on the PTA Board at my son's school. I hope to earn your vote because I believe in our community and promise to represent my district and the issues that matter most to us all.
Kendall Vaught   Female   Thank you Dens, for being involved in this process. What makes us Democrats and how do we energize our people to vote? As a current member of the CADEM Voter Services Committee, this is a priority for me. As a teacher and a union activist, I will work to increase voter registration, ease of voting once registered and ongoing connection to the members of our party through relationships and education so that our people feel competent to vote all the way down the ballot. As Orange County residents understand that we advocate for their interests and ideals, we will be able to increase voter turnout.
Carolyn Inmon   Female   I will represent the progressive philosophy as it applies to all citizens. I am particularly involved with helping children, youth, families, and seniors. Having served on the Irvine Child Care Committee for 5 years and the Senior Citizens Council for 1 year, I want to help improve the lives of our most vulnerable citizens our youngest citizens and our oldest citizens. I will represent our district diligently, efficiently and with fairness. I ask for your vote.
Andrew Gallagher   Male   I was proud to be elected delegate to the 2013 & 2014 California Democratic conventions in January 2013 and would be proud if I'm elected to serve again in 2015 & 2016. At the 2013 convention in Sacramento, I cast my vote for a candidate for party secretary and voted to adopt the party platform. In the 2014 convention in Los Angeles, I believed that we need to ban fracking and endorsed Betty Yee's candidacy for Controller. In 2012, I was a candidate to be an Obama delegate at the 2012 national convention and missed the cut by two votes! In February 2014, I made my first $100 contribution to the Ready for Hillary PAC and plan to run for delegate in 2016 if she runs. In 2013 & 2014, I donated exactly $446.90 in contributions to Act Blue, the DCCC, the DSCC, as well as to congressional, senatorial and gubernatorial candidates nationwide, including Alex Padilla for Sec'y of State, as well as the congressional campaigns of Suzanne Savary and Pete Aguilar. I hope I can count on your vote!
Richard Armendariz   Male   The recent mid term election should demonstrate to all of us the need to work diligently to recapture the super majority in the state assembly and senate and to work towards the 2016 presidential election to insure the election of a Democratic president and senate. To do this all delegates should begin to register voters and recommend the use of absentee ballots to make it easier for votes to be cast. Delegates should also inquire of colleges and universities in their areas to determine if they have active Democratic clubs on campus and to work with tese groups to establish speakers and get out the vote programs. 2015 is the year to prepare for the all out battle the Citizens; United deluge of dark money.
Peter (Kenneth) Kaltreider   Male   Please reelect Peter Kaltreider to a third term! I have worked hard over the years for our principles, especially as Huntington Beach team leader for the 2012 Obama campaign where I organized almost 100 meetings and phonebanks and directed 200 volunteers in making thousands of calls into battleground states. With the next campaign firing up already in the first few months of the coming New Year, I want to continue working as a delegate to use our powerful CA party network and organization to be as effective as possible in 2015 and especially 2016. Thank you!
Eric Bornstein   Male   As a Howard Dean volunteer, an Obama organizer and the Director of the New Leaders Council of Orange County, I have both traveled the country and worked locally to promote progressive values and Democratic Party candidates. I look forward to continuing to support and grow the Party.
William Gilliland   Male   The issues that divide the right and the left are not just political issues. They are human issues. For far too long our country, our state, and our county have allowed the forces of 'corporate rule' to purchase control of our elected officials and literally change the course of our daily lives. Fracking in our state threatens the water we drink, the air that we breathe. Deficit hawks in Washington cut funding to states, and states cut funding to colleges and universities. "Trickle down" has only worked for Republicans as their budget cuts trickle down and they attempt to ELIMINATE government programs that protect us from rampant corporatism. Corporations are NOT people, and should NOT be allowed to buy our government. We must speak out as forcefully as we can to stop this dangerous trend and move our country, our state, and our county back in the direction of progress for all of the people. For our neighbors, family and friends. For ALL of us.
Ron Varasteh   Male   I am a Progressive Democrat who is and has been fighting for social and economic justice since I was old enough to drive. I'm a Scientist, Engineer, 28-year small-business Owner, and a 34-year resident of Orange County. Currently, I'm the chair of West Orange County Democrats. I'm a member of the Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC) Central Committee. I'm also a delegate of the California Democratic Party (CADEM) central committee. This year, I was the only Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC), Orange County Labor Federation (OCLF), Orange County Young Democrats (OCYD), and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez endorsed candidate for the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC). Two years ago, I was the Democratic Party nominee for US House of Representatives (CA48) against Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. I've been hosting Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) Greater Orange County monthly meetings at my place of residence for the past couple of years. I ran MoveOn.org Irvine & South Orange County for about 1.5 years. I was one of the founders of Occupy Orange County at Irvine. I would be honored to represent our Orange County District in California's Democratic Party
Ari Grayson   Male   As president of the Laguna Beach Democrats and as a consultant in multi-culturalism, perspective-taking, and critical thinking, I would bring a unique skill set to the delegation. That skill set includes the ability to help people maintain or build cognitive flexibility and increase the ability to evaluate potential solutions to the challenges facing California all while connecting with diverse communities. My goal in participating as a delegate is to help develop positions and policies that will help guide sitting and prospective representatives and party officials better enabling them to connect with their constituency and enhance the prospects for electoral success. Consideration of my own candidacy for a delegate position is appreciated greatly. Thank you.
IYAD AFALQA   Male   I'm seeking the honor to represent you for 2nd term as AD 74 CDP Central Committee E-Board Member & Delegate. I'm committed to continue the fight for Single Payer, seniors' health, education, labor, environment, business, & socio-economic justice. As a proud OC Progressive Democrat, I diligently & passionately was committed to increasing our district visibility across the state,& communities where we lived. I attended all the delegate conventions & E-Board meetings, endorsed progressive candidates & voted on the platforms & resolutions that uphold our Party values of diversity & growth. I joined CDP Progressive,Labor, Irish, Business & Development, African American, Chicano-Latino, & Disability caucuses & was appointed to serve on CDP Affirmative Action Committee, elected as the Secretary of the CDP Arab American Caucus, became an Alternate on the DPOC's Central Committee, & appointed on DPOC's Resolutions Committee. In 2014 I worked on multiple campaigns to ensure electing progressives across the state, county and the city of Irvine. I'm running for President Greater Irvine Democratic Club to turn OC blue in 2016. We all make a difference, but together we can create change.
Luis Aleman   Male   I ask for your vote for Assembly Democratic Delegate for the 74th district. We need to elect Democrats committed to the progressive vision that our party offers. Our party requires members who will help us move forward with a positive progressive agenda. As Democrats we must stop apologizing for our belief. I pledge to pursue a progressive agenda that focus on social justice, economic equality, and real progressive values. I believe that we can pay our workers a living wage, that we can make our tuition affordable, that we must stand for universal healthcare and that we can be champions of the working class. I ask for your help-and your vote. Together, we can provide a progressive vision for our party.
Gary Bennett   Male   I'm Gary Bennett, and I'm running for ADEM Candidate in the 74th District. I've been a lifelong registered Democrat, and I've voted in every election. My wife & I have lived in Laguna Woods for about four years, and we've been active participants in the Laguna Woods Democratic Club since shortly after we moved here from Capistrano Beach. It is great way to get to know our fellow Democrats in the area. I've served as club Treasurer for the past two years, and gained quite a perspective on the reporting requirements of the FEC & California's FPPC on behalf of LWDC, a registered PAC. I also take a lead role in the club's Facebook page, and with other members have organized Facebook classes to help Laguna Woods residents get the most out of the brave new world of social media. Historically, I've been able to participate in Democratic activities beyond voting and volunteering. In 1984, I lived in Washington State, which holds a primary caucus for the Presidential elections. Through an elective process, I became representative for my District there, and went all the way to the statewide Democratic meeting in Spokane as a voting representative. I'd like to do this again. Thank