AD 73


Denise Penn





Time & Location:

San Clemente Community Center / Fireside Room

9100 Calle Seville
San Clemente, CA 92672/p>

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 11:30am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Steve Nelson   Male   As a delegate the last two years I have enjoyed meeting and working with fellow activists in the 73rd AD. My experience as the political director for AFT local 1794 and as a volunteer for Democratic candidates means that I have made connections that serve me well as a delegate. In 2014 I did canvassing in the 73rd for our endorsed candidates and I believe that as long as we keep pushing we can turn OC blue. I respectfully ask for your vote.
Ezequiel Barragan   Male   As a public school educator of 23 years and 1st Vice President of Capistrano Unified Education Association, I ask for your vote to continue to serve as a delegate to the CDP Convention. My work the past few years as a union leader at both the local and state levels, has inspired me to fight like never before for teachers, students, communities and public education, in general. The Party needs passionate, knowledgable and experienced leaders representing its interests. Thank you for your vote!
Michael Getto   Male   I have been an active Democrat the last 40 years. An Obama delegate in 2008 from Santa Barbara County. Chair of South Orange Democratic Club 2011 to 2014. Active in Democratic campaigns in: AZ,KS,TX,CO,GA, & NY as well as California.
Steve Stewart   Male   As a District Delegate, I worked to elect and support Democratic candidates in the 73rd district. If elected I will continue to do that work. It is essential that we get more Democrats in local office even though this assembly district has the highest level of Republican voter registration in the state.
Michael Stone   Male   As a parent, teacher, and union advocate I have benefitted from being active in the CDP. Please allow me to continue to be your voice at the state level. We must ensure that party leadership expend necessary resources into red counties. We must continue to develop a lasting 58 county strategy. Our party empowers communities and draws strength from diversity. Thank you for your vote!
Michael Weinell   Male   I am a life long Democrat and a proud public education teacher. I am currently an ADEM delegate, ADEM Executive Board member and Vice Chair of the South Orange County Democratic Club. I am also a proud member and Executive Board officer on the Capistrano Unified Education Association. I strongly believe in unions. I am encouraged that the Democratic Party is making significant gains behind our "Orange Curtain" and I look forward to working with fellow Democrats to keep that momentum alive!
John Weinell   Male   Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy for the position of Democratic State Central Committee Delegate. My name is John Weinell. I was a Deputy Public Defender for over 21 years. In that position, I represented indigent defendants accused of serious felonies. With over 100 jury trials, I have experienced firsthand the inequities of our Judicial system. I have witnessed cops that lie, District Attorneys that abuse their positions, and Judges with no understanding of impartiality. It is a broken system. Prisons are excessively expensive, overcrowded, and inhumane. Incarceration serves only to punish with no effort to rehabilitate human beings. The war on drugs is a war on the poor. Prohibition has failed. I hope to promote justice and rationality. My first experience in politics was as a volunteer for George McGovern for President in 1972. I have been a registered Democrat for most of my life. There were a few years when I was registered Peace and Freedom. To describe myself as a liberal Democrat is an understatement. I oppose capital punishment. I support marriage equality. I believe in a single payer health system. I would like to see hand guns ultimately banned. In the m
Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik   Female   I love politics! Anybody who knows me would say this to be true. I feared for my unborn daughter when Reagan was elected in 1984. I became active with Mondale's campaign in 1994. My family of five moved to the OC in 1987. In 1988 I was a Precinct Captain. Wanting to get more involved politically I became a delegate for Bill Clinton in New York City. The experience was thrilling. I continued my enthusiasm for Democratic candidates to the present by working in local Democratic offices, and being an active member of Canyon Democrats. Originally I supported Hillary in 2004. Without hesitation I saw the magnitude of Obama's greatness and became a backer. I was also a delegate for President Obama in Charlotte. It was magical time. I was the Campaign Manager for a candidate in the 74th AD this year. I learned the ins and outs of local politics very quickly; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Writing speeches, filing out endorsement applications and attending events in the district was electrifying and humbling. Listening to the voters really does matter. I would be honored to be elected to represent my district at next year's convention.
Linda May   Female   I have been an advocate for women's rights, LGBT rights, and civil rights for over 40 years. I believe we have the power to shape our futures through the democratic political process and, although I am frequently discouraged, I haven't given up hope. Occasional successes keep me going and I confess that the rush of a close race is more fun than baseball. My most recent success is winning back control of our Park Board by double digit wins for all 4 seats and a 51% voter turn out. I would like to continue working with county and statewide Democrats to make Orange County more responsive to the people and truly democratic.
Minea Gracia   Female   Democrats did not have a great 2014 so we must fight even harder to win campaigns in 2015. We live in a mostly Republican District in which 23% of the voters are Latino. With some hard work, we can expand that number and give Democrats a better chance to win. As a Hispanic, female, and single Mom, I have the drive, the passion, and motivation needed to organize and strengthen our party.With this position, I want to be able to engage members and get them involved and organized in order to stand up for what is fair not only to us, but to this Country. I greatly appreciate being considered and being given the great opportunity to represent my District. I'd be honored to have your support!Currently, I am Chief Steward for AFSCME Local 2076 and I also serve on the local's Executive Board. In that position, I've had the opportunity to work for AFSCME International and the Orange County Labor Federation in support of Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Barbara Boxer, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and others. And as a leader in AFSCME's Next Wave movement, I'm working every day to expand our membership. I also serve as a delegate to the Orange County Labor Federation and I had the honor of s
Rosemarie Allaire-Bosson   Female   I was born to (2) life long democrats. My Irish catholic mother & French Canadian Father instilled the fundamental principal beliefs of the party early in my life so I have inherited the life-long part as well at 51 years young. I thrive from the passion, energy and enthusiasm of the Democratic Party; Party of the People and Party of Progress. I was able to vote with my mother at a young age and it had a lasting impression I am proud to say I have not missed an election yet! I helped my father campaign door to door for a friend of the family in our small town of Berkley Michigan (suburb of Detroit). I was rewarded with sloppy Joes after a long day of campaigning. Fortunately the candidate won, but that is not always the case as in the last mid-term elections. I helped campaign for candidates Wendy Gabriella and Dave Pieser and we put up a good fight. I am optimistic for the future of our Assembly District that we will one day have a Democrat leading the way. My position as a delegate is to educate, inform and motivate Democrats in AD 73. We need to get out the vote in 2016! All elections matter and are important. I was a precinct captain for the Kerry-Edwards campaign in
Wendy Gabriella   Female   I was honored to run for California State Assembly District 73 in 2014. I was endorsed by the California Democratic Party, the Orange County Democratic Party, Women in Leadership, the National Women's Political Caucus as well as teachers and local public safety organizations. I believe that we need to work together to recruit viable candidates to run for local offices and create a pathway for AD 73 democrats to win statewide offices. With your continued support, I look forward to re-energizing, organizing, and electing AD 73 democrats. Go Team!
Debra Resnick   Female   I have been a teacher for 19 years. I am actively involved in local and state politics through my local union on which I serve as a member of the executive board and as a state council delegate with the California Teachers Association. I am also a wife and mother. I am passionate and hard working and would like the opportunity to serve as a delegate to the democratic party.
Carol Weinell   Female   As a public school teacher, mother and environmentalist, I believe in the Democratic Party!. I am encouraged by the involvement of women in the Democratic Party at the local, state and national levels. I want to actively participate in a political party that supports equal rights, public education and the environment. If elected as an ADEM delegate I will be a strong advocate for progressive issues. I respectfully seek your vote. Thank you for your consideration.
Fran Sdao   Female   Four Democrats sit on the school board in one of the most conservative school districts in California because of the efforts of the political action committee that I have led as one of the founding directors and as president for the past five years. I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of human resources and I understand the importance of identifying viable candidates and helping them develop their campaign skills to be successful in our communities. As a longtime advocate for quality public education for all children, I partnered with our teacher and employee groups to elect the best people to serve our children and district. I am also the president of the Canyon Democrats Club. My goal for our club is to increase our outreach to service and community organizations in our cities to increase our membership that will help us identify future local leaders. We need to build and strengthen the Democratic Party in south Orange County. I believe that I have the demonstrated organizational and leadership skills to help wake-up our local Democrats to get them engaged in the excitement of the 2016 election. I can do it! I appreciate your vote.