AD 72


Henry Vandermeir





Time & Location:

IAM Local 725

5402 Bolsa Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Raymond Cordova   Male   CORDOVA'S RULE . . . If you don't vote DEMOCRAT..... RE-REGISTER and CORDOVA'S LAW . . . If you agree with me all the time, one of us is not necessary!!!
TRUNG TA   Male   As Vietnamese American, I will make California Democratic Party to become more inclusive and diversified. Also, as Project Manager I can provide the project management skills that are needed for improving the operation and amortization of the CDP.
Philip Silverthorn   Male   I had so much fun the last two years I want to do it again.
Javid Huseynov   Male   I would be honored to serve as a district delegate for the 72nd Assembly District in Orange County. The recent elections revealed several opportunities for improvement, in order to increase voter turnout and to get Democrats elected in our constituency. As an appointed CADEM delegate during 2014, a board member of the Democratic Club of West Orange County, and an alternate member of the DPOC Central Committee, I volunteered to help several local campaigns, particularly using my technical expertise (PhD in Computer Science). I managed NationBuilder accounts for Suzanne Savary for Congress'14, making it the most technologically advanced campaign in our neighborhood, as well as for our Dem club, improving participation and voter outreach. I also serve as a planning commissioner for the City of Fountain Valley, being the only Democrat official in the City. If elected a delegate, I can continue helping to change our 72nd district in cooperation with peers throughout the state party.
Jamison Power   Male   I currently serve as an elected Trustee in the Westminster School District and as a member of the City of Westminster General Plan Advisory Commission. I previously served as Vice Chair of the Orange County Young Democrats and as President of the Young Democrats at UC Irvine. I have served as a delegate several times in the past and would love to have the opportunity to serve again.
Bao Nguyen   Male   As a public servant and dedicated Democrat, it would be my honor to serve as a delegate to the California Democratic Party. You all know me as the newly elected mayor of Garden Grove. Before being elected mayor, I served almost 4 years as a trustee of the Garden Grove Unified School District. Earlier this year, Gov. Brown appointed me to the board of directors of the 32nd District Agricultural Association, OC Fair Board. I hope I can count on your support for delegate to the CDP.
Mark Sheldon   Male   I have been involved in some way in local elective politics for every election from 1992, and have been active in local and State Democratic organizations. I believe that voters deserve ballot choices representing Democratic principles. I've worked in each election to promote those choices and inform the voters, and see that there's much more to do. This past cycle I worked as a volunteer for candidates in the Coordinated Democratic Campaign, and provided technical and advisory support to Congressional and Democratic-endorsed City Council Candidates. In local Democratic organizations I've participated in projects to build local party visibility and effectiveness, including voter registration and turnout. At the State party, I have participated in the Environmental, Computer & Internet, and Business & Professional Caucuses. I take the responsibility of being a Delegate seriously, make an effort to be on hand and informed when Delegates are conducting business, and seek to be a liaison between the State Party and community. I respectfully ask for your ADEM Caucus vote and hope to work with you to further the causes of the Democratic Party in our community, state and nation.
Jennifer Siegert   Female   My name is Jennifer Lee Siegert and I would like to represent our district at the Democratic Conventions for the next two years. My life has been filled with volunteering and giving back to the community, and I would like this opportunity to expand my involvement. My experience includes creating non-profit organizations and fundraising for a variety of causes that affect our community. I am an attorney, and in my spare time I represent pro bono clients in Orange County who can't afford legal representation. The relationship between constituents and their elected representatives is the foundation of our liberty and freedom, and together we can show the country the leadership that California has shown time and time before. I would appreciate your vote for me, Jennifer Lee Siegert, for Delegate of the California Democratic Party. Thank you.
Michele Newman   Female    
Marti Sheldon   Female   My husband and I have lived in Huntington Beach for 25 years. I first became a Democratic Party State Delegate in 1993, and have represented my Assembly District more than a dozen years since then. I have also been a National Delegate for Al Gore for President. Also, over the same period I've campaigned for Democrats at every level of the political spectrum: from City Council to State Assembly, State Senate, Governor, U.S Congress, U. S. Senate, and President. I've sent mailers, phone banked, walked precincts, attended and volunteered at events, and even driven in a Presidential motorcade. I have no interest in holding a political office myself, but I think it is essential for caring citizens to stay involved in the process if we are to have any hope of overcoming the obscene amounts of money from the other side of the aisle. Thank you for considering me for 2015 and 2016 State Delegate from the 72nd Assembly District.
Karen Hinks   Female   I am running for re-election to the 72nd Assembly District. For many, many years I have been directly involved in supporting and advocating on behalf of Progressive principles, promoting the Democratic agenda in support of social democratic institutions, ending the death penalty, marriage equality, protecting the environment, health care for all, the protection of individual's equal and civil rights and protecting the middle class. The face of Orange County has changed over the last 10 years shedding its moniker as the "Orange Curtain." That change is a direct result of intensive voter registration, strong and sensible candidate recruitment and the tireless dedication of grassroots organizing and activism. I have been intimately involved both personally and professionally with these causes but recognize there is still much work to be done. It would be an honor to continue this fight on behalf of the County and State's working men and women, advocating for change from inside the Party structure. I am a proud and lifelong Democrat. My sleeves are rolled up and my walking shoes on prepared to do what needs to be done in an effort to continue to affect change.
Lan Pham   Female   I have lived in Westminster for the past thirteen years and am looking for an opportunity to serve my community by representing its residents in the 72nd Assembly District in Orange County. I currently work for the Social Services Agency as a Foster Care Caseworker while attending Cal State Long Beach for my MPA. I have interned at OC Public Works, the city of Garden Grove, and Cal State Fullerton's Division of Politics, Administration, and Justice. In my spare time, I like to volunteer at OC Animal Care and various campaigns. I was campaign manager of Garden Grove Councilman Kris Beard's winning campaign and thoroughly enjoyed meeting constituents and hearing their concerns and input. My hope is to explore the different aspects of political government while contributing to my community.