AD 71


James Eric Hereford





Time & Location:

El Cajon Library

201 East Douglas Avenue
El Cajon, CA 92020

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 12:30pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Bonnie Price, Ph.D.   Female   I have been a Democrat since I first registered to vote. I share the values of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. In that spirit, I served for 20 years as local public official in my former residence in PA. I am a past president of the East County Democratic Club, in San Diego County. I work on campaigns and have served as manager for a number of other Democrats. I regularly attend city council meetings and have served as an alternate, ex officio member of San Diego County Democratic Party. Therefore, I believe that I should be able to represent the people of the 71st Assembly District.
Karen Marie Otter   Female    
Janet Gastil   Female   I have been proud to serve the 71st AD for 2013-2014, as delegate to the California convention and as your representative to the CADEM E-Board. As an E-Board member, I serve on the Platform Committee. This Committee solicits ideas from California Democrats, reviews all submissions for the Platform of the California Democratic Party, writes the platform, and submits it to the Convention for approval. It is an honor to serve you on this committee. I was an elected member of the La Mesa-Spring Valley school board, 1977-1990. I was the Democratic nominee for Congress (CD52) in 1992 and 1994 and for Assembly (AD77) in 1996. As a member of the California Democratic Party since 1968, I have volunteered and contributed to many campaigns and Democratic Clubs. I was campaign manager for my husband, Gordon Gastil, for Congress in 1976. I was President of the La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club, 1997-99, and co-President, 1999-2001. My son George now serves on the Lemon Grove City Council. I ask for your vote today, both as a delegate and a member of the E-Board. Thank you.
Judith Walters   Female   Moving California Democratic Party (CDP) forward and keeping the momentum of victory will take a volunteer who is politically savvy enough to educate citizens. In addition, the volunteer must have political skills, intelligence, be hard working and productive. I am asking you to consider my application to become an ADEM Candidate because I have strong academic skills, a wealth of political work experience and a strong political background. I held many leadership positions throughout my many years of political activities. I was an Executive Board Representative and a Delegate to the California Democratic Party (CDP) for many years and held may different caucus memberships. Former Chairman Torres appointed me to the CDP Credentials Committee, for several years. On the San Diego County DCC (SDCDP), I held the political Action Directorship for almost eight (8) years. I am willing to work hard, be committed, get involved and continue to work to get Democrats elected as I have been doing since the 1990's. I humbly ask for your vote to serve as the next 71st ADEM Delegate, thank you.
Pierre Beauregard   Male   Our local party is begging for a collective movement to find a mutual dialog with all citizens in our district. We can be more powerful as a whole if we identify with all of our humanity and use good business sense making this district a model for other districts.
Richard Harmon   Male   I am deeply concerned about the growing income inequality in our nation, which further increases the disproportionate influence of those who are spending lots of money on the political process at all levels of government. We need solutions to the lack of transparency in our political process. We need to do more to improve educational opportunities for those living in low income areas of our nation. The middle class is disappearing, so we need more affordable education for all ages and much of that effort needs to be targeted at skills training for the new and growing sectors of our economy. We must protect the environment and reduce global warming. The looming water shortage in our state needs urgent attention. We must find better ways to fight racism, sexism, and other divisions in our society. And finally we must find a way to have respectful dialogue between the various views in our society. Some compromise is important in any society. I am a weekly volunteer at Hemet Dem Office every Thur.
Zachary Bunshaft   Male   My name is Zachary Bunshaft and I am a Junior at San Diego State University, studying Social Sciences. I have always had a passion for Democratic politics, which has led me to become increasingly politically active in the past year. I have lived in El Cajon my entire life and wish to see for my city to take a step in the right direction politically. For too long, my generation has sat on the sidelines allowing other forces to make choices for us. As young Democrats, I believe that it is our responsibility to take action against the forces of ignorance, apathy and injustice, in order to create a better world. Change is achievable, but we must stand together proudly in order to make a difference.
Stephen R. Jesionka   Male   Hello, my name is Steve Jesionka. I would be honored to continue to be an Assembly Delegate. I was 1st elected in 2013. I am a member of San Diego County Democratic Central Committee. I am a Retired Marine with 25 years' Service. The Marine Corps taught me that all people should be treated equally. All people are not treated equally, even if they are United States citizens. This sad and wrong. Basically this is my theme, what I do my best to stand for. I am a proud Democrat and proud to be Progressive. In 2010, I joined the La Mesa Foothills Democratic Club. Since 2012, I have been a Board Member at Large on our clubs Executive Board. In 2008, I made many phone calls for Hillary Clinton, and then for Barack Obama. In 2010, I was heavily involved in the old 52nd District in the campaign of Ray Lutz for U.S. Congress. In the election of 2012, I was heavily involved in the reelection campaign of Congresswoman Susan Davis. I am involved in working for Human Rights, and against Human Trafficking and Violence against Women. I want to help speak for those who are not heard.