AD 67


Conrad Melton





Time & Location:

Lake Elsinore Public Library

600 W Graham Ave.
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
Cross street: S. Lindsay St.
Location Phone: 951-674-4517

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10:30am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Giorgio di Salvatore   Male   Politically, I am DSCC Delegate elected to serve as Southern California Vice-Chair of the LGBT Caucus. I am a School Neuropsychologist working for a local public school district. Privately, I serve as a Licensed Educational Psychologist to better support and advocate for the needs of children with disabilities and their families. My professions allow me to advocate steadfastly for the unique needs of the affected individual. I am a member of National and State professional organizations that allow me the opportunity to write policy and train professionals in areas of Best Practice. In my personal life, I support the needs of my five children with special needs; biological and adopted. I believe that which benefits the security and well-being of the family benefits our community as a whole. I understand that in order for change to take place we, as citizens, need to take a leap toward opportunity and sacrifice time and effort for the benefit of others. In understanding that our assembly district area is highly conservative, it is my goal to provide a voice for those who identify as Democrats and those with like-needs and ideals. I am a determined and hard-working individual who unde
Timothy J. Sheridan   Male   I was honored to serve as the AD 67 Executive Board Representative over the past two years. I would be humbled to serve the Democrats of the 67th Assembly District again in this capacity. I also had the honor to serve as the Democratic nominee in the race for California's 42nd Congressional District this past November. Although I did not win, my team and I were very proud of our campaign and the issues we raised during the race. I would appreciate your support again as I run to serve the Democrats of the 67th Assembly District for the next two years. If I can answer any questions, please feel free to email me at SheridanforCongress@gmail.com or call me at 925-367-6504. Thank you!
Jesus Carillo   Male    
Eugene Hikel   Male   I am the President of the Democrats of Hemet - San Jacinto. I would like to go to the Convention to network with fellow Democrats. I taught math for 30 years and would like to see all students become educated citizens who can make intelligent decisions.
Gerald P Clark   Male   as a 32 year teamster I would like to represent the working people of my AD, as an owner of a business I can also understand the issues of business, this is a balance we need.
Daphne Douglas   Female   In today's changing political climate, it is important to have dedicated informed individuals who will work to educate the public on issues that affect our day to day lives, both locally and nationally. We can no longer sit on the side and say or do nothing. We must express our message and platforms in a way that is understood and received. We also must never be afraid to express our beliefs or apologize for fighting for progressive issues. Above all else, we must encourage those we come in contact with to vote. The vote is the only forum we have to protect our rights and improve our neighborhoods, cities, county, state and country. I am an excited, motivated, dedicated individual who is willing to work to educated and encourage the public to support platforms, issues and candidates that progressively move our country in a positive, productive and inclusive direction.
Juliann Anderson   Female   I am a deputy city attorney for the City of Los Angeles and an instructor for UCR Extension, and I have lived in the Lake Hills / La Sierra area of the 67th Assembly District for over 19 years. This year I ran for the Riverside Community College District Board (Trustee Area Four), placing second in a field of four. I want to continue my political work as a Democratic assembly district delegate. Among my interests and ideas for the 67th A.D.: greater precinct-level organizing, so that candidates have more infrastructure in place when organizing field operations. Also, greater voter registration and work with Democratic-leaning communities within the 67th Assembly District.
Rosa Ramirez   Female    
Delia Reese   Female    
Netoshu Smith   Female   To make it simple I want to make change starting in my own state. I want to stand behind promises made, help enforce and uphold laws and policies, and hold fellow seat holders accountable. We need change, positive realistic changes that will point America in the right direction. If nothing else, I want to motivate my peers and community to change what's wrong, embrace what's right, all while we stick together as Americans and hopefully it will bring us together as fellow human beings. The country is the people and the people's voice has to be heard.