AD 66


Miguel A. Cordova





Time & Location:

Arjay Plaza Building

23211 Hawthorne Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90505
Landmark: El Torito
Location Phone: PHONE PENDING

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Mark Henderson   Male   My name is Mark E. Henderson. This is my candidate statement for Assembly District delegate for AD 66. I am a 20 year resident of Gardena, CA. I have been a registered Democrat since voting age. My current profession is that of technology director and educator in the fields of business, technology, and organizational leadership within the higher education system, primarily in community colleges. I am the past chair of the Gardena Planning and Environmental Quality Commission and former member-at-large of the Rent Mediation Board. I maintain years of public sector experience in governance, risk, compliance, strategic planning, budgeting, and policy development. I will bring that experience to the delegate role. My other civic endeavors are comprised of being an integral part of the voter registration process targeting younger demographic groups of all ethnicities within Los Angeles County. I am a member in good standing in the Gardena Valley, Westchester-Playa, and New Frontier Democratic clubs. I have a diverse background ranging from past military experience to current volunteerism in veterans, youth, and environmental justice issues. I would like to become your steward
Tony Hale   Male   I am the current Executive Board Member of the 66 Assembly District, and I would love to have your support for re-election as Delegate and Executive Board Member. My relationships with fellow Executive Board members and party leadership are valuable assets for our 66th district. I have served as chair of two caucuses within our state party and I also serve on the credential committee. Because I am the elected E-Board member, I also serve on the County Party, where I am the co-chair of the Resolutions Committee and serve on the Measures Committee. Both positions would be lost for our district if I am not re-elected. I have played an important role in helping our party become more democratic. I was selected to server on the working group committee that created the historic rule changes regarding endorsements, which preserved and increased the power of grassroots of our party. I have been a leader in progressive values, and have achieved victories in our party's continued support of human rights (opposition to the death penalty), animal rights (Prop.2), the environment (the anti-fracking resolution) and food safety (support of GMO labeling). Visit: TonyLeoHale@gmail.com
Samuel Liu   Male   My name is Sam Liu and I am asking for your support to be a delegate to the California Democratic Party representing Assembly District 66. After watching the devastating results for Assembly Member Muratsuchi on November 4th, I decided to run for delegate to help increase the presence of Democrats in AD66. I believe that as Democrats, it is our duty to instill the values of progressive change for the next generation. The generation preceding mine has laid an incredible grassroots foundation but we need to recruit or grow the party or else we will continue to lose incredible legislators. I look forward to serving my hometown and home district with my Democratic colleagues.
Robert Dhondrup   Male   I, Robert Dhondrup, live in South Torrance and have been a labor and community activist for thirty years. As Communications & Programs Director for SCANPH, I work to represent 450 nonprofit affordable housing organizations. Almost all of our members serve very-low-to-homeless families and individuals. Our work includes working for passage of the CA Cap-and-Trade program which will reduce GhG emissions as well as fighting for a dedicated source of permanent funding for affordable homes. Previously, I worked for the labor movement as a political organizer with the CA Teachers Association in Long Beach (TALB) and as political director of the Central Labor Council of Alameda County AFL-CIO. I have also been active with the CA League of Conservation Voters, the API Environmental Justice Coalition, the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, and many other social and economic justice organizations. I have been at various times a member of the African-American, Asian Pacific Islander, Chicano Latino, Environmental, Labor, Native American, Progressive, and Women's Caucus'. I support diversity, labor, and the community. I respectfully request your support and vote.
Lee Fink   Male   Since I was 12 years old, I have been active in the Democratic Party, from volunteering at the state party convention, to serving as President of the Beach Cities Democratic Club, to working in the Obama campaign and White House. I have been honored to represent South Bay Democrats over the last 12 years, and hope to once again serve as we work to re-take the Senate and elect a Democratic President to solidify the historic gains we have made over the last 6 years.
Jonathan Beutler   Male   My name is Jonathan Beutler and I am seeking the position of delegate to the state Democratic Party, to provide the best possible representation for AD66. As a lifelong Democrat and member of local Democratic clubs, I am passionate about important policy issues that affect the great people who call the South Bay home. It was my honor to have been appointed and serve in 2014 as a delegate to the California Democratic Party. As a recently graduated Fellow of the New Leaders Council Institute, I am eager to continue my involvement as an advocate for the needs of our region's progressive majority. During the next few years, we can expect to see many new changes in the region and the state, and as a delegate I intend to contribute in a meaningful way to forthcoming conversations about the direction of our Party. I am grateful for this opportunity, as well as for the many Democratic leaders in our region who have taught me a great deal about public service. I look forward to serving as a delegate alongside the many dedicated Party activists who have given so much to our Party and region. Thank you.
Kanji Sahara   Male   I am a member of the Gardena Valley Democratic Club and was the President for 2010 and 2011. In 2010, I organized and was the Founding President of the United Democrats of South Bay which was composed of the Gardena Valley, Progressive, Mexican American and MLK Democratic Clubs. Its purpose was to elect Democrats in the 2010 Election. We had a campaign office in a shopping center in Carson and held many well attended events. In 2004, I was a member of South Bay for Kerry-Edwards and was responsible for voter turnout in Gardena, El Segundo, Hawthorne and Lawndale. We had a good turnout in the election. In 2006, I campaigned for SB840 Single Payer Health Care which I still believe is the best way. I attended many meetings, rallies and parades. I am a liberal Democrat. I campaigned for many Democrats doing precinct walking, tabling, attending rallies, campaign contribution and enveloped stuffing. I tabled many days at Farmers Market in Torrance, San Pedro and Hermosa Beach. I know the importance of attending State Democratic Conventions and want to be an ADEM Delegate. My goal is to elect more Democrats in the 2016 Election.
Elpidio Ebuen Jr   Male   My name is Elpidio Ebuen, and I would like to be a delegate for the 66th AD. I have volunteered for various political campaigns for Assembly member Warren Furutani, Mayor of Cerritos Mark Pulido and most recently for Assembly member Al Muratsuchi. I am unhappy that my home is now represented by a party that does not really care about the entire community as a whole. I would like the opportunity to work toward changing that. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.
Thomas Long   Male   I am a former councilmember and Mayor of Rancho Palos Verdes. I am interested in helping formulate party policy, particularly toward local government and infrastructure.
Anthony Salvaggio   Male   I am running for re-election as an Assembly District Delegate to represent our new AD66. Since first moving to the South Bay in 2000, I have become increasingly more active in grassroots politics at the local, state and national level. From organizing voter registration drives to canvassing door-to-door, from coordinating legislation support to GOTV activities, I've witnessed the power of ordinary people to work together to accomplish extraordinary things. Being a state delegate for the last 4 years, as well as being a national delegate in Charlotte in 2012, has provided me an opportunity to build networks and establish relationships to broaden my circle of influence and have an even greater impact supporting progressive candidates and initiatives. I humbly ask for your support and your vote and would be proud to represent the progressive residents of AD66.
Todd Loewenstein   Male    
Scott King   Male   I am a lifetime Democrat and have lived in the 66th Assembly District for 26 years. I have supported Democratic candidates by hosting fundraisers and walking precincts. I want to help the party select candidates who are able to work with their peers to achieve great legislation for our state. I drive an electric car and support all efforts to create sustainable power and prevent environmental pollution. I would appreciate your vote.
Octaviano Rios, Jr.   Male   I'm a lifelong Democrat and Los Angeles resident that lives in AD66. I look forward to working with my colleagues on a meaningful agenda.
Kenneth Petrulis   Male   Campaign Finance Reform is our most important issue.
Chris Locke   Male    
Robert Yap   Male   My name is Robert Yap, and I would be honored to be a delegate for the 66th AD. I am a corporate attorney who has practiced in the South Bay for over 10 years. I have also volunteered and fund raised for Democratic campaigns for many year and am dedicated to returning this assembly district back to blue. I respectfully ask for your vote and thank you for your consideration.
Teresa Savo   Female   I've been a PV Democrats club member for twelve years and served on the board for 10 years - as hospitality chair and parliamentarian. I also served as a delegate from the 66th ADEM in 2013-2014. I've enjoyed being part of our very active and progressive club and will continue to be involved in the Democratic cause.
Edna Murphy   Female   I am active in Democratic politics, treasurer of the Beach Cities Democratic Club and member of the West LA Democratic Club, the Torrance Democratic Club and the Progressive Democrats.
Brandii Grace   Female   As a councilwomen for the Harbor City Neighborhood Council, I serve the community as a leader who carries forth the values of the Democratic party: justice, equality, & freedom. I've been an outspoken supporter of students, teachers, women, minorities, veterans, the elderly, the poor, and the LGBTQ community. As a college instructor, I fought to give my fellow faculty a voice against unfair employment policies. At the cost of my own job, I started a major union movement at the school and worked with the AFL-CIO to pass federal regulations preventing employers from unfairly delaying union elections. As the LA Chair for the video game industry's trade org, I've fought harassment in the tech industry while working to improve diversity. As someone active in local Democratic clubs, I know we are fighting unprecedented levels of corporate influence and money in politics. With your vote, I can better support our state party as we prepare to take back our nation! Thank you.
Stacey Toda   Female   I'm a lifelong Democrat and a lifelong resident of Torrance. I recently started to work for Long Beach City College after serving former Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster as his deputy chief of staff. I also worked for former Assemblymember George Nakano for many years. So you can imagine my shock after the most recent election that left us without a Democratic Assemblymember. We need to make sure that the current person representing the 66AD is a one-term elected official. I've been appointed as a Delegate for the 66AD for the past two years. I was also honored to be elected as a Delegate in the former 53rd AD. I've been an active volunteer for several Democratic candidates for many years! I'm ready to work for Dems in the 66AD! I respectfully ask for your vote to become a Delegate.
MyLoc Dinh   Female   My name is MyLoc Dinh, and I would be honored to receive your support to be a delegate for the 66th AD. I've volunteered and worked as staff for many Democratic campaigns and offices for over 10 years, including Senator Debra Bowen, Assemblymember Warren Furutani, and Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi. This past election has gotten me fired up and very motivated to make sure AD66 returns and remains blue. I will work hard to support South Bay Democrats and our progressive values. I respectfully ask for your vote, and thank you for your time and consideration.
Carol Moeller   Female   I believe we earn the government we work for, and I feel my role is to help California become a more progressive shade of blue. Our state is a national leader in environmental issues, and to me, the environment trumps all other debates. I don't believe the oil companies should determine our energy policies, or that financial institutions should determine our monitary policies or that ideologues should determine our social justice policies, and I certainly don't believe that the wealthy should determine our political policies. I believe in more gun safety, less education costs for students, single payer health care and public financing of elections.
Rochelle Schneider   Female   My roots in the Beach Cities go back to 1972. I have raised two children in Manhattan Beach, my greatest honor is being able to use my experience and intellect to give back. have supported many campaigns and candidates: George Nakano, Debra Bowen, Jane Harman, Ted Lieu, Betsy Butler, Janice Hahn, Al Muratsuchi and of course President Obama. My home and office have been the site of many meet + greets and even more mobilizations for precinct walks. I have phone banked for each candidate and also for causes such as LGBTQ and reproductive rights, repeal of Citizens United. And, yes, even written some checks for each candidate and cause. My commitment to Democratic causes and to those who cannot get a voice for themselves is passionate and runs very deep. I am a practicing attorney and a business consultant. My job is to set things up correctly with proper paperwork, communication and procedures to ensure good operation and growth. I ask for your vote to represent you in the 66th AD. Thank you.
Nanette Barragan   Female   My name is Nanette Barragan, I currently serve as Mayor Pro Tem of Hermosa Beach. I was born and raised in the South Bay and have been involved in Democratic politics since earning an internship in the Clinton White House while a student at UCLA. Since then I have sat on the Board of the L.A. County Young Democrats, volunteered on many campaigns and even moved to Florida in October 2012 for the Obama campaign to make sure every eligible voter had the opportunity to vote. Upon my return, I wanted to serve my community and ran for city council where I earned the endorsement of the Democratic Party. I became the first woman in ten years to be elected and the first Latina ever. My story is an example of the American Dream and our Democratic principles. I am young, energetic and am currently leading the fight against oil drilling in Hermosa Beach because of the health and safety risks it poses to our dense community and the entire Santa Monica Bay. I've been a lifelong Democrat and ask for your support and vote to become your AD66 delegate. For more information visit www.NanetteBarragan.com or call (424)206-3963.
Debby Stegura   Female   I currently hold elective office as a Trustee of the Palos Verdes Library District, which is a non-partisan office. I am also a former attorney and a long-time community volunteer in educational and other causes. I have lived in Palos Verdes since 1990 and raised my family here. As my children entered the public school system, I became involved in successful grass-roots efforts to pass parcel tax and bond measures to benefit Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District. I have managed successful campaigns of local school board candidates. I also most recently campaigned for Al Muratsuchi, Ted Lieu and Ben Allen, and donated to their campaigns. The experience with Al is galvanizing. Low voter turnout defeats us, too. It reminds me of my first campaign in which the Democratic congressional candidate I volunteered for lost in the 1980 Reagan landslide when the media called the election before West Coast polls had closed. It is time to get more involved. I choose to serve as a delegate.
Stacey Michaels   Female   Stacey Michaels is a Los Angeles native and resident of Rancho Palos Verdes. She is a member of the Palos Verdes Dem Club, 66th Assembly District Dem Club and the West Los Angeles Dem Club. She has worked as a public school teacher with Los Angeles Unified School District and is an elected member of United Teachers of Los Angeles for the Harbor Area's House of Representatives and for the Political Action Council of Educators. She recently served as both a national and state delegate for the American Federation of Teachers and the California Federation of Teachers. She also volunteered for South Bay democratic elections for the State Senate, State Assembly and State Public Superintendent of Instruction. Stacey is a USC graduate in Public Affairs and while in college served nationally in Washington, D.C. as a staff intern for the U.S. Peace Corps in the Latin American region and locally for the Hermosa Beach Police Department in Community Affairs. Over the past 25 years, she has had experience working for both corporate and non-profit agencies with a focus on leveraging resources for environmental education, literacy support for English language learners, and social skills services f
Tehmina Khan   Female   My name is Tehmina (Tammy) Khan and I am asking for your support to represent the AD 66 as your delegate to the CDP. I have been an active participant in the South Bay community, both professionally and as a volunteer. I know that my background and experience will be an asset to the party and my fellow Democrats.
Amy Howorth   Female    
Lauren Pizer Mains   Female    
Dale Petrulis   Female   I have been involved in Democratic Politics beginning as a child, with activism modeled by my parents. I have continued my participation and activities as an adult, including the last election. I have immersed myself in local, state and national campaigns. I am current in my knowledge and excited to continue the work we all need to share. People should vote-Not money.
Candace Nafissi   Female    
Diane Wallace   Female   I am a lifetime Democrat and have been active in supporting Democratic Party Candidates for local, state and national offices. Additionally, I am a career educator and support public schools. I am also an environmentalist with a focus on issues related to water and sustainable power. I would be grateful for you vote so that I may represent the 66th AD. Thank you. Diane Wallace
Jaya Bhumitra   Female    
Kathleen Paralusz   Female   My name is Kathleen Paralusz and I would be honored to have your support to be a delegate representing Assembly District 66. I have been an active Democrat for over 25 years, volunteering on my first presidential campaign in 1988 as a senior in high school. Over the years I have volunteered for numerous grassroots campaigns at the local and state level, and in 2008 I attended the Democratic National Convention as an Obama delegate representing our congressional district. I am very involved in community activities as well. Among other activities, I currently serve on the Manhattan Beach Parks and Recreation Commission as the school district's representative, and I served on the Manhattan Beach Planning Commission for six years. I am especially interested in education issues and would be honored to represent our district as a delegate over the next two years.
Jan Jeffreys   Female   2015 ADEM Candidate Statement for JAN JEFFREYS Since my political registration in 1985, I have been a proud Democrat and in January 2013 a 66ADEM delegate. VOLUNTEER: Kerry/Edwards - ten weekend bus trips to swing state Nevada, Campaigned for Barack Obama and Janice Hahn. DELEGATE: Los Angeles State Convention - endorsed Ben Allen, Ted Lieu, Al Muratsuchi. REDONDO BEACH: Very active volunteer since 1999. Appointed to Library Commission 2010. Former City Council candidate District 4, endorsed by both candidates for mayor, numerous city fathers, National Woman's Political Caucus, Sierra Club. Successful primary. Run-off: lost by narrow margin. MEMBER: North Redondo Beach Business Association, invited to Redondo Beach Round Table, Leadership Redondo 2014. EDUCATION: B.A. double major - Management and Advertising Art. M.S. Business and Marketing. CAREER: Marketing Management - Philip Morris, Mattel Toys, AT&T. PERSONAL: Two adult children, educated, on their own, leading successful lives. I have a record of sincere, continuous community involvement, high values, strong work ethic, experience, respect. I want to be a delegate to support and promote the goals of t
Teresa Bird   Female   I have been an appointee, proxy or elected delegate to the CDP from 1972 to 2014 for State Senator Ralph Dills, Governor Jerry Brown, Assemblyperson/State Senator/SOS Debra Bowen, President Bill Clinton, State Senator Jenny Oropeza and Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi. I also attended as a delegate or alternate the National conventions of McGovern (1972), Carter (1976), Carter (1980), Mondale (1984), Dukakis (1988), Clinton (1992) and Obama (2008). I am hoping to go to Clinton 2016! It is imperative that we win back the 66th A.D. in 2016. I want to be part of that effort to win back a Democratic majority.