AD 64


Patricia Patt Sanders





Time & Location:

Dollarhide Neighborhood Center

301 N. Tamerind Ave
Cross Street: City of Compton Televillage
Location Phone: 310-605-5688

Sunday, Jan., 11
Registration begins: 12pm-2:00pm




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Barbara Calhoun   Female   Hello, my name is Barbara Jean Calhoun, I'm running to become a Delegate for the 64th AD. The 64th Ad includes, Watts, Compton, Carson, East Rancho Dominguez, West Rancho Dominguez, Willowbrook, Harbor Gateway, Wilmington, Rancho Dominguez, Long Beach, Broadway-Manchester, & parts of Los Angeles. The 64thAd needs strong Delegate LEADERSHIP! As a Delegate I will make sure we have our meetings, citizens will be involved with the process, they will not be left out. I want to build an email lists to E-Blast the information to our citizens so they are aware of the meetings, conventions and work very closely with the Democratic Party. I will follow all rules & regulations and attend all training that I will need to move the 64thAD forward. I asking for your VOTE and your SUPPORT!
Wilma Haynes   Female   I, Wilma Haynes is requesting to represent the 64 Assembly District in the DSCC for both 2015 and 2016 state Convention. She has served on this committee in the pass years, and request to run again. Thanks for your support vote for Wilma Haynes.
Jasper Jackson   Male   Jasper Jackson has always been a leader with a passion for public service. He has fought for the people and businesses in the City of Compton as well as in the County of Los Angeles. He served four years as chairperson for the Block Club Commission in the City of Compton. When his family, friends, and citizens in the community said, "We want you to run and we support you", he was comfortable with moving his political endeavors forward. Jasper felt he had the fire and desire to make a meaningful contribution to the community. He strongly believes that by working together we can build on our past, use every resource available to use to improve our lives in the present and create a world-class city. As the Chairperson of the City of Compton's Block Club Commission, he became inspired by getting out into the community, attending block club meetings, participating in round table discussions and listening to residents of the city, he found what would make Compton a better place in which to live. Let's bring "neighbor" back into our neighborhoods. FAMILY Jasper is the oldest of five children. He was born on the Southside of Chicago, where his parents, Jasper Sr. and Elaine still live. A
Ricky Hicks   Male   I will be happy to be elected
Marvin J. Stovall   Male   I have served as a delegate for the 64 district since 2012 . I have worked on numerous campaigns and fought hard to maintain the strength of the Democratic Party . I would like to continue this fight . With your support I can . I would consider it an honor and a privilege .
KW Tulloss   Male   I'm the Senior Pastor of the Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angles. I'm a life long resident of Los Angeles. I'm very active in the community and School. I'm a national Civil rights leader. Rev. K.W. Tulloss
Francisco Orozco   Male   I am a 23-year-old Democrat from the city of Compton. I am a Political Science Senior at the California State University, Los Angeles, and I am the founder and president of the Compton Democratic Club. I hope to represent the 64th District at the party's convention because I am very passionate about a stronger progressive Democratic Party. Our party deserves praise for the many accomplishments we have made yet praise cannot be the only thing we focus on. Holding our party members accountable for their votes or positions that could be seen as going off base, is key in maintaining the trust and respect of the California voters. Our party must offer the most well educated and well-experienced candidates, along the most thoughtful and initiative taking policies. As California goes, so does the rest of the country and Californians today must take on the challenges that this decade requires of us. Lets not focus on bringing back manufacturing jobs, instead let's do what American's know best build the future. Lets involve our optimistic students by challenging our world-renowned universities to build new technology that would desalinate our seawater, better harness the sun's energy, and s
Julian Burger   Male   I am a Hardcore Progressive Democrat. I am the President of the Progressive Democratic Club and a member of 5 other Dem Clubs. I am also a Alternate of Committee of LA CO. Central Committee. I am also a member of DSCC, being selected 2 years ago at the 64th AD Caucus. I am asking for your support again. Thanks!
Ernesto Villasenor   Male   Ernesto Villase–or, Jr. is a proud product of Compton, California. Having received the Gates Millennium Scholarship as a Compton High graduate in 2010, he went off to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and recently graduated with a Bachelor's in Sustainability Studies and a minor in Economics. He currently works as the Liaison for the 1st District in the City of Compton. During his undergraduate career at RPI, Ernesto remained active within Los Angeles County, serving as a Research and Policy Intern for the Los Angeles County Education Foundation (LACEF. While in LACEF, he worked on the Stay Well, Learn Well campaign which advocated and championed School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) in hotspot communities throughout LA and legislation in the California State Assembly (AB 174). Ernesto is an active mentor and ambassador for First Generation college students, and is well respected across the country among numerous organizations on creating opportunities and bridging the gap of higher education among youth from underrepresented communities. Ernesto serves as a vessel for positive change, providing a voice for those who are not heard.
Sharron Haynes   Female   I asked for your vote in allowing me to serve as Assembly District Delegate. I have served in this capacity of Assembly District Delegate before and will not be totally new to this process. Vote for Sharron Haynes, Assembly District Delegate. Thank you for your vote.
Janice Schaefer   Female   Planning Commissioner, City of Carson. Elected Delegate Los Angeles County Democratic Party. Democrat of the Year 2008. Community Activist/Campaign Volunteer.
Joan Hippolyte   Female   I have worked in customer service for my entire life, specifically in the area of executive level administrative support in higher education. I have successfully mastered the art of people -- interactions, professionalism and boundaries and being a part of your collaborative team. My unique combination of skills has provided me with the ability of impeccable observation, research skills, perception, and understanding of people. I have a professional, yet approachable demeanor. I pride myself on being an ambassador, someone who enjoys and thrives on meeting and connecting new people with one another and with purpose. I would describe myself as An Influencer, I am someone who has a very strong and positive influence on all of those I encounter whether a student, client, friend, or stranger I meet at a conference or grocery store. A doer, I can be quite adamant when it comes to things that MUST be done and especially when it comes to the betterment of those around me, and last but not least a Creative Thinker. I love to think outside of the box and am constantly thinking of ways in which things can be accomplished and done better. I have been a military spouse, a mother, a realtor,
Irene Huerta   Female    
Gail Kennedy   Female   I am retired from LAUSD and I am excited about the possibility of becoming a part of the decision making process as a Delegate for my Assembly District. I will work hard to represent my district as a member of Democratic State Central Committee.
Vera DeWitt   Female   I would like to be of service in the 64th Assembly District supporting our new Assemblyman Mike Gipson and issues important to the District. I am a former mayor and councilmember in the City of Carson and lifelong registered Democrat.