AD 62


Jim Kennedy





Time & Location:

Los Angeles Fire Station #5 Westchester Community Room


8900 Emerson Ave.
Westchester, CA 90045
Cross street: Westchester Parkway
Location Phone: 213-485-6205

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 12pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Karla Salazar   Female   It has been my privilege to serve as a delegate for the past two terms in this same district. I am a social justice Democrat that believes in the power of people. We have done great things as active party delegates of the 62nd AD, from electing progressive candidates to office, to supporting a ban on fracking, to serving and representing the hard working families, union members, small business leaders, LGBT community, Latinos, African Americans, and those awesome PTA moms and dads. I would like to continue working as a coalition with all these communities, because we can't do it alone. And change can only happen if we work together. I believe that's what makes our Assembly District great. I work for a labor union by day, allowing me to represent hardworking public employees in Southern CA. On my not-so off time, I'm a true activist that enjoys volunteering for good causes, believes in non-profit work, and actively mentors young women. I participate, vote, and work for Democrats on every election cycle. I lobby for progressive legislation, walk picket lines and stand in solidarity to fight injustice anywhere. I hope I can count on your support and your vote.
Rachel Johnson   Female   As a life long Democrat, I strive to uphold the principles upon which this party was founded and work to make sure that the party platform is carried out. I have continued to work to elect Democratic candidates, supporting elected officials in their quest to make California a stronghold of Democratic principles. As a delegate, I have done just this, and will continue to carry on this work as your delegate.
Liz Odabashian   Female    
Patricia Donaldson   Female   I've lived in AD62 for over 20 years along with my husband, and together, we raised two daughters who have given us 7 wonderful grandchildren. As a life-long democrat myself, I know that grassroots activism is vital to our party's success. For years I've supported our local and state representatives, and helped them get elected. For 36 years, I've run a small business in the area, and as a business owner, homeowner and community leader, (President/CEO Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce) I've participated in and headed many civic committees and organizations including past Chair of the South Bay Association Chamber of Commerce. Also on the Executive Board of the SBWIB. I'm running for Party Delegate to represent the grassroots of our community, and look out for the interests of Democrats in AD62.
Maxine Toler   Female   I have been a community activist in the city of Inglewood for the past 10 years. I was awarded the title of California Senior Leader by UC Berkeley in 2013. I am presently a Human Affairs Commissioner for the city of Inglewood and also serve as Vice President of the Around the Block Club, the largest organized block club in Inglewood, with over 400 members. I also volunteer for the Social Justice Learning Institute, and organization devoted to Social and Food Justice by educating young men of color and planting community gardens throughout Inglewood and Lennox. I also serve on the Advisory Boards for the Advocates for African American Elders and the Be Well Program sponsored by the Inglewood Parks and Recreation Dept. In addition, I am a member of the Inglewood Senior Project Advisory Council.
Kathryn Campbell   Female   Kathryn E. Campbell I am currently President of the Beach Cities Democrats, and have previously served as both an appointed and an elected Delegate in the South Bay. I'm a lifelong Democrat and a successful small businesswoman. I believe in fair pay and benefits, diversity in hiring, closing the income inequality gap in the U.S., and equal justice for all. I've been an active grassroots volunteer in the South Bay and West LA, walking and calling for progressive Democrats at the national, state and local levels. I actively support policies that will bring clean, well-paying jobs to our district, support our schools, improve our air and water quality, administer justice more fairly, and provide adequate social services to those who need them. I recently helped lead the effort to halt the planned razing of the trees in the Oxford Lagoon along Washington Boulevard in Marina del Rey. To me being a Delegate is not a status symbol, but a sacred trust. If you vote for me I promise to actively work to promote Democratic principles within our party and our community. I am truly grateful for your support.
Sheila Mickelson   Female   I have served as a delegate since 2007 and your Executive Board representative to the California Democratic Party for 3 terms. I am running for re-election as a delegate and to continue my progressive grassroots activism within our Party as your Executive Board representative for the 62nd AD. As a grass roots activist and to provide Democrats in the Westchester-Playa communities with a political voice, I founded the Westchester-Playa Democratic Club and served as President for 7 years. In 2010 I had the privilege of being acknowledged for my activism by being awarded female Democrat of the Year by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party for our district which at that time was the 51st AD . During the November elections we witnessed Democrats shying away from our values and achievements that empower people and lift them up. We cannot turn our backs on the values that have made our Party the "Party of the People". I am remain committed to universal healthcare, LGBT rights, gun control, anti-poverty measures, a living wage, worker's rights, immigration reform, protecting reproductive rights, protecting our environment and campaign finance reform. It will be a privilege to be
Dionne Faulk   Female   Dionne Young Faulk is the Supervising Special Investigator for the State of California Department of Real Estate in the Los Angeles District Office. She advocates for consumer protection through enforcement, Investigations and legal action. She provides direct supervision and administration over enforcement and investigative operations. In 2009, Dionne was appointed by the Real Estate Commissioner for the Department of Real Estate as Financial Literacy Chairperson in addition to her duties as Supervising Special Investigator. Dionne was tasked with launching the Department of Real Estate's Financial Literacy Outreach Program including producing community seminars and establishing a pilot program for public high schools. Dionne's passion for educating inner city youths on financial literacy and protecting consumers from real estate fraud is her driving force in her career at the State of California Department of Real Estate. Dionne began her public service career in 2003, when she was appointed Commissioner for the 10th District for the City of Los Angeles by former Councilmember Martin Ludlow. She was appointed to the Public Safety Commission in charge of working with the Lo
Marta Evry   Female   I've been a community activist in my district for over a decade. I have three times been elected as a CADEM delegate starting in 2006 and In 2008, I was a co-regional Field Organizer along side Mike Bonin with the Obama campaign. Since starting "Venice for Change", an ad-hoc organizing group and blog, we've registered thousands of new voters, and have written extensively on national, state and local issues that impact our communities. I look forward to bringing my experience and passion to help further the issues progressives care about within the CA Democratic Party.
Marcia Hanscom   Female   We need more voices for nature in the Democratic Party and in state political decisions, and that's why I'm asking for your vote. The trees, the butterflies, the birds, the bobcats, our beautiful parks, our wetlands & rivers, our mountains, and our precious Mother Earth need more advocates in all places of influence. I've stood for this principle for the last 20+ years. My experience and connections as a grassroots community organizer combined with service on the national Sierra Club Board of Directors and my professional communications & public relations training will be an asset to the California Democratic Party. I've also been a shop steward for the Teamsters and owned my own business before deciding to work for protection of the environment full time. Please vote for me as a voice for progressive politics, for fairness & inclusiveness, for out-of-the-box thinking, for solutions that matter to the community and for connection with the grassroots. I will be a voice for the voiceless that often don't have a seat at the table. Thank you for your vote.
Michele Sutter   Female   The Democratic Party must embrace its historic mantle as the champion of progressive ideals if American democracy is to survive the assault being waged by Big Money interests. The California Democratic Party has the capacity to be the bulwark against this usurpation of our political processes if it chooses to be. I believe it must. As a co-founder of MOVI (Money Out Voters In,) the sponsor of Congressman-elect Ted Lieu's SB 1272, The Overturn Citizens United Act, which became Prop 49 and was wrongly removed from the 2014 ballot at the behest of Big Money, I am uniquely aware of the challenge and am committed to advocating for and promoting the solutions which are, I believe, electing progressive representatives and increasing voter education and participation.
Monica Brogdon   Female   My name is Monica Brogdon. I am the owner of MS Enterprise, a legal & tax service business located in the City of Inglewood. Community service is a part of my life. I have volunteered at the Homeless Veterans Clinic, A New Way of Life Criminal Expungement Clinic, Santa Monica Court's Domestic Violence Clinic and Bet Zedek Holocaust Clinic. Currently I am an executive board member of the Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP. I have served as the Branch's Legal Redress Chair, ACT-SO Chair, Health Chair and have lobbied on behalf of the NAACP before members of the California Coastal Commission and the California State Senate. I am a life-long Democrat and would like to serve as one of your 62nd Assembly District Delegates. Thank you for your consideration.
Betsy Butler   Female   A proud Democrat and resident of the Venice/Marina del Rey area for over twenty years, I'm privileged to have worked for incredible leaders and organizations throughout my career who have been advocates for the most vulnerable among us. My public service career started as an intern for Asm. Lucy Killea and US Sen Alan Cranston and as a field representative for Lt. Gov Leo McCarthy. I also served as a Clinton appointee at the Dept. of Commerce in Washington, DC and worked for the Calif League of Conservation Voters and the Environmental Defense Fund. I had the amazing honor of representing the 53rd AD in the legislature where I got 14 bills signed by Gov. Jerry Brown which prioritized veterans, elders, consumer protection, education and environmental justice. I've been an active member of the community and presently sit on the board of Planned Parenthood LA, Equality California, the Gay Men's Chorus of LA, the Redondo Beach Veterans Memorial Task Force and on the Advisory Committee of Peace Over Violence. I am also the former president of the National Women's Political Caucus in West LA. We live in an incredible state filled with innovative, resourceful residents who are leading t
Fabiola Ceja-Cervantes   Female   It will be a great honor and privilege to serve as a Democratic delegate for our district. As an active community member, I strive to enhance the quality of life by improving the allocations of education, health, and environmental resources. I take pride in working with fellow residents and local organizations to encourage higher education among our youth, raise awareness of environmental issues in our community, and generate change through grassroots movements. As a resident of the Community of Lennox, I also value the socio-economic diversity among our district and understand the importance of prioritizing the concerns and needs that affect our communities the most. Thank you for your support and I hope I can count on your vote.
Celinda Vazquez   Female   I am a proud product of the 62nd Assembly District (AD), I grew up in Inglewood & now reside in Hawthorne with my husband & our two young children one of which attends our local public school. I would be honored to have your vote for AD Delegate to serve the community that I grew up in, raising my children in & wholeheartedly love. I was driven at an early age to serve my community and I've committed my career to advocating for disadvantaged communities. As a first generation college student, I spent my summers organizing & interning & made history in 1999 as the first Latina elected president of San Diego State University's student body. Since 2007, I've worked in Public Affairs at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (PPLA), advocating for public policies that protect & expands women's access to health care. Prior to joining PPLA, I worked for UCLA Government & Community Relations. As a former Aide to State Senator Martha Escutia, my duties evolved from serving as a Senate Fellow to assuming the role of Principal Consultant to the Women's Caucus. I also volunteer with several community organizations & small businesses including My Escuelita: Spanish For Kids.
Marisol Cruz   Female   I'm a product of my community. Lennox, CA is the place I call home because this is where all my loves live. I'm a mother of two teenage boys who attend Lennox Middle School and Hawthorne High School. As a parent I'm involved in the education of my children and their generation. I served as a Board Member on the Lennox School District for 8 yrs and continue to serve Lennox families without a title. As a Lennox resident I follow the lead of those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work together for the community. Change begins with thyself at home in order for transformation to spiral out to the community. Neighbors working together for the greater good are my motivation. It truly does take a village to raise a child and uplift a family. I'm currently working side by side with the Lennox Arts and Culture Committee, St. Joseph Church Health Leadership Committee, Lennox Middle School PTA, Lennox Coordinating Counsel, Danza Azteca CuauhtŽmoc Lennox, V—mito Local, and everyday people ready for action! People are beautiful and I enjoy everyday living among the masses. I move forward with the people to uplift a whole community.
Linda Lucks   Female   I want to serve my party again
WILLIAM ROBERTS   Male   I have been a CADEM delegate for the past 6 years. I am also the Vice President for Political Affairs for the Westchester-Playa Democratic Club as well as the elected Male Democrat of the Year for the 62nd AD in 2014. I consider myself a Progressive Democrat and look forward to moving the party in that general direction through electing candidates who truly reflect our community beliefs. I have attended every Democratic Convention for the past 6 years and look forward to continuing my service for our community.
Scott Mayers   Male   I am proud to be a life-long Democrat. As the owner of THE LANTERN HOUSE in Venice I have been privileged to host many successful events that have helped elect several of our current candidates to Office. As a Delegate to the 2015--2016 Democratic Convention I will be able to continue to help nominate responsible and innovative representatives who will to contribute to the well-being of our illustrious State of California.
Travis Pham   Male    
Brent Page   Male   Dear Constituents, My name is Brent D. Page, I'm a local Government Affairs Manager, and current elected Delegate for the 62nd District. I'm seeking re-election to represent you My goal as Assembly Delegate is to continue upholding the platform, and values of the Democratic Party. My civic engagement efforts in the district awarded me CADEM Volunteer of the Year for Region 14. We need to re-engage the community to increase the amount of civic participation. There is a strong need to mobilize and increase the community's involvement in the democratic party. If re-elected,I will continue to serve with the up most dignity, and continue to be a voice of the people.
TYRON TURNER   Male   Greetings fellow Democrats! My name is TyRon Turner and I'm running to become your next delegate in the 62nd assembly district. I'm currently an administrator in the mental health field and have been working with developmentally disabled adults since 2001. I had the honor of serving as a national delegate in 2012 for our beloved president Barack Obama and an appointed delegate in 2013. During my tenure I've volunteered, fundraised and donated to various organizations including the California Democratic Party and progressive democrats across the country. I'm asking for your support so that I can continue to make a difference in the most spirited assembly district in California.
Michael Newhouse   Male   I'm a longtime Democrat, and am running to help ensure that the party continues to present a strong and progressive platform for California.
Dartagnan Scorza   Male   As a committed Democrat, I'm excited to support the diverse needs of the 62nd district community. Now, more than ever, we need leadership that will prioritize the breadth of issues facing our community ranging from the LAX expansion and job creation to environmental and educational inequities in economically vulnerable communities. As Democrats, we must stand on our values and push forward an agenda that will improve the lives of all 62nd district residents.
Robert Pullen-Miles   Male   Dear Democratic Friends, I am running for an Assembly District Delegate position to move forward the Democratic platform. Now more then ever, we need strong delegates to step-up to the plate to ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear in Sacramento and in Washington, D.C. As a seventeen year staffer in the California State Legislature, I have a strong understanding of democratic policies and principles. Most importantly, I know how to work with party leaders and with elected officials on all levels of government to get things done. I respectfully request your vote; I'm Robert Pullen-Miles, and as always, I'm Pullen 4 You! -Mayor Robert Pullen-Miles
Frederick Massey   Male   I have just entered my 3rd term as a Chico Unified School Board member, serving several times as President. I am also a Statewide Academic Senator for Chico State University for over 20 years. I have served one 2-yr term as the first female Faculty Trustee on the BOT for the CSU. I have always been a Democrat and registered to vote. I started my first campaign activities when I was in grammar school. I am a professor in the Sociology Dept.
Channing Hawkins   Male   Channing Hawkins is a rising star as a progressive, labor and civil rights advocate. He currently works for SEIU Local 721 as the Government and Community Relations Coordinator. In this role he is a key advisor on community, political, legal and legislative policy initiatives on the federal, state, county and municipal levels. A noted campaign he is currently leading is "Fix LA", where he oversees a coalition of 28 faith- based, community and labor organizations. Prior to his work at SEIU, he served as an appointee in the USDA, Office of Civil Rights, where he served as an advisor on discrimination claims and equal opportunity programming under Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act. During the 2008 election cycle, Mr. Hawkins coordinated the African American Voter Protection Task Force at the DNC and helped organize voters during the Iowa Caucus for Obama For America. Mr. Hawkins has been involved numerous campaigns on both the federal and local level, including Kerry-Edwards for President and Jacque Robinson for Pasadena City Council. He also was a leader in civic engagement with the NAACP, People for the American Way and Rock the Vote. Mr. Hawkins has been a speaker and fac
Nilo Michelin   Male    
Brett Roberts   Male   A product of Orville Wright Middle School, Westchester High School and Pepperdine University, for both undergraduate and graduate school, I've always been a part of the 62nd AD, or close to it. As a current 62 AD CDP Delegate, I've had the opportunity to get to know many of you throughout the district and to work hard to get progressive candidates such as Autumn Burke and Ben Allen elected to higher office. I'm a proud member of the Westchester Playa Democratic Club, New Frontiers Democratic Club and BLAYD. Professionally, I'm responsible for community outreach to the wonderful community of Westchester and dynamic city of Inglewood on one of the largest transportation projects in over 60 years. In closing, I know the 62nd AD, I grew up here, I work here, I live here and it would be an honor to be reelected as a Delegate for the 15-16 term, so that I can continue the fight to help get great leaders in office that reflect our values and will be the champions of our communities. Thank you, Brett C.S. Roberts, MBA
L. David Patterson   Male   I am running to become a delegate for the California Democratic Party because I wish to serve my party and my community, and I believe in the progressive values of equality and economic opportunity for all.