AD 61


Gloria Cormier





Time & Location:


1074 E La Cadena Dr.
Riverside, CA 92507
Cross street: 215 Freeway
Location Phone: 909-825-7871

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Stanley King   Male   I am a member of the Moreno Valley Democratic Club, Disabilities Caucus, and I sit on the Legislative Comm. of the Veterans Caucus of the CDP.
Woodrow Curry   Male   I am the son of civil servants, raised valuing the importance of service Andes securing the public good. With the newly flourishing democratic force in the city of Riverside taking a stand, I plan to be at the forefront, pushing our City and County forward. Progressive is not a word commonly used to describe our County, but with my generation, I see the potential and momentum building to move Riverside towards more progressive policies and a more democratic county. As a graduate of Martin Luther King High School and an alumnus of UC Riverside, and a local home owner and a newlywed looking to grow my family, I'm fully vested in this community and extremely motivated to help our community thrive now and we'll into the future. I encourage you to vote for me, as I embody the future of our community and the hope for change.
Ricardo Solis   Male   As a father and strong community member, I look forward to continuing my service and commitment to my community. I am a teacher, community volunteer and strong supporter of my son's education as well as an active participant of city and nearby local events. Now, I hope to be able to extend my support and services to our community as a delegate.
Jose Alcala   Male   I am a Social Studies Teacher in Moreno Valley and active in politics. I would greatly appreciate your vote to serve as a delegate.
Imran Farooq   Male   Dr. Imran Angelov Farooq is a proud, locally born and raised, Democrat that is a recognized leader in education and economic development. Dr. Farooq is honored to serve as an appointee of Governor Jerry Brown on the California Workforce Investment Board where he is also a member of the Green Collar Jobs Council. Dr. Farooq attended local public schools in Riverside County and went on to earn a Bachelor's from UC Berkeley, a Master's and Doctorate of Policy, Planning and Development from the University of Southern California. He is the Founding Director of the UC Riverside Center for Economic Development & Innovation and teaches at UCR Extension also. Dr. Farooq has been appointed by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors for the past 7 years on their Workforce Investment Board and is currently the Vice Chairman. His active involvement in the community includes being a member of Rotary International and serving on the Board of Directors for the March Air Museum. Please vote Dr. Imran Angelov Farooq for strong and experienced leadership to represent the Democratic Party as a 61st Assembly District delegate.
Louis Ledesma   Male   I am a student. Served a few years ago. Miss serving and would like to return to work for the Democratic cause.
Jayson Sandoval   Male   I am committed to getting Democrats elected. As an elected leader in my union, SEIU Local 1000, I have worked for and advocated for our party platform and for local and statewide candidates. The City of Riverside and Riverside County is blue because of the time and efforts of many! I want to continue to advance into local races, on school boards and college districts and water districts. I am asking for your vote.
Cleveland Johnson Jr.   Male   I am a very proud Democrate and is a current delegate to Dist 61. I've served the party well as a member of our local Dem Club and a member of the Central Committee. I was endorsed by both four years ago and rencently when I ran for School Board. I won my elelction both times with the pary's endorsement. I pledge to continue working hard for Democrates locally and Nationally. I also am respected by all that I come in conact with. Our School District has improve tremendously since I've been on the board and I plan to continue to work hard for our students, District and community. I would be honored to serve this city and disrict as a delegate again and thank you in advance for your continued support now and in the future. Respectfully yours. Cleveland Johnson Jr.
James Dudley   Male   I would appreciate your support and votes. I look forward to continuing to be a Delegate in the 61st AD and take the position seriously. I have attended all required meetings and fulfilled my obligations as a Delegate and Executive Board Member of the California State Democratic Party. Lets work together to make our Party even stronger and successful in the upcoming years. In Solidarity James Dudley.
Richard Jones   Male   I am a progressive and have been a Democrat for forty years. I am a former teacher and have been an advocate for the disabled In Missouri and California since the seventies. I have served on local and national campaigns, testified before state legislatures and served on the Missouri Governor's Committee on Employment nt of the Handicapped. Our communities and our country need strong progressive voices more than ever before to fight the ever growing power of corporate influence in our politics and our everyday lives.
Rafael Elizalde   Male   Rafael Elizalde is a lifelong Democrat and a recognized figure in local Riverside County politics. He attended schools in the Riverside Unified School District and went on to earn a Bachelor's in Government from Claremont McKenna College. He is a founding member of the Riverside County Young Democrats, a member of the League of United Latino American Citizens, and currently serves as a Commissioner for the City of Riverside's Human Resources Board. A strong supporter of Labor, his involvement in local elections includes successfully supporting candidates in city council, school board, and federal elections. Please vote Rafael to represent you as a 61st Assembly District Delegate.
Ruthee Jonas-Goldkorn   Female   I have been a Democrat activist for 60 years (before I was born) and a member of the DSCC and my County Committee for 20 years. I am committed to working hard to recruit and elect Democrats starting with the local "Farm Team". It is a privilege to serve the California Democratic Party.
Maya Rodriguez   Female   I am a student with the goal of becoming a patient advocate, and working towards protecting and strengthening the rights of women and families. I have volunteered for candidates, charities, and clubs. I am ready to work with others as a delegate!
Kristina Dixon   Female   Kristina M. Dixon currently serves as a delegate to the 61st Assembly District. Kristina has a standing commitment to improving the overall economic and social wellbeing of underserved communities; a diverse array of education as well as experience which includes a B.A in Sociology from UC Berkeley, a dual M.B.A in Finance and Management & Leadership from the University of La Verne, over nine years of professional experience working within the nonprofit industry and over 20 years of experience serving the communities where she has lived and worked. Additionally, Kristina is an African American woman, who has an interest in the political, governmental and legislative process; who is charged by the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. A desire that has been nurtured since she was a small child and has been cultivated into a full blown passion through her past as well as present experiences. She is a graduate of Emerge CA, Class of 2012; LAAAWPPI (Los Angeles African American Women in Public Policy Institute), Class of 2007 and Project B.U.I.L.D. (Blacks United In Leadership Development) a program sponsored by the California Legislative Black Caucus Foundation. Kristi
Madelene Muntz   Female   Committed to support the goals of the CDP. Active in local club and community.
Tonya Burke   Female   Tonya Burke currently serves as a Councilmember of the City of Perris. "Tonya has been organizing and advocating for others as early as elementary school," her parents say often. It is not a surprise that Tonya has always had a passion for public service. She has B.A. in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, and over 17 years of professional experience in the fields of social service and education. Tonya also serves as the President of the Run Women Run Inland Empire Chapter. Run Women Run inspires, recruits, trains, mentors and supports pro-choice women for elected and appointed office. She also serves as the Council Delegate with the American Federation of State County and Federal Employees (AFSCME) and a member of the CA DEM African American Caucus. Tonya is a dedicated Democrat and looks forward to the opportunity to represent the 61st Assembly District, promoting the Democratic Party Platform.
Diana Medina   Female   My name is Diana Medina. I have been a Democrat since I first registered to vote when I turned 18 years old. I have over 9 years of political experience having served in local grassroots campaigns since I graduated from the University of California, Riverside. My degree in Political Science and my passion for elections has inspired me to assist many running for office. The ability to assist new and former elected officials has allowed me to become a voice for many in the minority communities. Over the years, I have volunteered in many local groups and community events. I have mentored over 50 college undergraduates in the 'ins & outs' of Riverside & San Bernardino Counties' political spheres. I stay afloat on current issues impacting our communities and have never stopped self-eduating myself on political ideas. This year, I will be participating in the Hispanas Organized for Political Equality Institute in effort to educate myself on how to assist more Democratic Latinas to run for office. It would be a pleasure and honor to serve as a Delegate to the California Democratic Party. Thank you for your consideration.
Mary Pasillas   Female   Mary H Jimenez-Pasillas, register voter of Riverside County 58 years of age: To stand in the forefront when it comes to the Democratic campaign election, voter registration activities that will produce a labor of freedom for the Democrats. My belief is that the Democratic effectiveness comes directly from are involvement, support as well as the endorsement of the Democratic candidates. To be a member of the CDP is to be a voice for the people. As I represented and hold endorsement meeting to secure are Democratic position in the state of California. I will look for and take a stance in the platform promises to protect unions, economic reforms, senior, children and disabled citizens, and all types of families with fair economic and social policies. I will dedicate to advocating for the rights of women through equal pay and affirmative action. In God We Trust.
Jean Colyer   Female   I am asking for your vote to be your representative delegate. I want to be there when changes that affect families in California are put forward. I promise to stand strong for working families concerns. I am asking for your support and your vote. Jean D Colyer
Radene Ramos Hiers   Female   Retired but not dead yet, active, NOT "Old School" and VERY Progressive. LOL. Lots of time to work for the Democratic Agenda. Have served for over 30 years and I am still not tired. Can't give up until we elect a female President. Treasurer for the CDP Disabilities Caucus.
Nina Hiers   Female   I have dedicated my life to serve others and I am humbly asking for your vote for delegate of the 61st AD. I am the president of the Dem club of MoVal, union steward for Laborer's local 777, delegate Laborer's International, incumbent elected delegate AD 61, and member local Dem Central Committee. I have not missed a convention since 1992, and I promise to represent our AD with passion and conviction. Now let's kick some butt in 2016!!!!!
Kim Curry Goldsby   Female   Remember back in 2012? All the excitement that was Riverside politics! After the 2010 US Census and redistricting, Riverside County had a chance to have real representation! Democrats amassed a huge base of volunteers and donors and it paid off. That Election Night we celebrated wins. It was a group effort between Labor and Democrats and other progressive groups. We captured 2 Congressional seats, an Assembly seat, and a State Senate seat. Riverside became blue! Even a recent Press Enterprise article stated the City of Riverside leans slightly liberal. This past November we won and maintained our Assembly and Congressional seats. I am running to be a delegate to our State Party to keep this momentum going. I want to represent our County. I am committed to our Democratic values.
Beverly Arias   Female   Proud to be born to a Vietnam Veteran, Grand-daughter to 2 World War 2 Veterans, My family is the 5th Generation in Riverside. I was taught the importance of Education & a sound work ethic. As an Alumnus of RCC & CSUSB, I am aware of the struggle for graduates to obtain local professional employment opportunities. My family instilled in me the impact of Community activism, in which I have been elected to serve for years on the Executive Boards of: Riverside County Mexican American Historical Society & as previous Vice- Chair for the Villegas Park Advisory Committee. I am an active Job Steward & a District Bargaining Rep for Rank and File workers for SEIU LOCAL 1000- DLC 703. This has enabled me to be active with a Statewide Joint Labor Management Committee , we have meetings with Upper Management as well as the Director of my Department. We have been able to negotiate issues of concern on behalf of State Workers. Currently, I am working with the Founder & Director- Dr. Cony Martinez for the 2nd Latino Film Festival (Cinema Culturas) for screening of award winning films here in Riverside.
Julie"Julia" Vargas   Female   My name is Julie "Julia" Vargas. For the last 10 years I have dedicated my efforts in forming a "Grassroots" organization in our community. As a co-founder and President of Perris Alliance for Community Empowerment know as "PACE", we have work hard to encourage Democrats in our community who has a vested interest in our hard working families in our diverse community to get involve in registering to vote, attending county, city, school board meetings and running for local and state office. I'm involved with several different organizations that believe in our Democratic Party. I will continue to promote our Democrativc Party's Platform and would be honored to serve as a Delegate for the Califormia Democratic Party.
Violeta Aguilar-Wyrick   Female   I have been working for the last ten years to promote democratic candidates and democratic causes in Riverside and San Bernardino County. I worked for three years as a union organizer/representative for SEIU United Healthcare Workers representing over one thousand workers in Riverside County. During my tenure in the Union, I worked in different campaigns. But during this time, I feel the most proud of the campaign where I successfully ran the field campaign for the Union's PAC to elect Senator Roth and Assemblymember Medina. We were able to engage thousands of Latino voters in SD 31 and AD 61 to mobilize and vote. And I have continued my work as a district representative for Senator Roth. I am deeply committed to democratic values, and I wish to become a delegate to ensure the Democratic party continues to be successful in Riverside County and beyond.
Valerie Williams   Female   I am an United States Marine veteran, proud to serve my country and community. Instilled in me and I was raised to be involved with my community and the political system to help change come about. Please accept my application for 2015 Assembly District Delegate nomination. I have always participated in community activities with my church, community and local unions. In attempt to be part of the solution for my community, I have actively remained involve through various activities including precinct walking for local candidates and making phone calls to their constituents for support. I have over 15 years of experience working in my community and believe I would be an excellent asset for the 2015 Assembly District Delegate, California Democratic State Central Committee.