AD 60


Fred Murillo





Time & Location:

Corona Public Library

650 S. Main St.
Corona, CA 92882
Cross street: 6th St.
Location Phone: 951-736-2381

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 12pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Ken Park   Male   I was candidate of AD 60 State Assembly in year 2014, so therefore I am well qualified as a Dem. and Democrat delegate.
K. Michael Hanrahan   Male   I spent the majority of my life in two public service careers: law enforcement and US Treasury tax appeals. I have lived in Corona for 31 years and am very familiar with this Assembly district. I hold a Master of Public Administration degree and I have taught college-level Critical Thinking classes. I would be honored to devote my time to furtherance of Democratic ideals as an Assembly District Delegate.
Steven Ruth   Male   I retired from a career with the Federal Government in October 2009 and since that time have become heavily involved in community activities and causes. I have the time and motivation to perform all the duties associated with an Assembly District Delegate position and can devote time and energy to progressive causes across our district and State. I am currently the First Alternate to the AD60 Vice Chair of the Riverside County Democratic Party. My community activities include: Member of the Corona Community Emergency Response Team; Member of the Corona Rotary Club; past Vice President of the Corona-Norco Democrats Club; former Corona Planning and Housing Commissioner; former member of Corona's Infrastructure Committee. I was also a candidate for Corona City Council in the 2014 election (did not win). I have a global perspective as I have lived and travelled extensively throughout the world. I have held many leadership positions throughout my career. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business and Management from the University of Redlands. I would be honored to have your vote as an Assembly District Delegate for Assembly District 60.
Stephen Gruber   Male   I make a commitment to serve as a delegate to the best of my ability. I will be willing to an engaged and active delegate. I have served on election committees for candidates at the local, state and national levels. In my career as a teacher, I received honors as an outstanding teacher at the national level. I have an M.A. degree in administrative education. I also served as a teacher trainer..
Tyler Madary   Male   My name is Tyler Madary and I am a proud Democrat. I was raised in AD 60. I grew up in Corona and I recently purchased my first home in Riverside. I have the privilege of working for Senator Roth and love serving the constituents of western Riverside County. Growing up my parents instilled in me the principles of hard work, compassion, and citizenship. Because of this I am driven to serve the Country that has given me so many opportunities, from my education, to my health and well-being. As as delegate for AD 60, I will work to promote the preservation of the Middle Class and the opportunities that have been afforded to me so that future generations will be able to benefit.
Don Kindred   Male   I have retired from a 42 year career in retail and logistics with Sears, Roebuck & Co, Target and Burlinton where I help high level leadership positions. I now focus on the cultural arts where I have founded the Corona Symphony Orchestra and conservatory. I am also the President of the Cultural Arts Council of Corona. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cal State Fullerton. My time is now spent giving back to the community.
Timothy Strack   Male   As the President of Riverside City Firefighters union, I am a committed labor democrat that is continuously fighting for not only rights of my members, but of all workers in California. California needs more democrats that have the best interests of all people in California, not just the elite and well off. Labor unions provide the core values of fairness and representation to all workers in the state and it is absolutely necessary that the democrats not only continue to keep the majority we have, but expand that majority to fight the special interests. The special interest that do not have all people, and the diversity of all people, as their first priority. I live that motto on a daily basis and want to continue that as a member of the central committee.
Hussam Ayloush   Male   Since 2011, I have been elected (twice) as a CA Democratic Party E-Board Member and delegate representing our district. For over 16 years, I have been a fundraiser and activist for many Democratic Party campaigns. I have also helped register thousands of new voters. I work for a national civil liberties organization (CAIR-CA). I have lived in Corona for 15 years with my wife and five children. I am running again as a delegate and E-Board Member because I care about immigration rights, civil rights, and justice.
Bill Hedrick   Male   My name is Bill Hedrick. I have been an active Democrat for many years. I served as a school board member in Corona-Norco, and was a Democratic nominee for Congress in 2008 and 2010. I am strongly committed to progressive Democratic values and will work to move the party in an increasingly progressive direction. I will support candidates who support single-payer healthcare, tax fairness, closing the inequality gap, revocation of Citizens United, and adequately funding our schools, community colleges, and universities. I hope to represent Democrats of the 60th Assembly District at the California State Convention, and I want to work with other like-minded individuals to continue to build an effective party that will be able to compete well in local non-partisan races as well as state races. I respectfully ask for your vote.
Larry Casias   Male   A vote for Larry Casias, is a vote for a strong advocate for diversity in all areas of society. As an educator with 27 years experience. I will bring forth positive change for students in our schools. I will advocate for equal access to all areas of government. I am married to a fellow educator and have 4 grown children. 2 boys and 2 girls. I am currently the vice president of the Chino Teachers Union. I have vast experience in areas related to education issues. I have worn many hats as a union representative at the local and state level. I would love to use my experience to benefit our party. Vote for Larry Casias
Robert Garca   Male   I have served my country in the US Navy, I have served my community through various service organizations such as the Lions Club and VFW, and now I am serving my local school district as a newly elected school board member in Jurupa. All my life experiences have given me a unique perspective on the needs of our children, our veterans, and community members. I have been a lifelong Democrat and always look for candidates with progressive values and solutions that help everyone. It would be an honor to serve as a delegate for AD60.
Mary Helen Ybarra   Female    
Jacqueline Casillas   Female   I got my start in local politics in 2008 when I volunteered for Bill Hedrick who was running for Congress. Since then, I've worked on four local campaigns as well as a voter registration initiative sponsored by the CA Democratic Party. Through these experiences, I've had the opportunity to meet and work with dedicated Democrats and I would like the opportunity to continue my involvement, this time, as an Assembly District Delegate.
Belinda Becerra   Female   I moved to Corona in 1978. I have been raised in a democratic family. My father was a teamster. My husband and I are both in the CWA union. Our family believes in helping our neighbors. My parents were both involved in campaigns and worked the election polls. I now work the election poll. I volunteer as much as I can. My parents have always belonged to a democratic party organization. In fact, my mother attended a few democratic conferences.
Olivia Guevara   Female   Olivia Guevara believes in supporting progressive Demicratic candidates for public office at every level of government: local, state, and national. She promotes civic participation through voter registration, canvassing, phone banks and other forms of outreach. Ms. Guevara received her BA from the University of California Los Angeles and her MA in Employment Relations and Human Resources from Pennsylvania State University.
Cherylynn Glass   Female    
Denise Williams   Female   I am applying for delegate as the Assembly District in which I reside is in need of truly understanding how best to have their voices and concerns heard as opposed to believing rhetoric.
Mary Ann Sherman   Female   My name is Mary Ann Sherman and I have been a registered Democrat for 49 years.It was my honor to have been an elementary school librarian for 25 years where I taught students about the freedom we have to vote and explained it is because of the sacrifices of our military/veterans that we have the freedoms we now have.I explained the voting process to thousands of students and would each year conduct voting exercises.The library became the polling place, students were given ballots and followed proper voting procedures.I always showed by example my love of country and how proud I am to live in the United States of America.Every 9/11 I place 500 American flags around my school and continue to do that.We have a long history of service to country in my family.My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and my son is a Colonel in the Air Force.I have worked on many campaigns and was a City of Corona Library Trustee,My passion is to be of service to my country.I promise,if selected,to serve with honor.
Susan Evans   Female    
Penny Newman   Female   I have been a member of the Democratic Party for more than 40 years and have served as a Delegate in 1980. My work in social justice aligns well with the platform and values of the Democratic party in California. I was named Woman of the Year by the California State Senate in 2005 for District 32; was featured in the California State Museum exhibit on California's Remarkable Women; awarded the Woman of Achievement award by the Riverside YWCA and the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce; as well as Citizen of the Year by the West Riverside Business Association. She currently serves on the California Air Resources Board's Environmental Justice Advisory Committee for the implementation of AB 32, California's groundbreaking Climate Change law; and on the Department of Transportation's California Freight Advisory Committee and has presented several times before the White House's Inter agency Working Group on Environmental Justice. A key component of our EJ work is running a voter mobilization program using predictive dialing and training local residents as precinct leaders. I believe that the key to turning the region blue is motivating low propensity voters (low income, people