AD 57


Jaime Lopez





Time & Location:

Ironwokers Local 416

13830 San Antonio Dr.
Norwalk, CA 90650
Cross street: Sycamore St.
Location Phone: 562-868-1251

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Jan Baird   Female   I have served as a delegate for several years and am currently the E-Board Rep for my area. Democrats believe all people should be able to pursue their goals regardless of their religion, race, ethnic background or sexual orientation. I wholeheartedly support this belief and am proud to be a Democrat. Please vote to re-elect me as Assembly District 57 Delegate and E-Board Rep.
Madeline Shapiro   Female   I have been a registered and active Democrat all of my adult life, an active member of the California Teachers Association for twenty-five years and a Trustee of Rio Hondo College for 5 years. I am dedicated in all of my political actions to supporting the tenants of the Democratic Party for a government that includes, serves and represents all of its citizens. I am proud to have served as an appointed and elected delegate to the Democratic State Convention numerous times and am asking for your vote to enable me to continue in that capacity.
Margaret (Margie) Granado   Female   I am a poublic school teacher who is really and willing to serve the members of our district. I an a member of CTA and have been actively working on campaigns since I began teaching in 1986. I am someone you can count on to be there and represent the needs of our area. I have represented our area at the DNC and currently sit on the legislative committee at the CADEM e-board meetings. Please vote for me to be your delegate!
Christina "Tina" Johannsen   Female   I have been a registered Democrat since I started voting at the age of 18, and have voted in every election. I consider voting not only a right, but a privilege. This past year I ran two voter registration drives at the college where I teach, and am continually speaking to student's about the importance of voting and how it can impact them. I would be honored to be chosen as a candidate to support the my party, the Democratic Party.
Angelita Medina   Female    
Ana Valencia   Female   It is an honor for me to have served as a delegate for the 57th Assembly District. I take this responsibility seriously. I ask for your vote to continue to advocate for students and residents of our communities in the 57th AD. As a teacher and education advocate, I believe the students are our future and I want to ensure they are prepared to be the educated, well-informed and compassionate leaders of tomorrow. The convention is a good place to discuss these and othe important issues with legislators and I do just that at this and as many venues as I can. Thank you forvreading my statement. I hope I can count on your vote.
Marlayna Slaughterbeck   Female   Hello, Fellow Democrats! My name is Marlayna Slaughterbeck and I want to be an Assembly District Delegate! I am originally from the great, though not so liberal state of Indiana, but I have lived in California for nearly 20 years, having moved here after living in Japan for two years, teaching conversational English. I hold a BA in Journalism from Cal State University, Fullerton and I am a former reporter for the Whittier Daily News. I am a mother of two boys, ages 7 and 10 and have recently returned to freelance writing after several years as a stay-at-home mom. I have been active in politics from the moment I was eligible to vote, from volunteering in Indiana to help elect Bill Clinton win his second term, to answering phones with the Mark Twain Democrats Club, in Whittier to help elect Linda Sanchez. I have worked to educate and inform friends and strangers, alike about our party's policies and ideals through local campaign volunteership, social media and general person-to-person interaction. I would thrill to the opportunity to take my passion to the next level and I thank you in advance for considering my candidacy as an Assembly District Delegate.
Tina Robinson   Female    
Margarita Rios   Female   I am a lifelong resident of the 57th Assembly District, having grown up in Whittier and made a home with my family in Norwalk for the past 24 years. I am the proud mother of two Norwalk-La Mirada USD graduates and one son who is still in high school. They inspired me to run for the Norwalk-La Mirada School Board, to which I was elected in 2009 and for which I recently completed my term as President. I have worked to improve and fulfill the potential I se in our youth and the District, and hope to bring that same energy to the position of Assembly District Delegate.
Josefina Canchola   Female   For the past fourteen years, I have worked for the University of California's Puente Project, preparing over 14,000 underserved community college and high school students for higher education and successful careers. I am the past president of the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project, where I have volunteered for over 26 years. I currently serve on the UC Riverside Alumni Association Board of Directors, as well as the Hispanas Organized for Political Equality Leadership Institute's Advisory Board. Our Democratic Party is strong, and can be stronger when we engage as a community. I humbly ask for your support.
Anita Salcido   Female   I am a proud, lifelong resident of Whittier and the 57th Assembly District. I'm grateful to be able to give back to my community as a clerk with the Whittier City School District, where I am also actively involved as a mother of two Whittier City students. My family and I are proud Democrats because Democratic policies make possible our continuing success. If elected, I will work to strengthen our party and community.
ray wong   Male   As a long time democratic activist, I have strived to promote the ideals of worker rights, public education, and good government for our community. I would be honored to serve as delegate if elected.
Brian Bise   Male   I Have been a lifetime Democrat and have always voted. I have been active in local politics as a member of the Pio Pico Democratic Club and as President of the United Nations Association Whittier Chapter. I believe all poiticis are local and the participation of local citizens is vital to the health of the State and the Democratic party.
Jeff Baird   Male   I believe in the principles and mission of the Democratic Party and wish to contribute to its continuing success.
carlos penilla   Male   As a life long Democrat I am committed to the Party which continues to be the force of good and fights for the rights working men and women, gender equality, affordable education, and health that is accessible and affordable.
Dimitri Elbling   Male   I am an active within my community to spread progressive Democratic values and ideals. As a teacher I help develop critical thinking in young minds. I would be honored to represent my district as a delegate.
Gino Kwok   Male   I currently serve as the President of the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Board of Education, where I have diligently supported student achievement. I have served as an alternate to the Los Angeles County Democratic Party Central Committee, and in my professional life help small business people resolve challenges as an attorney. I believe in our shared Democratic values and look forward to working together to build our community and party.
Joseph Gonzales   Male   I am proud to serve my community as a City Councilmember in South El Monte, to which I was appointed in 2003 and re-elected in 2005 and 2009. I have had the privilege of representing South El Monte on various regional and state boards, working on the issues of economic development, housing, transportation, and state legislation. In addition, I am a licensed real estate agent, helping families achieve their dreams in our community. I would be proud to serve our Democratic Party and represent our Assembly District in the State Central Committee.
Viken Pakradouni   Male   I have been involved in local politics and various community service organizations for the past 25 years. However, I have never served the Democratic Party. With your help, I would like an opportunity to be of service to this district in a new capacity and represent our community in the coming years' conventions. I am a graduate of Yale College (1983) and UC Hastings Law School (1988) and am self-employed. As a result, I am aware of the issues faced by small businesses and their employees that should be addressed by our Party and government.
John Smith   Male   I've been privileged to work with the State Party for many years, as a Regional Director, a member of the CDP Executive Committee, and other positions. I am currently president of the Robert F Kennedy Democratic Club in La Mirada. I'm asking for your vote on January 10. Thank you very much.
sergio martinez   Male   My name is Sergio Martinez. I am a teacher of 31 years, 24 of those with the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, with experience in Salinas, Chico, and LAUSD. Currently I am on the Board of Directors for the California Teachers Association. This speaks to my dedication and commitment to advocacy and unionism; having served in various leadership roles and committees since 1998 while also participating in various campaigns that benefit labor and education. In addition I have been elected to represent educators at the Annual National NEA Representative Assembly the last 17 years as well as being a state representative to CTA's State Council which is its highest policy making body. I do enjoy influencing and shaping policy and believe that the experiences that I have outlined prepare me to be a delegate to the Democratic Convention. I ask for your vote.