AD 56


Elle Kurpiewski





Time & Location:

Democratic Headquarters of the Desert


67555 E. Palm Canyon Dr.
Cathedral City, CA 92234
Landmark: Behind McDonald's
Location Phone: 760-328-9425

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Erica Hedlund   Female   For the last five years I have been an active member of Democrats in Sun City Shadow Hills in Indio, CA. I have been President for the last three and a half years. We have seen our membership triple in the last two years. In the November election our Vote By Mail return rate was 67%. I look forward to the elections in 2016 with renewed political energy and commitment to Democratic values .
Rocio Conde   Female   I have been actively engaged in the political campaigns of many Democrat Candidates. I have represented all California teachers at the National Education Association Representative Assembly as a delegate. My Vision is a more involved community where democracy can be celebrated by having equal opportunities to participate in the decision making process of our government. Democracy in education will be the key to a more successful and inclusive society. This will strengthen the Democratic party and increase voting and political involvement. I have the experience of being a community public server by working and volunteering in many capacities and different cities in our beautiful Desert.
Amalia Deaztlan   Female    
Erica Gonzalez   Female   Hello my name is Erica, I have been a lifelong democrat and resident of Indio. I have helped and contributed in various campaigns throughout the eastern Coachella Valley. My goal is to get involved in the democratic process by being a delegate that will help make a difference in my community by having a voice in this process. I am excited and will be honored to represent my assembly district.
Yosmin Nunez   Female   I would be honored to serve as a delegate for the CA 56 assembly district. I hold BA in Political Science and Masters in public policy and administration. Since 2008, I have been heavily involved in campaigns to help our democrat candidates get elected. Recently, I worked in the campaign to get our democrat candidates get elected for Coachella City Council. I live in the City of Coachella and I would like to be delegate to represent the constituents of the eastern Coachella Valley. I am Yosmin Nunez, and I respectfully ask for your vote.
Suzann (Sue) Karr   Female   I am a life long Democrat, who in her first election voted for Nixon to my everlasting shame!I am a retired history teacher who would like to become part of the process of nominating our representatives to the Assembly and the Congress as well as the Presidency, instead of only voting as part of my responsibility as a citizen. It is the process that inspires me, makes me want to be part of it. As I always told my students, voting is your paramount responsibility as a citizen, be being part of the selection process is even better, get involved. I want to be involved.
Rachel Marrujo   Female   With Republicans taking the majority in the Senate and House of Representatives, it leaves me in a very alarming state of disappointment. Therefore, I wish to be part of this historical event of electing a strong and powerful voice of leadership in the Democratic Party. I wish to help with this message and spread the enthusiasm that I will acquire when attending the 2015 Assembly District Delegate convention.
ANA GARCIA   Female   Participating in the Garcia campaign in 2014 ignited my interest in politics and public service. I would be honored to become a delegate.
Rociogabriel Conde   Female   I am a very passionate individual who strives to share the Democratic Party to others. I believe in the importance of empowering citizens to get involved in politics, for it affects almost every aspect of our lives. The more people become involved, the more progress we can make. I have been very involved in campaigning for several democratic candidates and I take special interest in motivating the youth in the community to not only register to vote, but to come forward and become actively involved. If elected, I will share what I have learned with others and keep working on the increase of voting turnout. I currently hold several leadership positions in the community and in my University. As a political Science major, I have an immense desire to learn and become an active part of change and progress.
Rebecca Terrazas-Baxter   Female   My name is Rebecca and I would like to be a Delegate to the State Party for the 56th AD. I am a native to the Imperial Valley and have been involved with government and politics all my life. Aside from having a father in elected office, I pursued my own experience by having worked for Barbara Boxer in Washington DC, Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez in Imperial County, and now with Congressman Juan Vargas. I understand our political system, and would like to be more involved in our State Party on behalf of the Democrats of the 56th Assembly District.
Bianka Velez   Female   My name is Bianka Velez and live in Brawley, CA. I have lived in the Imperial Valley since I was 3 years old. I have been an advocate for Environmental Justice in Imperial County for many years and have worked for Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez. I believe I understand my community well, as well as our political system. I want to take my life experience and be more involved in our State Party on behalf of the Democrats of the 56th Assembly District. Thank you for the opportunity.
Adriana Hernandez   Female    
Kimberly Barraza   Female   Mu name is Kimberly Barraza. I graduated from Southwest High School in El Centro, CA, where I grew up, and relocated to the Coachella Valley after that. I continued my education and proudly became the third person in my family to receive a Bachelor's Degree. For the past four years, I have been part of a non-profit youth group that encourages higher education and a free of drugs life. This year has been very exciting as I was able to experience a political campaign from the inside and the value each person's voice has. I am running for 2015 Assembly District Delegate because I want to represent my community in the areas of much importance such as: health and wellness, job creation, and education.
Bob Warburton   Male   Incumbent State E-Board AD 56; Member and ADA Chair for Riverside County Central Committee; Secretary for Desert Stonewall Club, Desert Women Club, and Democratic Headquarters in Cathedral City.
Gregory Pettis   Male   It has been my privilege to serve as a delegate for the past few years. I value the role of our Party and wish to continue to strengthen it in CA. With the success we had in our statewide races this year, we must focus on local and legislative in the upcoming cycle to better prepare ourselves for the future.
Shelley Kaplan   Male   I am a newly elected Council Member of the Cathedral City Council. I am a progressive Democrat and would like to be more active in the State Democratic party. I was endorsed by the Stone Wall Democrats and the Central Democratic Committee for the County and feel I can contribute positively to the state Democratic organization as a delegate.
Bob Edgerly   Male   Alternate to the Democratic Central Committee representing the 56 AD. Member of Desert Stonewall, Democrats of the Desert, Democratic Women of the Desert, and State Party LGTB Caucus. Board member of Palm Springs PLAG. Retired Colonel USAF and Assistant City Manager of West Hollywood.
Michael Wilkinson   Male   Two-term incumbent ADEM delegate from AD 56, alternate for CDP Region 19 Director on the Riverside County Democratic Central Committee (RCDCC) and co-MOE coordinator for the RCDCC. With both time and energy, I've attended all CDP State Conventions and all but one of the CDP E-Board meetings held during the last four years. Retired Deputy Fire Chief for Los Angeles County Fire Department and Registered Professional Forester with the State of California.
LUIS GARCIA   Male   I enjoyed my participation in the Garcia campaign and would like to become a more involved citizen in my community.
Castulo Estrada   Male   My name is Cástulo R. Estrada, I am a native of the Eastern Coachella Valley and currently reside in the City of Coachella. This land-area has been a home to my grandparents, my parents, my siblings and friends. Caring for this region and its people comes natural to me and I want to help promote social equity and a higher quality of life throughout our communities. I was recently elected by my community to serve and represent them as a Board Director of the Coachella Valley Water District. My background is engineering; I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and I am currently recognized as an Engineer-in-Training by the State of California and working towards obtaining my Professional Engineer's License. I am a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Branch and a member of the California Water Environment Association, Colorado River Basin Section. I am certified by the state Department of Health as a Water Treatment Operator Grade T2 and Water Distribution Operator Grade D2.
Miguel Gamboa   Male   I'm a lifelong democrat and resident of the City of Indio. I have been involved in various campaigns making sure our democrat candidates get elected. I believe that the Democratic Party is the party that will move this country forward and I welcome the chance to participate in the transformation. It would be my honor to represent the 56 AD. I hope to count on your vote as a delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee.
Frank Salazar   Male   My Name is Frank Salazar, and I am a native to Calexico, CA in Imperial County. I have been a former President Bill Clinton Appointee, and an Elector for President Barack Obama to the Electoral College in 2008. For the past 15 years, I have assisted in local Congressional and State elections as well as been an Active Imperial County Central Committee Member. I would like to take my experiences and knowledge of our State Party and Political system to advocate for the Democrats in the 56th Assembly District. I hope I can count on your support to represent you.