AD 55


Olivia Lee





Time & Location:

IBEW Local 47

600 N Diamond Bar Blvd.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Cross street: Parallel to 57 FWY
Location Phone: 909-260-3686

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Brandy Carter   Female   I am a hardworking, dedicated Democrat whom is a relentless political activist and loyal public servant! As a current delegate, I understand the necessity of improving our education system, implementing laws to keep our children safe, and overall working collectively together to make progressive legislative decisions for the improvement of our great state and nation. My knowledge, experience, and passion are qualities which will facilitate me in being an effective and efficient 55th assembly district delegate. From the years of 2000 to present, I have been extensively politically involved. Having volunteered for presidential (Al Gore and President Obama) and congressional campaigns (Rep. Linda Sanchez and Jay Chen), canvassed and registered voters in another state, ran for candidacy for the 2012 Democratic National Convention Delegate Selection, participated and volunteered in several Democratic National Conventions (Los Angeles, Denver, and Charlotte), was a data coordinator for the 2012 campaign---the aforementioned events clearly illustrate my tenacious and steadfast devotion toward the Democratic Party and society as a whole. It would be an honor to be re-elected, serve, and
sanobar baig   Female   I am a strong supporter of the democratic party. I am currently a member of one of the standing committees for the california democratic party. I will continue to support the democratic policies to combat injustice and inequalities in our society.
Carole Levers   Female   As an AD 55 representative I have attended the last two CDP Conventions and helped in the shaping of progressive directions. I worked with DPOC on critical candidates' campaigns and precinct walked as a Neighborhood Ambassador. I am a member of my local Dem Club (DNOC) and am a member of a small progressives group (OFBA) in North OC whose goal is to promote progressive causes. I am also a member of the Progressive Caucus, Women's Caucus and Seniors Caucus of the CDP. I believe in the progressive movement to turn the tide of right wing growth and suppression of our freedoms. Orange County can and will turn from red to blue with our efforts and educational activities! I formed a new North OC Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America in March 2013 to get more people involved in progressive Democratic actions. The chapter has grown and we are active in promoting progressive causes and educating people. I am also a member of the PDA national leadership group and attend annual leadership meetings to help decide the actions and focus of PDA. I am a volunteer for California Clean Money Campaign to get legislation passed that would provide transparency in political ad funding. Ou
Steve Koffroth   Male   I have proudly served as my District's representative for the past two years and ask again for your support to continue. I have been active in regional and Statewide activities and will continue to be active in our community.
James Gallagher   Male   I have been active as a Vice Chair in the Chino Valley, CA Democratic Club and I simultaneously serve on the San Bernardino County Executive committee as MOE admin. I am also a delegate for Assembly District 55. At the last CADEM convention in Los Angeles, I served as a volunteer for Legislative Balloting and Luncheon Administration. I also volunteered to support post-endorsement balloting in the San Bernardino West End district, last year. I recently served as a Campaign Manager for a local city council candidate in Chino Hills where I reside. As a result, I have experienced both the best and the challenges that local politics offers. The caucusing and balloting process is of special interest to me as I feel it is a critical part of our party's life and captures party member consensus at its best.
Douglas A Doner   Male   As an incumbent, I ask for your support to continue the important work of keeping California "Blue" and to work hard on returning a Democrat to the White House this coming election (2016).
Calvin Sung   Male   I have been a good democrat working to keep good democrats in place or getting new democrats elected! I work for different democratic elected officials who fight for our causes in the state legislature. This coming two years is critical as we can change our AD's registration rate and get a democrat to represent the working families of AD55. When elected, I will help make sure our values get represented, and I will work hard on the 2016 election cycle to turn out democrats!
William J Toensing   Male   I have been active on the Nevada County Democratic Central Committee since 1994 & have attended most Democratic State Conventions since then.
Donald Craig   Male   I would like to be apart of the process of learning, educating and networking with like-minded individuals. To promote the California Democratic Party in training and endorsing well qualified candidates; endorse resolutions and ballot measures that help improve public safety, education and job creation; and provide outreach and education to voters around the Democratic Party's values and beliefs.
Ida MacMurray   Female   I would be honored to represent the 55th AD. Our assembly district is very ethnically diverse and includes the important counties of Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino . I am a retired public school teacher and a member of CTA-R. I passionately believe that the basic foundation of our democratic society is based on supporting public education. An educated populace lets us maintain and expand our middle class. As a union member I support collective bargaining. With collective bargaining, workers get decent wages to support their family and invest back into their community. Management benefits because they get skilled, dedicated workers who have a vested interest in the well-being of the company. As a community volunteer, I believe in registering voters and educating them on the importance of voting. When people vote, the issues they believe in have a chance of becoming effective. Lastly, we have an obligation to preserve our natural resources for our children and grandchildren. We are fortunate to have Chino Hills State Park in our assembly district. I would appreciate your vote.
Molly Muro   Female   I'm a lifelong Democrat, Hispanic woman and 2nd generation Orange County Californian. I use my bilingual skills (Spanish and English) when doing voter registration and promoting the Democratic Party. I am a Business Opportunity Specialist. I'm a Union Steward with AFGE Local 1208, District 12 (American Federation of Government Employees). I do phone banking, precinct walking and volunteer where needed. I'm a member of The Democrats of North Orange County (Executive Board) and the Robert F. Kennedy Club in La Mirada. I am an active part of the Democratic Party of Orange County Central Committee. Have been a delegate to the CDP Convention since 2008 and was honored to be selected as Delegate at Large to the 2012 National Democratic Convention. Priorities: Voter registration; work to identify and support viable Democratic candidates with diverse progressive backgrounds; and working with the campaigns to get more Democratic candidates elected.
Penny Fonches   Female   I am a Progressive Democrat. As a new Delegate, I would bring truly needed fresh ideas and energy to represent this great District. It would be an honor to serve.
Ellen Spicer   Female   My Democratic values and loyalties surpass the total amount of time that I have been allowed to register to vote. As a college student at UCSD I strongly support the need for funding for education, as well as advocate for women's rights and the environment. My involvement in the California Young Democrats provided me with the opportunity to attend the State Convention in 2012 and 2014. Additionally, at UCSD I served as the president of the College Democrats for the 2013-2014 year where I built leadership skills and worked with both local and congressional campaigns. In 2012 I volunteered in a battleground state to help reelect President Obama. Though I have been involved in San Diego politics, north Orange County is home. During the summer of 2014 I worked as an intern for the Democratic Party of Orange County to help elect Democrats in Orange County. As a young, female, college student I believe that many of the issues at stake in the next two years affect me and others in our district directly. As a delegate I would work to rally invaluable youth participation within the party. The youth is the future of the country and the Party. Please elect me to represent our voice.
Glenda Bartell   Female   I am a dedicated democrat that stands for the equal rights and justice that our Party believes in. I am a firm believer in the Party and the efforts they make on behalf of the citizens. The Democratic Party represents the backbone of our society and is the only true advocate for working and middle class families. As a teacher, the Democratic Party is the only party that is for me. They support teachers, public education, and providing an education for all children. They are also strong supporters of labor and worker rights. All of these traits are important to me and are things that I would hope to continue promoting as a delegate. If elected, I would serve with honor and I will do everything I can to uphold the dignity and positions adopted by our party.
Dena Anderson-Peoples   Female   I've been a registered Democrat in the state of CA for 36 yrs. I've been a proud member of the Chino Valley Democratic Club of CA for 2 years. Attend CVDC meetings regularly. I was an alternate at the convention in LA Oct '13 helped to register delegates. I support the following causes 1.Pres. Obama and his policies 2 Demo. Congress members of the USA 3. Demo. members of the CA Assembly & Senate 4.Education & a decrease in student loan interest. No vouchers and no privatization of education 5. Social & economic equality. 6. Environmental protection, believe in Global Warming. Co2 pollution and the Green House Effect. 7. Equal pay for all & a raise in the minimum wage 8.Science education & space exploration. 9.I have campaigned for Pres. Obama, Gov. Brown. Gloria Negrete McCloud, Freddie Rodriquez, Greg Fritchel, Barbara Boxer, Local School Board & City Council candidates from my city and district. 10. I have registered voters. 11. I am committed to CDP growth. Thank you for reading my candidate statement
Joe Bartell   Male   As a professional educator for 13 years, being a member of the Democratic Party is important. The party is a strong advocate for public education, defenders of worker rights and Unions, and they value human and civil rights, which are part of what I teach on a daily basis. I would love the opportunity to have a say in our party at the convention and to help continue the success that our party has achieved in recent years. It is important to me that we select candidates that embrace the standards of our Party, and who have the ability to get the job done while fighting off attacks and impediments from the right. We need candidates who can stand in the face of these attacks and make the necessary decisions to keep our country heading in the right direction. Recent history has shown that when we are unable to secure the legislature and the white house, our country has faced significantly difficult times. We need to make sure we recommend and support viable candidates who will be the true voice of the people and will stand for equality and justice for all citizens.