AD 54


Rosa Russell





Time & Location:

Veterans Building, Multi-purpose room

4117 Overland Avenue
Culver City, CA 90230
Cross streets: Culver & Overland
Location Phone: 310-493-3472

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 2pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Max Kanin   Male   I am running for California Democratic Party Delegate for the 54th Assembly District because I want to make sure our party remains progressive, electorally strong, and the party that creates new and innovative ideas. I am a lifelong Democrat who has served as both an elected Delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention and an appointed Delegate to the 2013-2014 California Democratic Party. I have also worked on and served as legal counsel and treasurer to numerous Democratic campaigns. I am running on the Progressive Slate because I am proudly liberal and progressive and believe the 54th District, as one of the most progressive districts in the state, should send strong progressive representatives to the California Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is the progressive party that has brought forward great positive societal changes like the New Deal, Great Society, and the Affordable Care Act. We are the party of intelligent foreign policy, economic fairness, equality, and social justice. As your Delegate to the California Democratic Party for the 54th Assembly District, I will work to keep it that way. I would be honored to have your vote.
david mielke   Male   As a teacher at Culver City High School and as the President of the Culver City Federation of Teachers, I know first-hand the importance of Democratic leadership in our state. Democratic support of Prop 30 saved our public schools from draconian cuts and has allowed us to continue the important work of educating our next generation of citizens. The Democratic Party must continue to advocate for public services, like public education, as well as continuing to work on behalf of working families and their labor unions. The right has continued its decades-long assault on those public services and on the public employees who provide them. We need to counter that narrative with a narrative of our own: public employees and their labor unions are not the problem; we're the solution. I welcome the opportunity to lend my voice and my energy to the Democratic Party.
Curt Gillett   Male   My name is Curt D. Gillett, it is with great passion that I respectfully submit my application to run for Assembly District Delegate. I am interested in this position because I would like to become more active in the Democratic party and focus on building the future of our party.
Nyabingi Kuti   Male   I am running to bring the issue of mass incarceration to the party
Jim Clarke   Male   Currently 54th AD delegate to CA Democratic Party. 2015 LA Co. Democrat of the Year. CA State Chair, Democratic Municipal Officials. Past chair, LA Co. Democratic Party; past secretary, CA Democratic Party; past president, CA Democratic Council. Member of Culver City Democratic Club and 54th AD Democratic Club. Currently elected member of the Culver City Council. I have taken my responsibilities as a CDP delegate seriously. I attend State Party Conventions and regional director meetings. I work on and financially support campaigns for Democratic candidates. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to represent the "Fightin' 54th"
John Jake   Male   I love this community and truly enjoy public service. The core message of my campaign is I will listen to my constituents, absorbed their concerns and work hard to establish an open line of communication between myself and their everyday lives. Active engagement is needed to create development of our GOTV machine and I will concentrate my efforts to offer better assistance to those within the community who are in the greatest amount of need. To engender confidence in my constituents that they can depend on their District Delegate to connect them to the person best able to address their individual or group concerns if that is not in my area of expertise. I will Focus firmly on the Democratic agenda and reinforce our goals while networking with other Democrats though out California and at our conventions. I am married with a daughter and it is of paramount importance that my family as well as my constituents and their families are able to live in a safe, viable, thriving community. I am dedicated to this goal and whether I'm elected or not, I will continue my Democratic journey of improving the lives of those who are in need of my help.
Tom Camarella   Male   Tom Camarella: I have always striven to make our great country better by pushing for more civil rights inclusion and fairness in its laws, education, voting, public services and enforcement. My work history, my endorsements and my activism show that I care for, worked for and marched for the 99% my whole life and I'm not going to stop now. I was elected and am currently serving on the CDP Executive Board for the 54th Assembly District and will ask for your vote again this time; currently serve as CDP 54th AD Elected Delegate; serving on Congressional Council for U.S. Rep. Karen Bass; played a role in Culver City passing the first Resolution asking Gov. Brown to Ban Fracking; spent 20 years as a union representative & negotiator in LA County making sure that workers were valued and respected; President Emeritus Culver City Democratic Club; and the Los Angeles County "Democrat of the Year" for the 47th (now 54th) AD in 2008. I'm endorsed by our U.S. Representative Karen Bass, State Senator Holly Mitchell; Culver City Councilpersons Meghan Sahli-Wells, Jeff Cooper, Jim Clarke and Andy Weissman
Stephen Murray   Male   As a local activist and father of two I work exclusively for progressive organizations and campaigns. I am deeply committed to creating solutions that bring social equality, address climate change, limit corporate power and reduce the effect of money in elections. I'm an executive board member of the Culver City Democratic Club, the founder of Baldwin Hills Oil Watch, a 2014 candidate for West Basin Water Board, and a 2012 Candidate for Culver City Council. I'm extremely proud to play an active role in moving local issues forward. If given the opportunity, I would be honored to continue fighting and organizing for progressive issues as your delegate.
Jason Plummer   Male   I am running for delegate because I want to be a workhorse for the party. Prior to moving to California, I served as Communications Committee Chair for the DeKalb Democratic Party. I increased the party's online presence by 20% and helped organize its annual banquet/fundraiser. I will bring the same drive and passion to my new home state.
Alex Padilla   Male   I am applying as a Delegate because I feel that my experience as a councilman, executive law enforcement experience and community involvement will assist me in this position. As a Democrat, I appreciate the creativeness, leadership, decision making abilities our party has to offer at a local, state and national level. I am looking forward to serving as a Delegate.
Gustavo Sustaita   Male   I am a proud son of the 54th District and a life-long active Democrat. At its best, the 54th represents that which makes California a nationwide leader in higher education, economic development, medical care, and technological innovation. But we still have a lot of work to do. Making necessary adjustments to make housing more accessible, pushing for greater development of clean and sustainable energy, demanding that steps be taken towards single-payer universal healthcare, continuing to fight for marriage equality, and insisting on providing world-class education (including adult) are but some of the priorities that we must maintain for the 54th, for the state, and, ultimately, for the country as a whole. Currently, only the Democratic party seems willing to work towards these reforms, and I aim to make sure our voices calling for leadership on these issues remain heard. I have worked on many campaigns, both political and social, that have pushed for these reforms, and I am ready and committed to keep fighting to make these points do not go unnoticed. I am a graduate of Loyola High School and Harvard University and live in the 10th council district of Los Angeles.
Brian Muller   Male   As a classroom teacher, I have dedicated my life to helping students see what they can become, and working tirelessly to help them them get there. As a Democrat, I see what America can become, and work to bring that vision of fairness, justice, and democracy to life. As your delegate, I will work to broadcast the message and strengthen the actions of our noble Democratic Party. Please vote for me.
David Malsin   Male    
Patrick Macfarlane   Male    
Frederic Macfarlane   Male    
christopher pearson   Male   As your delegate I want to utilize my public and private sector experience to ensure jobs are party priority moving forward. I want to use my skill set on compromise and policy making to ensure we protect our achievements in workers rights and environmental protections. Given the opportunity I hope to continue to push for an accessible transportation system and affordable housing. The time is now to build bridges of the economic, political, and social gaps that have been created by years of fighting. It is a time to focus on mutual prosperity through economic equity and forward thinking leadership. I want to focus on educational opportunity and social services for our underserved. Given the chance as your delegate these will be my priorities.
Mark Ridley-Thomas   Male    
Sinclair Ridley-Thomas   Male    
Francisco Covarrubias   Male   Born and raised in this community, I find it a privilege to represent this community as a Assembly District Delegate. I promise to promote the Democratic agenda, focusing on creating good jobs, healthy communities, and responsible development. As an active Democrat, I will also make sure that we continue to engage and encourage voters to turn out at the polls. With the current political situation, and the upcoming election, now is the time when we most need to speak up and engage with our elected officials.
Jason Plummer   Male   I am running for delegate because I want to be a workhorse for the party. Prior to moving to California, I served as Communications Committee Chair for the DeKalb Democratic Party. I increased the party's online presence by 20% and helped organize its annual banquet/fundraiser. I will bring the same drive and passion to my new home state.
Jefferia Grayson   Female   My name is Jefferia Grayson Barrios. I grew up in Inglewood, California. I retired from the Los Angeles Police Department after nearly 25 years of sworn service, and I currently work for the Los Angeles City Personnel Department. I understand the power of leadership and collaboration. I earned a bachelor's degree from California State University Dominguez Hills, and a master's degree in writing from the University of Southern California. At this stage of my life and my experience, I am acutely aware of the fact that my advancement was made possible by people who came before me, people willing to work for the futures of generations they would never know. As an African American woman, a concerned citizen, a lifelong California resident, a homeowner, and a person who works and contributes to California's economy, I am seeking your vote as a Delegate in order to more actively participate in the success of California's Progressive Democrats. I am concerned about inequality, environmental sustainability, the survival of small business, and other issues that will shape the future of California. I want to lend my time, my intellect and my resources to the progress of causes that w
Jacquelynn Hawthorne   Female   Becoming a 2015 ADEM Delegate affords me the opportunity to serve my community, my Party, and my State. I have chosen a life of service as a way to pay forward all my blessings. The good people of the 54th AD deserve a loyal, smart-working delegate who will fight for their rights...and that's me. Jacquelynn Y. Hawthorne.
Lindsay Carlson   Female   I would be honored to serve as a delegate for the 54th Assembly District. By way of background, I am a life-long Democrat, and an area resident for more than a decade. I have an undergraduate degree in Political Science, and am a graduate of the UCLA School of Law. I currently work as an attorney in private practice. I have volunteered for Democratic campaigns at the state and national level - in strategy and get-out-the-vote efforts, as well as co-hosting fundraising events. I am very interested in social justice issues and ensuring that we are investing in our future consequently, I have a strong passion for public education, ensuring a living wage for workers, supporting infrastructure improvements, and equal rights and opportunities particularly for women and minorities. I look forward to meeting you all in January!
Mary Beth Fielder   Female   I'm a filmmaker, teacher and activist and am running as a member of the Progressive slate. In 2011, I led the successful campaign to make Los Angeles the first major US city to call for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, the infamous Supreme Court decision which has allowed unlimited corporate money to corrupt our political process. I co-founded Money Out Voters In, a grassroots organization to mobilize public support. We passed Proposition C in Los Angeles which instructed our elected officials to support an amendment (and won by 77%) and are fighting to get a similar measure (Prop 49) on the California state ballot. I chose to focus on the issue of money in politics because I believe it is the root issue that prevents us from making progress on so many other important issues. However, I am passionately devoted to building a more equitable, empowered and sustainable future in all areas. If elected I will fight to end over-criminalization, strengthen our public schools, protect our environment, create jobs, expand support for affordable housing, mass transit...whatever it takes to make our state happier and healthier!
Emily Hazlett   Female   I am a strong supporter of the Democratic Party and have been actively involved in national and local elections since the day I cast my first vote. I participate in community initiatives and have volunteered on several campaigns. As an activist, I understand the necessity of promoting the Democratic Party's platform and advocating for the creation of a robust economy and business climate, improving our education system, working collectively together to make progressive legislative decisions for the improvement of our great state and nation. My volunteer experience and personal advocacy efforts have equipped me to serve as a delegate. I strongly support our party's platform and am passionate about representing you in Assembly District 54.
Damali Najuma Smith   Female   I Dr. Damali Najuma Smith, wish to serve as Delegate for the Democratic Party in order to further the Party's agenda and policies. I am interested in participating in the decision making process on issues that effect the community in which I worship, work and live.
Celestine Palmer   Female   The Democratic Party has the history of promoting the ideals that I advocate. It is the party for the people's equal educational opportunities, health and safety. It is the Party that pushes equal justice for all. My personal history of Dem. Party service is my testimony. I have served as chair of my Ad, elected Ca state chair, Women's Caucus. Appointed by Gov , Commissioner CA Seismic Safety commission and served 7 yrs. Organized & Adm. Nat. Dem. Hdqts. in L.A. Co. I will be honored to serve on the State Exec Board.
Claudia Vizcarra   Female    
Deborah Weinrauch   Female   I am Deborah Weinrauch, and as a lifelong Democrat I am committed to progressive principles. I am a career prosecutor and a former criminal defense attorney. As a prosecutor I see the need to protect the rights of the individual and at the same time to be a champion for those individuals who are victims of criminal conduct. I have worked my entire adult life in the areas of women's rights, children's rights, the elimination of human trafficking and domestic violence, animal rights, inequality in the workplace and environmental protection. I am also dedicated to protecting the rights of unions and individuals to engage in collective bargaining. As a parent and former long-time teacher in the public school system, I see the compelling need to improve our educational system to prevent our children from ending up as victims of the criminal world. I am the founder of several community organizations in the Los Angeles area and abroad. It is an honor to be a candidate for the 54th Assembly District Progressive Slate.
Suzanne De Benedittis   Female   Several members of my Dem Club urged me to run. I took this as a sign that rather than bemoan our Democratic losses in the midterm, I could do something to bring about the democratic values I live and long to help manifest for the greater good of all on this planet. I am a committed community activist & coalition builder always pushing for engaged participatory democracy. I've taught at all levels (1st through university). I am a small business owner, prospering as a relationship specialist for 30+ years; have a PhD from USC in Social Analysis & Ethics. Currently I am working to implement the principles of the Earth Charter as a volunteer training & helping place at-risk youth in green jobs. I am running so I can continue to more actively espouse the values and courage that Elizabeth Warren exemplifies.
Michelle Weiner   Female   I am devoted to promoting progressive humanistic values. As an educator I practice peaceful communication and have mentored other teachers to do the same. I volunteered twice weekly for two years as a volunteer mediator at the Los Angeles City Attorney Dispute Resolution program, served on an advisory board of a diversity education group and was a founding member of Culver City's Martin Luther King Celebration Planning Committee. I have also managed or co-managed three campaigns for local progressive candidates. I have served on Karen Bass's education commission when she was Assembly member and chaired Holly Mitchell's environmental committee when she was Assembly member. Since 2009 I have led Transition Culver City, a group focused on building community resilience to address the consequences of peak oil, climate change and economic contraction. As a delegate from AD 54, I hope to work for change that promotes social, economic and environmental justice.
Anne Malsin   Female    
Shaunicie Fielder   Female    
Denise Collier   Female    
Lilian Carter   Female    
Crystal Carter   Female    
Avis Ridley-Thomas   Female    
Catherine Proctor   Female   I would like to be a part of the process that brings about change. I also know that politics is part of the machine that can bring that positive change into fruition. As a teacher, it is important that a voice be present to represent students, families, and those who serve them.
Joseph Paul   Female   My name is Joseph Paul, I am very active in the community and also at my church. I serve at my home church The City of Refuge as the Director of Civic and Political Affairs. Becoming a Delegate to the Democratic Party would allow me the opportunity to share the Democratic agenda with my fellow congregants.
Velma Union   Female   I believe I could serve as a delegate, as I am passionate community minded and articulate and well educated and informed. I am also an entrepreneur for over 35 years. I have bought and sold business entities in the Los Angeles community. I have trained leaders in the business arena and for community service and in the church. I have also taught at University of Laverne and Fuller Seminary; I have a genuine interest in the politics in our community and wish to serve to improve life in the community in which I serve. I have also been the victim of gun violence, my son was murdered in the Los Angeles community an this gives me more passion about changing our surroundings. I am a registered democrat.
Stephanie Uy   Female   My name is Stephanie Uy and I am proud progressive democrat. I am running to give voice to the thousands of young democrats in our district. Young people are often overlooked or are disengaged in the democratic process. By becoming a delegate, I hope to change this status quo by increasing the visibility of young people within the party as well as encouraging my peers to get involved and invested within the political process. My involvement in the Democratic Party stems from my background in grassroots organizing. As a student activist at UCLA, I fought for issues such as college accessibility & affordability and immigration reform. Following graduation, I because familiar with the campaign process by working a presidential campaign and a local campaign as a field organizer. Currently, I am a staff member for Councilmember Paul Krekorian and Secretary for Los Angeles County Young Democrats.