AD 53


Robbin G. Proutt





Time & Location:

SEIU Local 721

1545 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Cross streets: Wilshire Blvd. & S Union St.
Location Phone: 213-368-8660

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Samuel Sukaton   Male   My name is Sam Sukaton, and I'm a lifelong Democrat. My father became a citizen to vote for Bill Clinton in 1996, and I was proud to cast my first vote for Barack Obama in 2008. I've lived and worked in Los Angeles for just as long as I've been a Democrat, and I respectfully ask for the opportunity to represent you on our Democratic State Central Committee. I'm an organizer, so that means I'm about two things: Growing strength and using strength. I'm running for State Central Committee so our district - the 53rd - can lead our party in doing both of this things. Here's what I hope to do with the rest of our Assembly District Delegation: I want to ensure that at least 25 percent of all registered Democrats in the 53rd Assembly district are permanent mail voters by November 2016. I want to organize our local Democratic activists to support other states.and abolish the top-2-primary in 2016. I want to build our Democratic leadership by bringing people into local, neighborhood Democratic organizations. Again, my name is Sam Sukaton. I am running to serve you as Democratic State Central Committee delegate from the 53rd Assembly District. I respectfully ask for your vote.
Christopher Antonelli   Male    
Marco flores   Male   Being an activist my entire adult life, I believe that progress occurs when people push for action. As a parent I want to see my children grow up in a country where Democratic values still mean something. As a teacher I want everyone of my students to have the same opportunities I did. I know that being part and a leader of the Democratic Party will allow me not only to help my children but all children
Jimmy Chai   Male   President of the Korean American Democratic Committee Board of Managers for the Anderson Munger YMCA Member of the Unification of Disabled Latin Americans Long-time Los Angeles resident Registered Democrat
Fred Mariscal   Male   I'm Fred Mariscal originally from Mexico City, I moved to Los Angeles in 1992 to study at USC. After 24 years of navigating the immigration process I was able to become a citizen early this year. I'm a proven leader and as a Latino, Immigrant and openly gay man I can help move the Party forward into the 21st Century making sure that the Latino, LGBT and immigrant Communities stay with the Democratic Party. I was VP of Communications for the SYD (2003-2004) VP of Finance for the CYD (2004-2005). I Currently serve on the Board of the Stonewall Democratic Club and my marketing company was able to build the Club's website pro-bono. I'm strongly committed to this Party and my community. Currently on the Board of Bienestar Human Services, the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council. I'm also Vice Chair of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition. I'm Vice President of the integrated marketing firm Pluribus Media and live in the Larchmont Village area of LA with my partner of 12 years Michael Walkoski and our dog Boomer.
Hector Huezo   Male   Thank you for considering electing me for the 51st district ADEMS. I am an organizer for progressive issues and founder of the Alliance of River Communities: 14 neighborhood councils along the LA River. I work closely with Los Angeles's neighborhood council system as well as serve on steering committees for citywide parks planning and floodplain management planning. If elected to the ADEMS I wish to work on advancing a progressive, democratic agenda focused on responsible development, good jobs, and opportunities that lift people out of poverty and into the middle class. My approach would include collaboratively working to get varying input as well as exercising purposeful consideration of different opinions with respect and appreciation for people's time and opinion. In my career I am a workforce and economic development professional, directing employment training programs and initiatives focused on increasing job opportunities for jobs with career ladders. I've been very successful in my work by being able to practice diplomacy and to finding shared concerns amongst various stakeholders. If elected I plan to use these same skills as an ADEMS member. I respectfully ask fo
George Magallanes   Male    
Alexander De Ocampo   Male    
Enrique Gasca   Male   It would be an honor to serve as your representative to the California Democratic Party.
Derek Mazzeo   Male   I am a lifelong Southern Californian and Democrat and currently serve as Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's state liaison as well as the liaison to the Los Angeles Unified School District. As son of two public school teachers, I have a deep passion for social justice and Democratic politics. I am a Board member of the Los Angeles County Young Democrats and have organized for Democratic candidates in several states. I look forward to representing my district and ensuring progressive values remain at the core of the California Democratic Party
Alec Biagiotti   Male   I am a born and raised Angeleno from a strongly Democratic family who would absolutely be honored to represent my district for the upcoming State Conventions. I strongly believe in leading a life of service, both to my community and family alike. Working for the Los Angeles Fire Department has instilled within me a strong sense of community service and community pride, and it only inspires me to serve my community more. Outside of my profession as a Financial Analyst for LAFD I also am a member of the Los Angeles County Young Democrats where I volunteer for local campaigns and help educate the younger generation to get involved and vote, and I also volunteer for the Art of Elysium, a non-profit organization here in Los Angeles which allows artists and musicians to dedicate their talents to enriching the lives of children who are critically ill. I would love to be able to use my skills, talents, and passion for my community to represent my district and help move the party forward and I humbly ask for your vote.
Sara Hernandez   Female   My name is Sara Hernandez and I'm a progressive, young, life-long Democrat who has actively worked to improve communities through education, thoughtful urban planning and advocacy. I was born and raised in California and have lived in Los Angeles for over nine years. I have lived within the 53rd AD for over five years and am a zealous advocate for our community and our needs. As an Executive Boardmember of the Los Angeles County Young Democrats I am an advocate of promoting democratic civic engagement within our younger generations. As a former LAUSD teacher, I believe in building up communities by providing educational opportunity to those that stand to benefit from it the most, especially among low-income communities of color. As a trained attorney I believe in advocating for the rights of those who do not have the resources to advocate for themselves. As a staffer for a Los Angeles City Councilmember, I work every day to actively revitalize the 53rd AD by increasing parks and open space, improving the delivery of city services, promoting economic development that benefits the entire community and tackling big regional-wide issues like homelessness. As a founder of a small no
Nicole Ward   Female    
Lyna Chon   Female   I am a journalist, lawyer, and an active member in my community of Koreatown, Los Angeles, within AD53. I am also currently the Executive Vice President of the Korean American Democratic Committee, and part of our mission is to promote the civic engagement and political empowerment of Asian Americans and Democrats. I have been a Democrat my entire voting life, and I would love the opportunity to serve as a delegate for the CA Democratic Party. As a delegate, I hope to build relationships with other Democrats and help bring progress and positive change in our state through the political process.
Wendy Bruget   Female   I'm a political organizer who is passionate about electing dynamic candidates.
Natalie Rodgers   Female   Hello! My name is Natalie Rodgers and I would be honored to, once again, receive your support to be an ADEM Delegate. I Proudly served in the US Navy and I am the current treasurer of the California Democratic Party's Veteran's Caucus. I am a lifelong Democrat that believes in progressive policies to deal with the challenges our state faces. I currently have the honor to work for Senator Pro Tem Kevin de Leon as a District Representative where I have continued my work for the Central Los Angeles area by prioritizing accessibility to higher education and women's rights. I ask for your support so that I can continue to serve and advocate for the values that California Democrats believe in. Thank you for your consideration.
Joyce Burrell Garcia   Female   My name is Joyce Burrell Garcia. I hail from the Midwest and come from a family line of 100% Democrats. I've been a Los Angelino since 1970. Currently, I am making a bid for the Los Angeles Community College District, Board of Trustees, Seat 7 in the March 3, 2015 Primary Election. My values align with the CDP and are reflected in my campaign platform. If elected to be an Assembly District Delegate, my primary focus would in the education arena. I'm passionate about education in general and higher education in particular. I would be committed to raising the education bar within higher education within the 53rd District. I've had an international mountain top experience of sorts. I lived in the Peoples Republic of China for three years and taught at a progressive University. The mindset of the students pivots around preparing to be global leaders even if one remains in China. If the next generation of U.S. workers lacks the skills to solve the problems of the future, we lose our leadership in energy, in medicine, research, technology, and other pillars of the American economy. This upcoming convention is another opportunity for Democrats to have their views heard on e
Jessica Mejia   Female   My name is Jessica Mejia and I am a lifelong Democrat. I first became involved with the Democratic Party when I was in college and started a democratic club on my campus and was elected president of the California College Democrats. I now work managing campaigns and I am proud to have helped elect many great progressives in our state. I humbly ask the support of Democrats of the AD 53 to elect me as a delegate in January 2015.
Karina Macias   Female   My name is Karina Macias and I running to be a delegate for the 53rd Assembly District. I have been a longtime advocate for Immigration reform, our public schools, unions, and investing in our local small business. I have participated in many marches and meetings to advance the opportunity for our undocumented community to have a path to legalization; I have volunteered as a student counselor for one our local schools, and as a councilmember in Huntington Park, I have made working with our small business a priority to move the city ahead. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Psychology and a Masters in International Studies. My commitment is to continue to advance our Democratic Party towards a new era.
Laura Herrera   Female   I am an advocate and an active supporter of progressive values and causes. My work throughout my professional life has instilled in me a real sense of urgency to fight for those who are in need of a voice and support. Currently, I am the Development Manager for the California Women's Law Center and serve as the Chair of the Huntington Park Planning Commission and the Vice President of Operations for the Stonewall Young Democrats. I am also a member of the Reproductive Justice Coalition of Los Angeles and Planned Parenthood Young Professionals, where I served as their first president. Previously, I worked as the Constituent Case Manager for Assemblymember Betsy Butler and as Campaign Manager for the Re-Election Campaign of Huntington Park Mayor Andy Molina and Vice Mayor Elba Guerrero. As a lifelong Democrat and resident of Huntington Park, I would be honored to represent Assembly District 53 by championing the needs and concerns of my community as a delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee.