AD 52


Chris Robles





Time & Location:

Lamplighter Chino Mobile Home Park

4400 Philadelphia Street
Chino, CA 91710
Cross street: Ramona Ave.
Location Phone: 909-627-3514

Sunday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Amos Young Jr   Male   Growing up, my parents taught me the importance of being civically involved in my community. They counseled me to consider a myriad of perspectives and opinions, conduct critical thinking and value other's opinions. With such standards, I was taught to give back to our community and fight for the common good. As a Union Organizer, I advocated for social and economic justice for 180,000 SEIU Homecare Workers who I care deeply about. In 2009 CA College Democrats recognized me as Man of the Year, I have served as local Chapter President and Inland Empire Regional Director for the California Young Democrats; LA City/Gen 44 Chairman of Young & Powerful for Obama, Secretary/Treasurer of CYD Labor Caucus and previously as Field Rep to a California State Assembly Member, Pomona City Youth Commissioner to then Council Member, now Congresswoman Norma Torres and Mayoral Appointed City Planning Commissioner. My background has been about fighting for YOU, As your delegate I will bring boldness, relentless energy and passion to the Democratic Party, I am Ready for Hillary Cinton in 2016, and will organize the grassroots to ensure local Democrats are elected, details at www.amosfordelegate.com
Ronald Wall   Male   I am a life long Democrat who has participated in the party for 14 years. I have actively worked to get Democrats elected to Federal, State and local positions. In addition I have participated in voter registration drives to give more citizens a voice. If elected I will continue these efforts and work to get more young people engaged in the process.
Michael Cervantes   Male   My name is Michael Cervantes and I am a resident of Ontario.
Jose Garcia   Male   My name is Jose Garcia and I live in the City of Fontana.
Richard Enriquez   Male   My name is Richard Enriquez and I am a resident of Fontana.
Exiquel De Leon   Male    
Philip De Leon   Male    
Gregory Fuentes   Male   I would work to promote common sense reforms on existing legislation, or work to minimize the complexity of existing laws and support all democrats who are like minded.
Raul Hernandez   Male    
Steven Gunski   Male   First, I want to thank you, the reader of this statement, for taking the time to vote in this delegate election. Voter turnout is crucial to our party's success at the local, state, and even national level. Your participation keeps our politicians accountable, as they should be, to the people they serve. At the age of 26, I may not be the most experienced candidate, but as a former state delegate to the California Democratic Party from 2009-2011, I know what it is like to serve my community. Youth and the opinions of young voters are needed for our party to remain relevant in our political system. As a recent graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a bachelor's degree in political science, I am a true born, raised, and educated citizen of the 52nd Assembly District. If I am given the honor and opportunity to serve the 52nd Assembly District I promise to reflect the views, beliefs, and opinions of the citizens I serve to the California Democratic Party. Thank you for your consideration.
Samuel Crowe   Male   I have been an active Democrat since working on the Presidential campaign for Adalai Stevenson in 1956, In order to improve our Society, we all must be active Democrats working towards equal rights for women, children, minorities, and for all. This is not an easy job. Democrats are losing the public relation battle, so we need to renew our efforts. I believe that public service is the best way to advance our progressive principles, and I have serves over 50 years as a Planning Commissioner, City Councilman, City Attorney and am now currently a School Board Member.
Christina Gagnier   Female   I am Christina Gagnier, and I what to ask you one question: What do you want the future of the Inland Empire to look like? It's time that someone stood up for the Inland Empire and brought a new vision for our future. Our political system is broken. It's rigged for the special interests, and nothing is getting done here in the Inland Empire to improve our economic situation and move forward. I want an Inland Empire where employment is rising, small businesses are thriving and our children are receiving an education that prepares them to succeed in whatever the future brings our way. I ran for Congress in 2014 to bring common sense solutions found around our kitchen tables to Washington, D.C. I wanted to bring a twenty-first century vision of what our communities and our democracy can look like. I'm committed to working on this vision regardless of holding elected office, using my background in technology, education and civic engagement. My agenda is your agenda: I want good job opportunities, renewed economic growth, opportunities for our kids, a healthy environment for us to live in and economic security for all of our residents. We can get the Inland Empire working again b
Frances Arguello   Female   As 2014 president of Chino Valley Democratic Club and active member before becoming an officer. I am dedicated to doing everything possible to further the Democratic mind set in the San Bernardino county, State of California, and the USA. The voter registration table has been my recruiting tool for over two years. Having been a sales person I am knowledgeable about the proper approach to recruit a new Democrat or a club member. I volunteered at the 2014, State Convention, The 2014 SBCDP Pre Endorsement Caucus, and the 2014 SBCDP Post Endorsement Caucus. I am an alternate delegate for AD52 Exposure is very important and I have our club table at two Farmer's markets all summer. At Chaffey Collage Chino in the fall. At the Chino Spooktacular in Oct. And in The Christmas Parade And Craft Fair held this month.
Dorothy Kim   Female   I am a proud and active Democrat seeking to be more actively involved within my party. I am a hard worker. I love to phone bank and precinct walk (that's the truth). I am already actively involved in leadership within my local, state and National union. I want to make a difference in a positive way and I want to bring solutions to existing problems. I have been well trained in campaigning and I speak well in front of large groups. I am always willing to put in the time to do the work and I am able to rally up a group of people to help. My experience, my strength, my hope, my leadership skills and my passion will shine through if elected to represent my district. Thank you.
Marisol Guerra   Female   I am a life long Democrat and resident of Chino, CA.
Claudia Rubio   Female   My name is Claudia Rubio and I am a resident of Ontario.
Alexis Cabrera   Female   My name is Alexis Cabrera and I am a resident of Ontario.
Socorro Enriquez   Female   My name is Socorro Enriquez and I am a resident of Fontana.
Rosalie De Leon   Female    
Paula Willmore   Female    
Annette Crowe   Female   I have been a Democrat all of my voting years. I have been actively involved in many elections and considered to be an activist in my community. I believe you need to be aware of the issues and represent those who are not able to represent themselves. I have been a delegate for the past two years and wish to be re-elected, thank you! Annette Crowe.
Desiree Jaurequi   Female   My name is Desiree Jaurequi and I am a resident of Ontario.
Alfonso Sanchez   Male   I am a public servant with over twenty-five years of experience working in the State Legislature. During my time as a democratic staffer, I have contributed countless hours, days and weeks tirelessly campaigning for California Democratic Party candidates all across this great state. I was recently elected to the Ontario-Montclair School Board of Trustees, and I was proud to have received the support of the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee. I earned that endorsement because of my fierce advocacy to address the issues that are important to democrats to help improve the lives of residents of this district and all Californians. I have a record of common sense leadership and have received the support of teachers, unions members from throughout the 52nd Assembly District. I would be honored to receive your support. Please vote Alfonso Sanchez for 52nd ADEM Delegate.
Daniel Sanchez   Male   I am a lifelong Democrat with experience working for a Democratic member of Congress, State Senator, and Assemblywoman. Throughout my professional career and personal life, I have always respected the values we as Democrats hold most dearly: that of equality and opportunity. As a first generation college graduate, I could never have gained an education if it was not for the Democratic Party's belief in supporting financial aid initiatives in our colleges. If it was not for the Democratic Party's support of maintaining strong social safety nets, my family would have been in financial ruins as a result of my father's injuries at work and his inability to earn a living. I can safely say that I will be a lifelong Democrat because it has given me and my family so much opportunity. I would be honored to give back to the Party as a 52nd Assembly District delegate. I would be honored by your vote.
AHJAMU MAKALANI   Male   As a Progressive Democrat I'm running for a delegate seat to organize with others to bring into being progressive public policy that do the followng..... 1. Rebuilding Our Roads 2. Reversing Climate Change 3. Create Living Wage Jobs 4. Protecting Unions 5. Raising the Wage 6. Pay Equity 7. Making Trade Work for Workers 8. Cutting College Costs 9. Breaking Up Big Banks 10. Bringing Health Care to All 11. Ending Poverty 12. Stopping Tax Dodging Corporations .
Luis Guerra   Male   My name is Luis Guerra and I am a resident of Ontario.