AD 51


Mark Gonzalez





Time & Location:

Inner City Struggle

124 North Townsend Ave
Los Angeles CA, 90063
Cross street:East 1st Steet
Location Phone:323-780-7605

Saturday, Jan.,10
Registration begins: 1:00pm




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Richard Fazekas   Male   I have actively been involved in political research since the 80's when I attended the 1984 convention in SF covering it for WBZ-Boston and working as an election day analyst. Also worked for Bill Clinton's polling company in New York right before he ran for president and have been active in Northeast Dem Club and Stonewall Dems. Campaigned for Jimmy Gomez when he first ran to represent our District.
Paul Ahrens   Male   Hi! I'm Paul Ahrens: film/television property master, committed trade unionist, & NELA neighborhood activist. In 2009, 2011, and 2013, rank-and-file Democrats in our Assembly District elected me as one of the A.D. Delegates to the California Democratic Party (CDP). Over the past six years, I attended and participated in each of the six statewide conventions. I assisted our District's delegation in preparing and then advocating for two resolutions the CDP adopted. One resolution reaffirmed strong support for workers' rights & collective bargaining. The 2nd resolution called for banning the highly toxic pesticide methyl-iodide. I participated in three CDP caucuses vital to A.D. 51's Democrats: Labor Caucus, Progressive Caucus & Chicano Latino Caucus. For the past two years I've served as A.D. 51's CDP Executive Board representative. In 2011 along with Sandra Figueroa-Villa I was named Democrat of the Year for our A.D. I'd be honored to continue my service if you Democrats of Assembly District 51 again elect me as Delegate in January 2015. Thank you!
Michael Lee   Male   I have been employed, during elections, by the United Teachers Los Angeles PACE Committee to work for its endorsed candidates beginning in 2010 with the election of Jerry Brown for Governor. As a Campaign Coordinator for the East Area of UTLA, I worked with teachers and students to help pass Proposition 30 and defeat Proposition 32 in 2012 and re-elect Tom Torlakson as Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2014. In 2012, I helped elect Jimmy Gomez as my Assemblymember, In off years, I have worked various districts to elect Bennett Kayser and Steve Zimmer to the L.A. Board of Education. I am a longtime member of the Northeast L.A. Democratic Club and live in Highland Park with my wife, Anne, who is a public school teacher at Aldama ES in Highland Park. The Democratic Party needs to get back to its roots and speak to our members about who we really are. The 2016 election is critical if we are to oppose the cuts to social programs that have helped me and others to get a college education and decent wages and benefits and the benefits of a middle class life for ourselves and our families. I ask you for your support for my candidacy to one of your AD51 Democratic delegates.
Todd Sargent   Male   I have proudly served Assembly District 51 for the last two years as an elected Assembly Delegate for the California Democratic Party (CDP), so I'd be honored to continue my service. I humbly request Democrats of AD51 to re-elect me as Delegate in January 2015. Working closely with Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, I have attended our statewide CDP conventions and have been advocating for educational access, job growth, and equal opportunity policies as a member of four CDP caucuses: Asian-Pacific Islander, Filipino-American, LGBT, and Business & Professional. As President of the City of Los Angeles Innovation and Performance Commission, I work to improve city services, including LAPD, LAFD, sanitation, public housing, and animal welfare. As a professional management consultant, I work with clients to shape and engage global organizational strategy, improve collaboration and build internal change capabilities, particularly in information technology and operations. I have a Bachelor's Degree from UCLA and am active in the community as a member of the Northeast Democratic Club, Stonewall Democrats, and Democrats for Neighborhood Action (DNA). Thank you for your vote considerati
ALC. Strange   Male   Past president Northeast Democratic Club 2008-2013. alternate LACDP for Mary Rose Ortega, member New Frontier Democratic Club ran a successful HQ to help reelect Congressman Javier Becerra and help to elect Jimmy Gomez to Ad 51 worked and volunteered for help elect Chris Holden to AD 41. From 2008 to 2013 our newsletter posted many event photos of the NEDC
Adrian Vazquez   Male   Hello! My name is Adrian Vazquez and I have been a lifelong resident of Northeast Los Angeles (Highland Park). I am a Democrat that believes in progressive policies to deal with the many challenges that our great state and city face. I currently work for the State Senate and have the honor of being a Field Representative for State Senator Kevin De Leon. I have worked for various democratic candidates and propositions throughout the years, was an organizer for the ports and food processing campaigns for the Teamsters Union (IBT), and was also a coordinator at non-profit organization that registered over 90,000 voters throughout CA (SOL). Thank you for your consideration and I would be honored to be a delegate for this amazing district.
Tom Bliss   Male   I look forward to supporting the California Democratic Party as a delegate. I've been elected as a delegate to several conferences nationwide for different organizations and I always take the position seriously and fulfill my obligations. Plus I like to think of myself as a heavy lifter -- I'm driven to get work done to help the group, whether it's drafting a statement or data entry. Delegate work is an inspiring way to be of service. My integrity, patience, creativity, intelligence and compassion will be an asset to the assembly. I'm a Project Manager at a therapy center, which requires timeliness and sensitivity. I've also co-authored the book "Mirror of Intimacy" this year, and that experience taught me much about perseverance and listening. I've lived in Silver Lake since 1990! And love this neighborhood. Thank you for reading about me and have a good time voting!
Adam Englander   Male   As a lifelong Democrat and Silver Lake resident, I want to continue serving as a delegate to help make sure our progressive voice continues to be heard. I look forward to helping Assemblyman Gomez continue his strong agenda in Sacramento and make sure he has the support back home.
Carlos Leon   Male   I am a lifelong Democrat and have served on the State Democratic Party, Los Angeles County Committee as well as several democratic clubs. I am an elected leader in my union and served in the United States Army. I look forward to being a member of the 51st delegation.
Servando Ornelas   Male   My name is Servando Ornelas. I am humbly requesting your vote to be a delegate for AD 51. I am a resident of East Los Angeles. I serve as an adjunct professor of Chicana/o Studies at ELA College and am a deputy probation officer with the county of L.A.. I am staunchly committed to educational attainment of students of all ages, organized labor, and of course supporting our public servants who keep us safe. I am a shop steward in my union. I have been actively involved in numerous election campaigns through out my adult life, have served on numerous non profit boards and committees including the Greater East LA Alzheimer Association, 710 freeway project committee, the and the East Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. As a democrat, I firmly believe that the goals of our party should be to continue to support adult education relevant to the now economy, support our teachers at all levels in order for them to be able to teach to the highest level that they are fully capable of, support organized labor, and assist in improving worker wages across our community. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done. I am committed to take on this task. Thank you for your consideration. I once again
Theresa Montano   Female   I am a life-long democrat and an active member of the California Faculty Association. I also sit on the Board of Directors of the California Teachers Association.
Gabriela Hernandez-Gonzalez   Female   My name is Gabriela Hernandez-Gonzalez. I was raised, educated and now serve my community of East LA. I was trained as a Special Education teacher at CSULA and earned a B.A. degree in Child Development. I have served on various advisory boards and have participated in various volunteer opportunities such as participation in First 5-Best Start Community, ELAC Child Development Advisory Committee, LA-32 Neighborhood Council representative, and currently as a member of the ELA Empowerment Congress in the 51st AD. I have volunteered as a teacher for the InsideOut Writers program for incarcerated youth, West San Gabriel Valley YMCA, and for the LA Neighborhood Land Trust work to enhance green spaces in ELA. I was honored by LA County to receive the 2013 Access Award for work in Advocacy for People with Disabilities. When I am not working with children or taking care of my own three children, I enjoy sewing and quilting. I am a member of a quilting guild in ELA, whose philanthropic work has benefitted children in foster care and military veterans of East Los Angeles. Your vote to represent as a Democratic delegate for the California 51st Assembly District is appreciated.
Jessica Wethington McLean   Female   I am a 13-year resident of Eagle Rock where I live with my husband and 3 y.o. daughter. I'm an 8-year staffer to L.A. City Councilmember Jose' Huizar. In this role, I am in charge of the Bringing Back Broadway revitalization initiative in DTLA, handle hotel and commercial development and advise the CM on economic development and business policy. Beyond work, I advocate for local causes and was a founding board member of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council, where I served for five years. I am active with the Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock. I have volunteered on numerous Democratic campaigns, including Villaraigosa for Mayor, Huizar for Council, Greuel for Mayor, and Portantino for Assembly. I am one of 19 women in Southern CA selected for the 2015 Emerge CA training program for Democratic women leaders. I am a member of Northeast Dems, Women in Transportation, and the American Planning Association LA Chapter. I am an advocate for women's reproductive rights, equal human rights and marriage equality. I believe in supporting small business and revitalization of neighborhoods. I would be honored to represent fellow AD 51 Dems. Thank you for your consideration.
Sandra Diaz   Female   For the last decade I have worked tirelessly to help elect champions that stand with working families, fight for access to quality education and good neighborhoods. I have had the honor of working for SEIU USWW representing Janitors, Security Officers and Airport Workers for the last 10 years, committing myself to the struggle for good and dignified jobs. I have also been active in the struggle for immigrant integration and inclusion for 15 years. It will be an honor to be elected as a delegate to represent AD 51 and to continue to work with Assemblymember Gomez to make gains for our neighborhoods.
Sarah Rascon   Female   As early as I can recall, I have been an avid Democrat striving for a better quality of life through demonstrating and fighting for Democratic values. Raised in the community of El Sereno situated in the 51st Assembly District, I became active in my community at an early age. I have worked on various campaigns in many capacities; from canvassing to phone banking, as well as the Assistant Campaign Operations Manager for Southwest Voter Registration Education Project in November 2012; while also having worked as a Community Development Organizer for the William C. Velasquez Institute. Much of my personal and professional career has reflected my passion and has positively impacted the 51st Assembly District. Currently, I am a member of the LA County Young Democrats and hope to be elected as one of the AD51 Democratic delegates to continue to be actively advancing the State and district according to the California Democratic Party's mission, while influencing important and impactful legislation. I currently work for the California State Assembly where I have had the honor and privilege to become knowledgeable with both the state of California and the district's most important prioritie
Barbara Torres   Female   My name is Barbara Torres and I am a product of East LA where I attended my local elementary, junior high, and graduated from Garfield High School, class of "98". I have helped to elect and championed for democratic progressive leaders starting from our local school board, city, and state races. I have championed for working class people all my life because I watched my mother struggle to raise 5 children on her own and I vowed to honor her memory. I am a strong labor leader within my union and I have stood side by side with other labor brothers and sisters to elect Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, Supervisor Hilda Solis, and many others. I promise you that a Vote for me is a Vote for YOU! I ask for your support in electing me to be one of your 51st Assembly District Delegates. At the end of the day your Vote is your Voice, so speak up and just Vote. Thank you
Marcia Guzman   Female   It is my deepest honor to ask for your vote so that I may serve another term as a Delegate to the Party. I have lived in the district for over 18 years and call El Sereno home. I have a background in public service and community activism. I recently graduated Loyola Law School, passed the bar, met all other requirements, and became a member of the California State Bar on December 1, 2014. It is my goal to use my new position as an attorney to continue to provide services to the community, to the Party and to the State of California. I promise to serve to the best of my ability and to do my part to ensure our party continues to support democratic ideals access to higher education, affordable housing, services for those in need, and economic revitalization.
Mary Garripoli   Female   I am very involved in the Democratic Party and very proud to work hard for teachers, union workers and the environment. Please vote for me so that I may continue to contribute to the causes I believe in.