AD 50


Michael Kapp





Time & Location:

Beverly Hills Public Library Auditorium

444 N Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Cross streets: N Rexford Dr. & Burton Way
Location Phone: 310-288-2220

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 12:30pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Jon Katz   Male   My first term as delegate was a very successful one. We elected several great progressive candidates in our region and effected meaningful changes in our party platform and bylaws. But there is so much more work to be done. I look forward to working on the many challenges our party faces over the next two years.
Sion Roy   Male   Thank you for considering me to be an AD50 delegate. I am a cardiologist at Harbor UCLA hospital (a publicly funded LA County safety net hospital) and am proud to be running on the progressive slate. I'm deeply committed to the Democratic Party and have served on the executive committee of the Santa Monica Democratic Club since 2011. Before that I served as President of the College Democrats at Johns Hopkins University. I'm dedicated to public education and serve as chair of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Health and Safety District Advisory Committee. Additionally, I serve on the Santa Monica College General Advisory Board and Bond Oversight Committee. I'm committed to universal healthcare and believe that increasing access to quality healthcare for all, including undocumented immigrants, is something our party must advocate for. I'm committed to LGBT rights, gun control, anti-poverty measures, the living wage, progressive immigration reform, and protecting reproductive rights. Please vote for me for AD50 delegate as part of the progressive slate.
Kevin McKeown   Male   I'm running for re-election as a member of the Progressive Slate. Pursuing the progressive strategy of bridging the gap between the streets and the halls of power, I am both a long-time activist and a local elected official. I've been elected to Santa Monica's City Council five times, three of those as top vote-getter, without ever accepting any corporate campaign donations. I've championed renter protections, living wages, affordable housing, policies to reduce homelessness, and a globally famous Sustainable City Plan. My motion put Santa Monica on record for Prop 34, to end the death penalty. I've also initiated City of Santa Monica actions on campaign finance reform, equal benefits for same-sex partners, one of the first city resolutions against the Iraq war, and universal single-payer health care. My work won support from the California Democratic Party in a 2009 resolution urging other Democratic local officials to document the governmental fiscal savings of single-payer, as I had done. Twice in the past five years I have been honored as our Assembly District Democrat of the Year. As an ongoing delegate from our District, I serve as SoCal vice-chair of the state party I
Ted Liso   Male   Hi My name is Ted Liso, I have had the honor of serving on the county level, and with the State. On may issues such as HIV, STD'S the Disabled, Poor, chronically ill. I aso made the pleasure of staying active with Affordable Housing, was very much a part of many Bills/legislature for an example AB 1733, speak to another issue of homelessness. I have visited Sacramento on many times, and not afraid to show my support. I am dependable and willing to learn. Ted Liso
Casey Robinson   Male   It has been a pleasure serving this district for the past 4 years, and would be an honor to continue to do so. I am honored to once again run on The Progressive Slate. I strive to fight for true progressive values of equality, social justice, environmental projects, and helping those less fortunate. We are a bottom up party, not top down. I will fight to keep it that way. Key Focuses for 2015-2016: Supporting Progressive Candidates Ban Fracking Support a Minimum Wage Increase Increasing Transgender Rights in the State of California
Susie Shannon   Female   I have served as a delegate and elected Executive Board member to the CA Democratic Party (CDP) since 2007. I am running on the Progressive Slate as a delegate and to be the Executive Board Representative for the 50th Assembly District. I am a progressive grassroots activist, an advocate for homeless and low income communities and an officer of the CDP progressive Caucus and Stonewall Democratic Club. I have fought to protect the environment and end fracking, marched and organized against war, worked for single payer healthcare, fought for marriage equality, and currently run an advocacy organization that helps homeless and low income communities, I was successful in adding poverty issues to the CA Democratic Party Platform and have authored or co-sponsored resolutions, platform language and legislative positions to end fracking, end the Iraq War, promote single payer healthcare, end poverty, promote campaign finance reform, and further environmental causes. I developed the grassroots strategy to add Marriage Equality to the platform. I would appreciate your vote for me and for the Progressive Slate!
Ilissa Gold   Female   I am the President and founder of the Miracle Mile Democratic Club, and am running for ADEM for AD50 as a member of the Progressive slate. My focus is on gender equality, reproductive justice, worker's rights, increased funding for public transit, and working towards a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Jessica Yas   Female   As a lifetime resident of California & Los Angeles native, I believe our region plays a critical role in the California progressive political landscape & should represented as such. If elected as a delegate, I intend to work with fellow Democrats move our collective ideals forward. I have worked in government, politics & the nonprofit field since my beginnings as a high school intern for a Democratic Congressman in the San Fernando Valley. There, I started cultivating the progressive values I am so proud of today, including a woman's right to choose & gender/sexual-orientation equality. I got my BA in Poli Sci & Spanish at UC Berkeley & completed a portion of my coursework abroad studying urban development in Costa Rica. Now, I am the volunteer manager at United Way of Greater LA, a nonprofit working to end chronic homelessness in LA. I am a current board member/past Communications Director/Treasurer of the San Fernando Valley Young Dems. In my free time I love to hang with my family (especially our dogs), read, run/spin & volunteer. In voting for me, you're choosing someone with a fresh perspective on California politics & a passion for the SoCal way of life. Thanks for voting!
Ann Doneen   Female   Clean energy and pristine wetlands, rivers and oceans are crucial to peace and to survival itself. They are my deepest concerns. But we must also work relentlessly to ensure family planning options, stop fracking, protect privacy, end corruption, supercharge campaigns against prejudices and pass single-payer health care. My background is national and local media, but my recent focus is grassroots. I was elected president of Malibu Democratic Club last June and our new team of board members has transformed a skeletal and moribund club into a thriving one with a strong local voice, a viable budget and events that draw crowds and make headlines. Over the past 10 years I've met with local and Congressional leaders to protect habitat from corporate/public projects disguised as restorations. My background includes posts as public affairs director at CSUN and Art Center College of Design; producer for Channel 2 News Investigations. Exposés on substandard living conditions have taken me from inside refuge camps in Southeast Asia to inside nursing homes throughout L.A. County. I'm running on the Progressive Slate, I work tirelessly and will thank you to vote for me and Progressives!