AD 49


Anthony Duarte





Time & Location:

Langley Senior Center

400 W. Emerson Ave.
Monterey Park, CA 91754G
Cross street: N Ynez Ave. & N McPherrin Ave.
Location Phone: 626-307-1395

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 12pm




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Linda Wah   Female   I am a long-time registered Democrat and am active in the local community advocacy, especially for the issues pertaining to women's rights. I support the Democratic platform issues and support candidates who also are committed to those issues and values.
shelley ryan   Female   As a lifelong Democrat, it is my honor and privilege to serve the Democratic Party by preserving and promoting American values by supporting working people's hopes and dreams for a thriving, prosperous California and nation. I believe in working with elected officials and activities to achieve a collective vision for: education, business economy, arts and culture, equality, seniors and veterans, health care, environment, natural resources, and energy, diversity, minorities, and women. I will serve to propel and promote California and our constitutional freedoms and responsibilities by promoting honest informed leadership and open government.
Chloe Rodriguez   Female   Professionally, I have always been engaged in the democratic process by working on previous democratic campaigns such as President Obama's election and re-election campaign and working for county government with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Agency (METRO). Currently, I serve as the Communications Assistant for Herb Wesson, the Council President of the City of Los Angeles. My involvement in government dates back to before my professional career to when I served as the Secretary of the Student Body and Chair of the Senate Affairs Committee at Franklin Pierce University, my Alma mater. Outside of democratic policies, I am an active member of the Women's Foundation of California, a publicly supported organization that helps to improve the health and economic security of women and families in California through strategic grant-making, policy advocacy training and convening women leaders. And, I am also serving my first term on the Los Angeles County Young Democrats Board as the Regional Board member for District 5. As your delegate, I will work tirelessly to engage local Democrats in this area. Thank you!
Rosemary Riedy   Female   I am a grassroots activist, supporting our Democratic platform. I am looking forward to continuing as your E Board Rep. We have a lot of work to do in California. We must reach out to expand our Democratic seats on every level. I will attend the State Party Conventions. I will attend the E Boards (1) North, (1) South each year. I have actively participated in the Organizational Development Comm. I have attended all of these as your E Board Rep. Locally I participate in LACountyDemParty on the credentials committee. I worked on the committee which accomplished joining the two Democratic clubs in Monterey Park. I serve on the Democratic HQ Committee of the West SGValley. We fund raise and maintain a year round presence in the 49th AD. I support: Single Payer Health Care; Clean air; Caring for our Veterans; Equal rights for all people; Clean money; A Living Wage; Education not Incarceration; Justify Insurance Rates; Immigration Reform. Thank you for your VOTE for female delegate to the State Party and for E Board Rep on Sat., 1/10/15.
Adele Andrade-Stadler   Female   I am a life long Democrat who believes in the core values of the Democratic Party. Those include unwavering support for the working families of this great State. Those families have a right to a clean environment, a premier education, Union jobs, and civil rights. In addition, I would be honored to once again serve as a representative for my assembly district. Sincerely Adele AndradeiStadler
Lori McClain   Female   I am a life long democrat that served as an Adem in 2012. After being successfully treated for a chronic illness I feel ready to serve again. The platform of the democratic party I fully support. I believe that it is incumbent upon us as good citizens to be of service if at all possible. I've demonstrated that in my private life and professionally as a healthcare provider. I'm excited to see what new events will change as our election processes occur. Thank you for your consideration.
Victoria Bell   Female    
Katherine Wardlaw   Female    
Hannah Ackerman   Female    
Ann Patterson   Female    
Anna Regalado   Female    
Maria Chavez   Female    
Maria Ibrahimzade   Female    
James Okazaki   Male   I and and have been very involved in various activities to improve our communities. As a long-time Democrat I strongly believe and uphold the Dem Party's principles. As a delegate I vow to vote with integrity and for the best interests of the Dem Party.
Kelly Ryan   Male   As a loyal and active Democrat, I am well read and knowledgeable about my community and state. I will utilize my intellect, passion, and diligence to serve and promote Democratic ideals and activities.
Thomas Wong   Male   I am a life-long resident of the 49th AD, and have been honored to serve in various capacities in the community, including as an elected Boardmember of the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District. I am a proud Democrat. I strongly believe in protecting our environment and achieving a more equitable society. I was proud to be recognized by my fellow Democratic activists this past year as one of the 49th AD's LA County Democrats of the Year. I hope to serve and represent the 49th AD with the California Democratic Party and ask humbly for your trust and support.
Salvador Ramirez   Male   I am a lifelong democrat and have been involved in the political process for the last 7 years. I want to continue my work and help advance the values of the democratic party.
William Wardlaw   Male    
Norman Ackerman   Male    
Benjamin Ying   Male    
Michael Ackerman   Male    
David Breidenthal   Male    
Cameron Kalunian   Male    
Adriano Munoz   Male    
Albert Lu   Male   My name is Albert Lu. I am currently a college student majoring in Political Science. I had the pleasure of serving as a DSCC delegate the past two years and I enjoyed my time meeting and working with so many great people who are helping to make sure we have great Democrats leading California. The 49th Assembly District is my home and I have got to know it very well growing up in Alhambra, I worked as a student reporter for a local news website and now I serve as the Vice President of the City of Alhambra's Parks and Recreation Commission. I'd like to continue my efforts in serving the community as part of the California Democratic Party and I hope I can count on your vote.