AD 48


Rob Charles





Time & Location:

Duarte Community Center

1600 Huntington Drive
Duarte, CA 91010
Landmark: Duarte City Hall
Location Phone: 626-357-7931

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 1pm




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Jorge Marquez   Male    
Jack Ochoa   Male   For the last 30 years, Jack Ochoa has been a servant to the underserved areas of Los Angele County community. His family goal has been to give back to the community where they live and share their experience that they have gained. As an active member of the San Gabriel Valley community, Jack continues to share his commitment to community service with those who need a Hand Up. Jack Ochoa has been a Business and Community Leader dedicated to supplier diversity and inclusion for more than 20 years. He has held various positions with top tier corporations, small business associations, minority business groups and education outreach organizations across Southern California. Jack remains focused and dedicated on supplier diversity and inclusion not to mention his active participation with procurement outreach to help drive the local small business sector, multicultural and minority community and the economy. Jack Ochoa is an advocate relationship builder, government relations and strategic partner for diversity organizations across Southern California. Recognized as a Diversity and Inclusion Leader, Jack has extensive experience and knowledge of numerous corporate/government policies
Patrick Von Behren   Male   I want to make a positive impact on the staffing and operations of the California Democratic Party. I support progressive values for the people of my state.
Bryan Urias   Male    
Ricardo Marquez   Male    
Jordan Gomez   Male   My name is Jordan Gomez. I am 24 years old. I am the President of the San Gabriel Valley Democratic Center, a Democratic Club in the district that meets in Covina. I am running for Assembly District Delegate for the 48th Assembly District to be a voice for the Democratic voters of this district in the Democratic Party.
Brad Johnson   Male    
Alvaro Guadarrama   Male   I am applying for democrat because I want to be able to be part of the democratic process. I have been a democrat since I registered to vote. I would like to have your vote.
Mauricio Pinedo   Male   I am interested in being more active with the democratic party. I have been a democrat since I began voting. I would appreciate your vote!
Abel Salinas   Male    
Phil Reyes   Male   I have been a long life Dem and former elected official. I have a strong belief in the Democratic process and the continued outreach, inclusion and empowerment of the entire community.I believe that our role is to work to development those who are underserved and underprivileged. I look forward to serving the community in other capacities since my retirement from the Duarte City Council, and look forward to contributing to Our Party. Thank you for your attention and consideration. I would be honored to serve in this role.
Alfonso "Al" Contreras   Male   I am a lifelong democrat. I am currently serving on the Valley County Water Board of Directors. I previously served on the Upper San Gabriel Municipal Water District. I am committed to moving the Democratic Party forward.
Robert Ramsey   Male    
Kyle Garza   Male    
Zachary Selby   Male    
Taylor Chen   Male    
Rodolfo Jimenez   Male    
Danny Juarez   Male    
Charlie Garcia   Male    
Manuel GarcÕa   Male   As a councilmember and a resident, i am very qualified to be a delegate. I ask for your vote.
asif mahmood   Male   i want to work and struggle to keep the real democratic values. I want to fight for real justice and equal rights for all regardless of the color,race religion or ethnicity
Rodney Knapp   Male   I have been a Democrat ever since i could vote, because of our party platform on heath care, helping Americans with disabilities, Rising up poor and middle class families. Helping small business, and more personally efforts to combat HIV/AIDS! I would like to be considered to be involved as a Delegate. Thanks for your consideration.
Diana Williams   Female   I am seeking a 3rd term as Delegate. I am an active democrat and vote in every election. I am the President of AFSCME Local 3672 and Vice President of AFSCME Council 36, District 2. I am a community volunteer and continue to dedicate myself to public service and advocate for those that don't advocate for their self.
Lois Gaston   Female   I, Lois Gaston, am a former City of Duarte mayor and council member. Having served as public servant for 8 years and a community volunteer leader since 1990, I want to help address issues that will improve the quality of life in my district, state and nation. Being a district delegate will afford me that opportunity.
Blanca Rubio   Female   I am a lifelong democrat. I have been a delegate for the last 4 years. Through the years as a delegate I have helped advance the values of the democratic party by volunteering on many campaigns that have resulted in democrats being elected. I have been teacher for the last 14 years and currently teach 4th grade for the Fontana Unified School District.
Susan Rubio   Female   I am currently on my second term as Councilwoman for the City of Baldwin Park. I am also a 3rd grade teacher for the Monrovia Unified School District. I have been active in moving the democratic party forward and would be honored to serve another 2 years.
Kimberly Caceres   Female   I am currently a delegate for the 48th District and throughout my first term I had the opportunity to successfully help elect Democrats into office not just in my district but in other districts around Southern California at the local, state, and federal level. I look forward to continuing to push our young adults to become more actively involved in our political system and it would be an honor to represent the 48th district and serve a second term as a delegate.
Judy Ann Blake   Female    
Maria Caceres   Female   I am a community organizer and have been involved in political campaigns for several years. I had the pleasure of working on and volunteering in several campaigns in which we were able to successfully elect Democrats. If we are to move forward as a party, it is imperative to continue to push young adults to participate and get involved in the political system. It would be a privilege to represent the 48th district and serve a term as a delegate.
Ana Lujan   Female   Ever since I was naturalized, I became a democrat. I want to stay involved with the Democratic Party by becoming a delegate.
Joanna Valenzuela   Female   i am a life long resident of the 48th assembly district. i am a planning commissioner for the City of Baldwin Park and a born and raised Democrat. I am passionate in becoming an ADEM and representing my community, i have worked continuously to help strong progressive democrats into office and i will continue to do so.
Chelsea Cook   Female    
Shannon Vezina   Female    
Caitlin Theders   Female    
Diamond Allison   Female    
Cruz Baca   Female   I have stood and believe and have fought for equality for minorities and working families. I campaigned for Robert Kennedy, even though I was not old enough to vote, I learned that the Democratic Party stood for ideals of fairness and inclusion. My entire family has always been Democrats, and I have continued with that family tradition.
Felicia Gomez Verdin   Female   As a progressive Democrat, I will proudly represent the San Gabriel Valley's people. I will work to protect our natural resources. I will elevate the level of civic engagement in the San Gabriel Valley.
Ruby Ortiz   Female    
Kandace Nunn   Female    
Aida Torres   Female   I, Aida Torres, have been a Duarte and surrounding area resident for over 15 years. I currently work as a Crime Prevention Specialist for the City of Duarte. I have worked as public servant for over 10 years, been a community member, and dedicated my efforts to advocate for at-risk and high risk youth. I want to use my experience to help improve public safety issues. I am interested in prop 47 and want to ensure it will reduce prison spending, dedicate funding to schools, crime prevention, and mental health and drug programs. I believe that being a district delegate will give me the opportunity to better serve my community.