AD 47


Marlene Flowers





Time & Location:

USCW Local 1167

855 West San Bernardino Ave.
Bloomington CA 92316
Cross street: Bloomington Ave
Location Phone: 909-877-7500

Saturday Jan., 10
Registration begins:10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
David Howe   Male   I have been a delegate to the convention from 2006-2009 and 2013-2014. I am very active in the East Valley and Inland Counties Stonewall Democrat Club. I am very active in the San Bernardino County Central Committee. I am the treasurer for the Inland Counties Stonewall Democrat Club and President of the East Valley Democrat Club.
Jamie Carper   Male   -Senior at Cal State San Bernardino Univ -Business major - prelaw minor -Starting law school in Fall '15 -Member of College Democrats and Lobbycore (student lobbyist group representing CSUSB students) -3.55gpa I would love the opportunity to take an active roll in the party that fights for everything I stand for. It would be a great experience for myself while I am attending law school. I understand the necessity of taking back the house and senate, and putting another Democrat into the White House in 2016. The idea that a Republican President and Senate would appoint and confirm more conservative Justices to the Supreme Court is very frightening. I want to help make 2016 look more like 2008 than 2014.
Kyle Crandell   Male   In November, only 3 out of 10 registered voters voted in the mid-term election. The Republicans claim that the American People issued a mandate to President Obama. However, I believe President Obama's policies are protecting millions of families from the GOP. There's a lot of actions we can take as a delegate to help working families here in California. I have served as a State Party delegate for a number of years. As a member of the California Democrat Native American Caucus I receive many questions about issues important to the Democrat party. I want to join forces with Democrats across this state to help set a platform to raise wages and create jobs. It would be an honor to be a California Indian representative and a member of the California Democrat State party Delegate. Thank you.
Marcus Houston   Male   I am a retired US Air Force veteran, who has been . very active in the democratic process at the local, state, and the national levels. I have run effective voter registration drives, phone banking, walking precincts, posting signs, and passing out candidates flyers. I have attended conventions in San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and the National Convention in North Carolina, some time as a delegate and other times as an observer or guest. If elected as a delegates, I will continue to get strong Democrats Candidate elected to office
Carlos Avalos   Male   Having Being elected for the first time as a California State Delegate in 2012 i was honored and humbled by the experience of representing my constituency at the state level. I learned many things about the Democratic process as well as made many friends. The first time around was a awesome experience and made me realize there is much work to be done at the state level. This time around if re- elected i hope to gain more knowledge, set forth the Democratic agenda, and learn skills that will help me later in my life. The privilege of being a Delegate is something i am proud of and hope to continue to be proud of if re-elected. The 47th District is full of amazing people and i hope to continue to represent them in the future.
Victor Quiroz   Male   I would like to continue to participate being a delegate to the California state democratic party to help and be directly involved in the coming 2016 elections
Edward Killgore   Male   I would like to serve as a delegate to the 47th Assembly District because I want to help shape the destiny of the Democratic Party in California. I want to make sure that the party adheres to the basic principles of the middle class. In other words I want to make sure our children and grandchildren have a brighter future. I want them to be able to get a fair wage, equal pay and have the educational knowledge that is needed in a global economy. I would be honored to have you vote.
Robert Garcia   Male   My name is Robert Garcia. I am teacher, proud CTA member, and a lifelong Democrat. I have been active in the area as former President as well as Secretary of the Inland Valley Democratic Club. Most recently, I served the local campaigns of Democratic candidates Pete Aguilar, Cheryl Brown, Erick Jimenez, and Sam Crowe. I am also a volunteer for Girl Scouts, Fontana Community Little League, and the Cucamonga District Host Lions. My goal as a delegate is to serve the needs of all our residents in Assembly District 47 and build the party in a positive direction. I would appreciate your vote.
Joe Britt   Male   As a current member of the 47th Assembly District and Executive Board Member it has been my honor and pleasure to represent District 47. I Have worked through two Senate, one Congressional, one Assembly endorsements, two State Conventions. As the E-Board member, I have attended six E/B meetings and voted on resolutions. With your help I can continue to help citizens by endorsing candidates that have the same values of the California Democratic Party
Jordan Wright   Male   As a labor organizer, legislative advocate, and political staffer I have worked hard to build and maintain foundational relationships with civic and community leaders, encouraged and empowered others to achieve social change through collective action, and served as an advocate for justice and equality. I currently work in the CA State Legislature and serve as Gov. Jerry Brown's appointed representative on the CA State Council on Developmental Disabilities. In both capacities I have worked directly with Inland Empire residents to solve problems and develop common sense solutions. Additionally, I am an active leader in the local Democratic Party. I currently serve as an alternate delegate to the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee.
Rikki Van Johnson   Male   I am currently a city council member for the city of San Bernardino and have been since 2004. I have lived in the San Bernardino area for over 50 years and I understand the needs of the people who live here in the 47th Assembly District and would endorse democratic candidates that are going to work for our community. I am running to be a delegate because I want to work with my representatives to address critical issues of economic development, education and public safety. As a delegate I will work with my fellow delegates to build a team work solution oriented environment. I would be happy to have your vote.
Oskar Zambrano Mendez   Male   I have been a dedicated community organizer and advocate for residents in the Inland Empire for the past 6 years. I have also represented our Assembly District for the past 4 years as a delegate and I would like to continue being a strong advocate for our District. I have always spoken in favor of the people that don't have a voice by keeping our local representatives accountable. I am from the community and would like to continue having this honor to represent you all.
Jason O'Brien   Male   Jason O'Brien, Co-founder and President of Children's Resources, has resided in Fontana with his family since 2003. He helped start Children's Resources in 1996 to support parents and their children in achieving academic success. In 2012 Jason O'Brien started a language interpreting company as well, Echo Interpreting, LLC., which works together with Children's Resources to provide bilingual educational programs for parents and students. The Children's Resources parent educational workshops support academic achievement, self-esteem and emotional intelligence. Children's Resources' award winning training programs on bullying, student learning styles, and confidence building have been recognized by organizations such as the Verizon Foundation, the San Bernardino City Unified School District's Family Resource Center, and the City of Fontana's Jack Bulik Teen Center. In addition to his work with Children's Resources, Jason has a law enforcement career that spans eighteen years with the Los Angeles Police Department. In 2013 he received the "Fighting for the Family" award from Faith Temple Ministries of San Bernardino. He is also a Cal-Safe mentor to young males.
Christina Marquez   Female   I am a life long Democrat & resident of San Bernardino. I am an elementary school teacher in the San Bernardino City Unified School District where I have worked for 27 years. I am the PAC chair for the San Bernardino Teachers' Association (SBTA), & the elected site rep at my school. I have been elected to represent my union at the National Education Association's(NEA) Representative Assembly for the past 7 years. I am a political activist who helps raise awareness of the needs of our students. I have volunteered for 5 years with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) where I have been a dorm mom for 12 & 13 year old girls at a science/math camp for a week, at UCI &/or UCSD. I actively support the Humane Society of the San Bernardino Valley, Petsmart Charities, Defenders of Wildlife, public radio & the arts. I am a member of the Inland Stonewall Democrats & the Original Rialto Democratic Club. I have served on the County Central Committee for 8 years, & was appointed this past year to the state Affirmative Action Committee. I have not missed an E-Board meeting since my appointment. I have been elected to the California State Convention for the past 10 years.
Maricela Ferguson   Female   I am currently a delegate for the 47th district. I have attended state conventions and taken part in the endorsement process. I have the experience. I am a school teacher, with 34 years teaching US history and Am. government. I'm a advocate for struggling students. I have a passion to help under-served seniors citizens. I am the president of the Rialto Democratic Club. You can count on me to be a positive voice for the community and promote the Democratic platform agenda.
Carole Lee   Female   As a long-term Fontana resident and educator, I am dedicated to ensuring a high quality of life for everyone. My commitment is well-demonstrated. I have served education as a parent volunteer, teacher's aide, teacher, and administrator. I have also served as a member of many service organizations. As a delegate, I will work tirelessly to ensure that the voice of every member of our community, state and nation is heard at every level of government, from local to national. My education includes a BA in psychology, an MA in educational psychology/special education, an MA in educational leadership, and a PhD in educational psychology. My experience includes many years as a volunteer, including service in PTA, school site councils, as a Girl Scout leader, and as a Fontana Planning Commissioner. I have voted in every election since I first registered as a Democrat, and I have always taken an active role in improving life for others to the best of my ability. Now, I am asking for the opportunity to extend my service to others as a Democratic delegate.
Loretta Arenas   Female   As an active member of the California Democratic Party, I would be honored to represent my district at this year's convention. I have worked on Presidential campaigns, local campaigns, am active in my local and state union (California Teachers Association) and am an advocate for social justice for ALL. I appreciate your support and your vote that will allow me to represent you.
Lillie Houston   Female   I am retired and have been very active in the Democratic Party. Over the years I was pass President of the Rialto Democratic Club and served as a Convener for the last Delegate election. I have been a Delegate at the Democratic Conventions in San Diego, Sacramento Ca and a Delegate at the National Convention in North Carolina. I will continue to be very active in the Local, State, and the National Levels getting Democratic elected to office. I am asking for your vote in order to continue to be a active force in the Democratic Party.
Sara Garcia   Female   My name is Sara Garcia and I am running for re-election as state delegate. I have been a strong lifetime Democrat and I currently work as a field representative for Assembly Member Cheryl Brown. I have served as a delegate at both the state and national level and have been active in the community for many years. I have volunteered on several campaigns to get good democrats elected as well as registering democrats and getting them out to vote. If re-elected I will continue to help good Democrats get elected ensuring our district stays blue! I would also like to work on building our party through our youth in the Assembly District. Thank you for your vote.
Linda Gonzalez   Female   I have been a Democrat since the time I registered to vote at the age of 18. I am also a business owner of 26 years and have been active in my community for the last 20 years. I am currently an elected board member of the West Valley Water District as well as the president of the Democratic Women of San Bernardino County. Over the last several years I have help elect several of our current Democratic officials. I was a delegate on the central committee from 2000-2004 and have the experience and knowledge of how the system works. As a delegate I would like to work with my fellow elected officials in order to build a stronger Democratic Party while also addressing issues of small businesses and water conservation.
Bobi Johnson   Female   I am a strong Democrat that has worked for Democratic elected officials for the last 30 years. I have experience as delegate at the state and national level and I have been navigating democratic politics for just as long. I was the District Director for Congressman George Brown and worked for Assembly Member Wilmer Amina Carter. I am currently the District Director for Chris Holden. As a delegate I would like to work with our elected officials and endorse Democrats that are right for the 47th Assembly District.
Dina Walker   Female   run a non-profit that helps low-income students find a way to send their children to college and I was recently elected to the Rialto School Board. During my election campaign I was endorsed by the San Bernardino Democratic Central Committee. I have been active in the community and now want to play a role in supporting local Democrats. I have a passion for education and young people and would like to work towards getting more youth involved in the Democratic Party. It is also important to me that Democrats continue to get re-elected in our region because I share their values when it comes to funding education and doing what is right for our community. If elected as a delegate I will work towards bringing a more cohesive and collaborative approach to the ADEMS of the 47th district.
Lynn Brown-Summers   Female   I am running for the 47 AD delegate position because of my long history of upholding the democratic process and values. I've worked in every area of a campaign from the age of 5 when I walked my first precinct for Lois Carson and Wilson Riles to working battle ground states for President Obama. I am a solid Democrat that has received thank you letters from numerous clubs for helping their Democratic candidates win an election. If re-elected I will keep supporting and advancing the Democratic Party in the 47th AD.
Shannon O'Brien   Female   Shannon O'Brien is the co-founder and director of Children's Resources. Through her work with the organization over the past thirteen years, Shannon has provided educational programs that are especially relevant to the needs of Inland Empire families and students. In 2011 the San Bernardino City Unified School District received free "Bully Proof" parent educational workshops facilitated by Shannon O'Brien and sponsored by the Verizon Foundation. In 2012 Children's Resources collaborated with the City of Fontana and other community organizations to provide a Teen Anti-Bullying Leadership Institute for Inland Empire teens. The San Bernardino Black Culture Foundation awarded Shannon O'Brien the highly distinguished "Black Rose" in 2012 in recognition of her community work and involvement. Shannon has also been recognized by the San Bernardino City Unified District Board of Education, Congressional, State, and County representatives, and Faith Temple Ministries of San Bernardino. From July 2013 until December 2014 she served on the Fontana Unified School District Board of Education. Shannon O'Brien holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Howard Universit
Roxanne Williams   Female   I am an educator and a long time community activist in the city of San Bernardino. I come from a long line of activist who fought for civil and educational right for all. I am running to be a delegate because I share in the principals of the democratic party and would like to continue to push our party to be the voice of those who need a voice. I have been an educator at all levels of education, including higher education and the lack of minority students that are graduating from High School and College is very concerning to me. If elected I will push for policies that will address issues of educational inequalities at all levels of our educational system. I will endorse candidates that will do what is right for the constituency of the 47th Assembly District and will be a voice of reason no matter how controversial an issue may be. I believe we can work together to bring back San Bernardino and make a brighter future for the residence of the 47th AD.
Ayanna Blackmon-Balogun   Female   My background is in education and I have a passion for mentoring and teaching our next generation of leaders. In this ever changeing world it is important that we teach our children to up hold the democratic principals that our nation is built upon and to foster the values of diversity, inclusiveness, understanding and fairness. All things that the democratic party is built upon. I have a track record of working with all in my community and as a delegate I will work with all my collueges to make sure we select Democratic candidates that share our values as a region, state and district. I will also work with my colleagues to make sure that we keep our Democratic elected officials accountable to the people of the 47th Assembly District. I Look forward to bringing a dynamic energy that is ready to strive to make life better for all those who live in the 47th Assembly District and I would be appreciative if you would vote for me to represent you as a delegate.