AD 45


Damian Carroll





Time & Location:

Disabled American Veterans Hall

6543 Corbin Ave.
Winnetka, CA 91367
Cross streets: Between Hamlin St. & Kittridge St.
Location Phone: 818-340-1422

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 12pm




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Victoria Miller   Female   As a proud California/Los Angeles native, I have a vested interest in this amazing state, and thus over the years have become involved with local politics to try and make a difference. I am currently serving my second elected term as the Encino Neighborhood Council Business Representative and have been on the Board of Homeowners of Encino (HOME) for over 9 years. I am a small business owner with my husband, and have been self-employed for 23+ years. We have raised our daughter here, and she is current attending a UC college. It would be my privilege to serve my state and political party as a California Democratic Party Delegate. Thank you for your consideration.
Karleen Basch   Female   I have been a delegate for AD 45 for the last two years and a member of Valley Grassroots for Democracy. I am a member of the Progressive, Environmental, Business/ Professional and Women's Caucuses. I have also been an advocate for maternal health in our state and country. I have been active participant on the panel and for The Unexpected Project and Save A Mother's Life. I am currently a co-founder of the Postpartum Hemorrhage Exchange. I am co-chairman of Mom and Me in Hidden Hills and have been for the last three years. I strongly believe our schools need improvement along with smaller classroom sizes and quality education for our children. I am involved with environmental issues since there is a great need to preserve the Valley and to save the water and land. I find it an honor and a privilege to serve you as a delegate! Thank you for your consideration for AD 45.
Linda Rice   Female   As a trial lawyer, I've spent 35 years protecting the rights of those who otherwise would not be able to stand up for themselves against corporate Interests and the insurance industry to obtain justice when they have been wrongfully injured or killed. As a progressive, I fought tirelessly for those who otherwise would be marginalized in the civil justice system. Despite a busy career and the demands of raising a family, I have also been actively involved in community service in the Woodland Hills area. I look forward to the opportunity to become more involved in the Democratic Party and in championing a progressive agenda.
Jenna Sutherland   Female   I am asking for your vote to serve a second term as delegate representing the 45th Assembly District. I have worked throughout Los Angeles County to elect true Democrats to public office, am a member of the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains, and a delegate with the Las Virgeness Homeowners Federation. It has been my privilege to assist my fellow Democrats in pursuing passage of resolutions, endorsing nominations, walking precincts, or stuffing envelopes. My core belief is that we the people, not multinational corporations, are the owners of our Commons including our air, water, natural resources, infrastructure, and open spaces. I believe an educated populace is essential for democracy to survive. Education makes all of our lives richer, through culture, history, and technology, and it is the responsibility of government to offer the opportunity of quality education to everyone. I want good government and am willing to work for it. Please vote for me, Jenna Sutherland for Delegate, 45th Assembly District. Thank you.
Rosalba Gonzalez   Female   I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. I am the eldest daughter of immigrant parents that came to this country to provide me and my siblings with a better life. Their experience in the workforce--in non-labor manufacturing companies and cleaning homes helped shape my political beliefs. Governor Wilson's push for Prop. 187 deepened my commitment to the Democratic Party. I am running to be a delegate and executive board member to the California Democratic Party. I want to continue to help elect liberal progressive candidates that will fight for our values--a clean environment, protect our civil rights, protect a woman's right to choose. I spent the majority of my time this election cycle working in Ventura County to help elect our new Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin and Orange County and Fresno to help turn purple regions blue. I have my walking shoes ready for the next election cycle. Thank you for your consideration!
Doris Dent   Female   I am a proud Progressive Democrat. My key issues are addressing income inequality, protecting and increasing the rights of women, minorities and union workers, protecting the environment, making college more affordable again for our own California students, and reform of our election process so that big money does not determine the winners. I actively work for these issues and support progressive candidates who share similar values and views, such as Derek Cressman, Adrin Nazarian, Sheila Kuehl, Dave Jones, and Betty Yee. I have been on the DPSFV Executive Board for 8 years and am active in 2 Democratic clubs. I am a member of the DPSFV PAC committee and have served on the Endorsement Committee. I have put in hundreds of hours working at the DPSFV campaign headquarters in addition to work for individual candidates. I recently received the Roz Teller Award as the DPSFV Outstanding Volunteer for 2014. I have marched in support of an End to the Iraq War, Worker's Rights, and the Occupy Movement and have stood on street corners in candlelight vigils. I don't just talk, I do.
Andra Hoffman   Female   My name is Andra Hoffman and II currently teach California State and Local Government and Politics and American Government at Glendale Community College. I am a member of the Glendale College Faculty Guild, AFT Local 2276. As a faculty member and union member, I am a strong advocate for educating students in their civic responsibility and encourage all of my students to register to vote...and then actually become informed and aware enough to vote. I am an active member in the Democratic Party and belong to several clubs in the Los Angeles area: Stonewall Democratic Club, Democrats for Israel and the Miracle Mile Democratic Club. I am a board member on the Stonewall Democratic Club and serve as the Vice Chair of the Legislative Committee. As a member of the California Federation of Teachers, I support workers rights, advocate for social justice for all and want to resolve the issue of income inequality in California.
Rita Higa   Female   I am a passionate individual who cares for my community. Ever since I moved from my native country, I realized that the individual, and his or her community, work together for success and purpose. It was difficult to remain optimistic because I did not know anyone in California, or the United States. I wanted to utilize the opportunities in California because I wanted my family to live the best life possible. I wanted them to be educated, healthy, and independent. However, it seemed like an uphill battle because I did not have the same resources as everybody else. I did not have the money, comfort, or privilege to provide my family with everything I wanted. However, this all changed when I met other people with a similar story to mine. I was beginning to feel a sense of belonging and empathy; this motivated me to work hard and seek the opportunities I expected to be handed to me. Without those caring individuals, I would not have been informed about the struggles my community faced. After living here for many years, I still live with old and new struggles. Now, I want to be more active and informed so I can care for the community that cared for me.
Sharon Brown   Female   Hello, my name is Sharon E. Brown and I'm running on the Progressive Slate for Assembly District Delegate, which means that I am commitment to addressing the growing chasm between the rich and poor, to expanding and strengthening vital public services (education, transportation, housing etc.) and to addressing the challenges of climate change and criminal justice reform. I have been a small business owner in the San Fernando Valley for the past 26 years. During this past election I volunteered as a clerk for my local precinct and recently became a member of the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains. I am running because I want to share my ideas, passion and action for progressive politics and be the difference I want to see in politics. I plan to be an instrument to create positive change in our political system and will work to help build the party. Thank you for your time and consideration -- I appreciate your support!
Barbara V. Hartmann   Female   I have been a passionate advocate on behalf of Democratic candidates and Progressive causes since I was a child. (My father was Chair of the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley in the 1950's). I have been a volunteer in every presidential election since 1960. Before I was old enough to vote, I walked precincts on behalf of John F. Kennedy and my first presidential vote was for Robert F. Kennedy. My experience includes many years as a political organizer, union organizer and all-round rabble-rouser. My passion and experience have prepared me to be an effective and valuable addition to California State Democratic Party.
Teresa Priem   Female   I have enjoyed serving as a delegate to the California Democratic Party for the past two years, where my main interests have been reducing the influence of money in politics as well as making the state party more democratic, progressive and responsive to the grassroots. I am a volunteer with the California Clean Money Campaign, which has been working for the DISCLOSE Act (with our eventual goal being fair elections) and am active with several Democratic groups, including Progressive Democrats of America (San Fernando Valley) and Valley Grassroots for Democracy. I have arranged legislator meetings for activists, collected signatures for petitions and helped with fundraisers. I have traveled to Nevada to volunteer for the Barack Obama presidential campaign as well as made phone calls and knocked on doors for several local campaigns, including State Senator Fran Pavley's. I would like to help the party fight to expand opportunity (especially access to healthcare through a single-payer system and increasing equality) and to make California a leading example of what can be accomplished through the progressive movement, especially by moving into green energy and reducing corporate pow
Elizabeth Madrigal   Female   My name is Elizabeth Madrigal, and I am writing to declare candidacy for an ADEM position. I am twenty-five, a wife, a sister, a friend, a daughter, and a progressive heart that is passionate about policy. When I'm not working I am following politics, writing about it, practicing activism, and annoying my friends and family to vote. My favorite part of 2014 was when I volunteered for the campaign of Sandra Fluke and thus met my hero. My goal is to help inspire my group of friends--all in their 20's-30's--to become more active and think about politics in a more personal way. By getting involved I would not only have the chance to personally assist in policy (the dream!) but I would also have the important opportunity to encourage more people to vote, to think, and to care. I've seen the transformative powers of good government from a young age after living in an area of high poverty where most of us needed government assistance. It is only thanks to that help that many of us were able to graduate. I've been blessed after this period, which means it is my time to give back.
Anita Wolman   Female    
Kaitlin Hanigan   Female    
Susan Hanigan   Female    
Dana Abrams   Female    
Donna Farkas   Female    
Coby King   Male   I'm Coby King. After 30 years of activism, I'm still fired up and ready to fight the good fight to help the President and our Governor move our nation and California forward! We need to work hard to keep the Presidency in 2016. A lifelong Democrat, I: *** Serve as the Party's Parliamentarian, appointed by Chairman Burton, ensuring that our meetings are run fairly. *** Serve as a co-chair on the CDP Rules Committee and strive to create and enforce the rules so that our processes are fair and open to every Democrat. *** Help run the Party's Promote and Protect the Vote, recruiting, training and deploying attorneys to ensure that our voters know their rights and make it to the polls. This year, I helped resolve dozens of incidents around the state I've been doing this every cycle since 1992! *** Help the CDP get all its delegates to the National Convention. I'm a strong supporter of local Democrats, generous with my time and checkbook. In fact, the LA County Party honored me as a 2014 Democrat of the Year! I'm local. I moved to the West Valley in 1978, and have lived here with my family since 1998. Please vote to reelect Coby King to the DSCC from the 45th AD! Thanks, Coby
Michael Goldman   Male   I'm a life-long Democrat who is currently serving my second term as a delegate to the CDP State Central Committee and am seeking a third term. I am working with others to make the Democratic Party the party of the people again. I serve as Treasurer of the CDP Progressive Caucus, serve on the executive board of DPSFV, serve as Vice-President of Progressive Democrats of Santa Monica Mountains and am a member PDA-San Fernando Valley and Valley Grassroots for Democracy. Throughout the years, I have worked to get Democrats elected. I also wrote a resolutions that were adopted by the LACDP, one of which was adopted by the CDP and arranged for a speaker on Proposition 37 during the 2012 election cycle. I am issues-oriented and, as a delegate want to work with other progressive Democrats to promote a progressive agenda. I support a foreign policy that emphasizes diplomacy with mutual respect and promotes the welfare, understanding and human rights of our citizens and those of the world, as well as the security of our nation. Domestically, as well as internationally, I also favor policies that put the public good over corporate interests.
Cary Brown   Male   I'm asking for your vote as a Delegate to the California Democratic convention representing Assembly District 45. Having served two previous terms, I'll bring my experience, knowledge of the process, understanding and vision of how the party needs to progress. Some of the issues in which I have actively participated include: Proposing a resolution, that was incorporated into the CDP platform, to provide healthy vegetarian meals to students in California schools. Today vegetarian meals are available in school districts throughout the state. Campaigning against fracking and in support of NON-GMO foods Working for a more just and fair election process Actively supporting Democratic candidates I am a member of the CDP, PDSFV and the PDSMM. I have served as treasurer of the PDSMM. Again, I would appreciate your vote for me, Cary Brown, for Delegate. I will continue to do my best to effectively represent the 45th Assembly District.
Dan McCrory   Male   I care deeply about this district; that's why I ran for Assembly in this area not once, but twice. I ran on Progressive ideas that include a State Bank and funding for those who need it most. One issue near and dear to a lot of us is a ban on capital punishment - a progressive cause for many years that is now part of the platform of the Party. We need to continue our efforts on overturning Citizens United, get rid of fracking and GMOs, and keep our leaders and elected officials accountable. We need to keep California blue and turn back the red tide in Washington in 2016. I promise to do my part!
steve dadaian   Male   As a parent with 3 children currently attending Univesity of California and State Universities I am confounded by the lack of real support our State provides to its Unversity system and students. Over the last 20 years we have turned our top State Universities as either schools for out of State or foreign students able to afford the highest fees or for with the very richest residents or the poorest. The middle class who work in our State and pay the highest taxes per dollar earned are basically priced out of sendng their kids to get a California university education for their children. This is compounded if one has 2 3 or 4 kids who want to attend college. At a cost of about $23,000 or $35,000 with housing a family with 3 kids needs to earn over $150,000 per year in before tax dollars to send their kid to a State Univesity and get no tax credit or deduction for it. How can that be possible? We need a more equitable system to allow Californias kids from middle class families to attend our State Universities.
Leonard Segal   Male   I am asking for your vote so I can be of service to you, the other residents of AD45 and the Democratic Party. I work with my brother at Josephsegal.com on campaigns for a better world. My most important issues are improving informed voter turnout, increasing civics and voter education in public school, economic and environmental justice, supporting the worker owned movement and solving climate change. I'm a proud Union member who has been a teacher for 18 years. I was on the United Teachers Los Angeles Board of Directors for 9 years. The previous time I was a delegate Chairman Burton appointed me to the Voter Services Committee.
LLOYD DENT   Male   The increasing inequality of income and one of its causes, Citizens United, are paramount concerns for me, but addressing inequality of women and minorities, the war on labor unions, the lack of consumer protection (e.g. food labeling, TPP) and attacks on our environment (e.g. Keystone XL) are also essential. So I have supported progressive candidates and issues with volunteering and financial contributions. In 2014: Betty Yee, Sheila Kuehl, Derek Chessman, Dave Jones, Prop 45, and many out-of state candidates and fund raisers (e.g. Raul Grijalva, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren). I have demonstrated in a variety of causes, including support of WI workers and the Occupy movement and against Hobby Lobby. I am an attorney primarily representing injured workers. I am a club rep from VGFD to DP/SFV and am on DP/SFV's PAC. My many volunteer hours in several DP/SFV campaign HQs has been recognized. I was a CADEM delegate from AD46 until I moved into AD45 and participated in drafting the anti-fracking resolution passed in 2013.
Russell Greene   Male   I am proud to currently serve as an Assembly District Delegate as well as vice-chair of legislation for the California Democratic Party Environmental Caucus. Additionally, I founded and chair, the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) San Fernando Valley Chapter (pdamerica.org), a group that I am very proud of. We focus on the issues that the Democratic Party was built upon. Working to address climate change has been a passion of mine for the last 28 years. I chair PDA's Stop Global Warming Issue Team at the national level, as well as serve as advisory board chair for iMatter, Kids vs. Global Warming an organization whose driving purpose is to provide a platform to allow young people to demand action on climate change. I host a weekly internet based blog radio program called People Demanding Action Climate Radio with Russell Greene. I am an executive in the restaurant industry with a focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. I have been happily married (got lucky) for 26 years and have an 18-year-old daughter. Ensuring her future is protected has been a key driver in my life. I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve as your delegate once
Gregg Solkovits   Male   I am a 34+ year educator who has taught a variety of Social Studies, English and Journalism courses in my career. Additionally, I served as the Secondary Vice President of United Teachers Los Angeles for 6 years, and as an officer led numerous good teaching conferences AND served as the point officer for the union's political program for almost five years. I am committed to advocate for progressive values for our great Democratic Party, and will work hard to both represent my district, and to recruit and invigorate new party members.
Lawrence Slavett   Male   I strongly support the positions of the California Democratic Party and our elected Democratic leadership in California in promoting progressive environmental, immigration, education, voting rights, minority rights, lgbt rights, consumer rights, de-criminalization of minor drug offenses, and right to die issues. I would be honored to help maintain California as a leading state for progressive changes in our nation. In addition, I believe it is important for California to thrive economically and be hospitable to our business interests.
Raffi Kardzair   Male   As a native Californian, it is important to me to have elected officials who are serious about helping lead our State in both difficult and prosperous times. I am interested in being a part of the political process and helping decide who represents our party and is our voice in Sacramento and Washington.
Marcos Sanchez   Male    
Philip Wolman   Male    
Richard Farkas   Male    
Baruch Eichenbaum   Male    
Rafael De La Rosa   Male    
Tyler Halen   Male   I have had the pleasure and honor to serve as a DSCC Delegate for two consecutive terms along with serving in the DNC, California Young Democrats, California College Democrats, and Cal State Northridge Young Democrats. My extensive party experience and perspective is a valuable asset that I hope to use to help perpetuate the progressive ideals and values of the Democratic Party.
Eduardo Villanueva   Male