AD 44


David Atkins





Time & Location:

UFCW Local 770 Building

816 Camarillo Springs Rd
Camarillo, CA 93012
Cross street: Ridgeview
Location phone:805-383-3300

Sunday, January 11
Registration begins: 12pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Kim Stephenson   Female   Elected delegate since 2007 - Never missed a convention and would like to continue to serve - Member of Women's, Progressive, and LGBT Caucuses - President and Founding Member of the Ventura County Women's Forum Collaborative (vcwf.org) - Monthly Foreign Policy Discussion Group Leader for AAUW Camarillo - Frequent invited speaker on women's issues at club meetings (Camarillo, Conejo, Ventura, Simi) - Local public school administrator & yoga instructor - 2 daughters in local public schools - Ventura County resident since 1976 (minus 15 years at UCLA, BA 1991, & Stanford, PhD 2002) Solar home system powers 2 households, 2 electric cars, and aquaponic gardens. I use the conventions to bring a local voice to the state discussions and to bring state voices and issues to the local community via Women's Forums and club meetings. I work behind the scenes on local campaigns making calls, writing checks, sharing concerns, and hosting events.
Catherine Osgood   Female   I am a special education teacher in Ventura County. I have been involved in the last 2 election cycles and have worked to elect (and re-elect) Julia Brownley to Congress. In addition, I supported Jacqui Irwin in her Assembly campaign. I am a member of the Camarillo Democratic Club and will be the Club's corresponding secretary in 2015. I feel that income inequality is the most critical issue facing our country; I believe that all children deserve a quality education; and I support a woman's right to choose/make health decisions.
Margaret Curley   Female   My name is Maggie Curley. I have lived in Thousand Oaks California for five years. I moved to California from Massachusetts in 1997 and settled in Los Angeles where I lived for 12 years. I became a volunteer in Julia Brownley's Congressional Campaign in 2012 and became an Assembly District Delegate in 2013. I also volunteered for Congresswomen Julia Brownley's re-election campaign and Jacqui Irwin's campaign for State Assembly I am a member of the By Laws Committee, The E Board and The Central Committee. I have also Chaired the Ventura County Fair Committee and The Garden Party Committee. At The Garden Party on October 5 2014 I was given the "Volunteer of the Year" award. Very exciting! I ask for your vote as a Delegate from the 44th District. Thank you and thanks to all the volunteers in Ventura County! Maggie Curley
Eyde McAllister   Female   It would be an honor to serve as an Assembly District Delegate. I have always been a Democrat and somewhat active in politics. With children of my own, and a career for over 30 years working with children and families, I feel that at this point in time I it is imperative I do everything I can to create change, educate others and elect democrats. I am at a point in my life where I am committed to devoting my time to helping others in any way I can. Bringing voter registration forms to work, driving others tote polls and educating my young teachers about the importance of casting their vote is not enough. I need to take it o the next level. I hope you will consider me for this important position.
Sylvia Navarro   Female   I have been a elected for four years. Julia Brownley's alternate and I feel that it's my civic duty to continue represent Ventura County. Sylvia Navarro
Janet Eckhouse   Female   My background is in healthcare, initially as an Intensive Care Registered Nurse. Attaining my Masters degree in Public Health from UCLA enabled me to further my career and I was in Healthcare Administration for 24 years. I was also a Certified Mediator with a large healthcare organization and focused on disputes between members and the organization. I have been a resident of Ventura County for 20 years and have campaigned for and actively supported candidates locally and nationally in their successful runs for office. I co-hosted successful fundraisers for Congresswoman Julia Brownley in 2012 and 2014 and am a member of the Conejo Valley and Sociables Democratic Clubs. I have sponsored many phone banks, celebrations and numerous other campaign activities and I currently serve on the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee as an alternate. My activities as a community and political activist are well known. I am the Conejo Valley Leader for OFA and have been the organizer/host for many climate change, immigration reform, gun violence prevention and Affordable Care Act events. Our local team, volunteers and voters are amazing as evidenced by our recent political victories. I wa
Lorraine DeMersseman   Female   Please REELECT ME! I, Lori (Lorraine) DeMersseman have been honored to serve as a Delegate in the 44th this last term AND as a proxy representative prior to that, attending 3 conventions. As Ventura Co Democrat's Central Committee Events Chair & as founder and President of Democrat Sociables Club, I have been a very active member of the Democratic Party. I host the monthly VCDCC Documentary Movie Nights and have hosted numerous Democratic events at my home. I have spent hours volunteering for our endorsed candidate's campaigns, registering voters, and recruiting new volunteers! My focus is on Environmental issues, VA and Labor. Thank you for your vote! Lori (Lorraine DeMersseman) 44th
Kristin Hoover   Female   Twice elected Tax Collector of Pocopson Township, PA, I have volunteered on many campaigns and served as the treasurer of the local Party. I will do my best to represent Democrats.
Wendy Marks   Female   I am in the Dvsc Dem Sociables for 4 years. I am also the VP Membership, Event host for the Sociables. I attend the VCDC as a Rep and Alternate for the the Sociables, I have also gave my time at many events such as the Kennedy Legacy, Spring Fling, Voters Registration in Oxnard and the County Fair in Ventura. I volunteer for the candidates such as phone banking. I hope you vote for me as a Adem.
Sharon L Hillbrant   Female   My name is Sharon Hillbrant. I am privileged to be an elected delegate of the 44th AD and I'm seeking reelection so I can continue to play an active role. I am proud to be a part of the group effort that elected Jacqui Irwin to represent the 44th AD and reelect Julia Brownley to the 26th CD. I want to keep California Blue by creating larger margins of victory in 2016 by increasing voter registration and GOTV. As your elected delegate, I also participate in Ventura County politics as an Associate Member of the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee. I am an enthusiastic supporter of the DEM (Donate Every Month) program at the state and county level. Before retiring as a 22-year elected member of the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee, I served two terms as Chair and was an elected delegate to two National Democratic Conventions. I was a member of the Rules and Platform Committees of the California Democratic Party. In addition, I am Parliamentarian of the Democratic Club of Camarillo, Secretary of the Ventura County Women's Political Council and a trustee for the Congress of California Seniors. Please vote for me!
Clarinda Ross Gress   Female   I am a mother of three children, a former union officer, an actress, a playwright and a patient's healthcare advocate. I stand for the rights of women and families, children, the poor, the elderly, the disabled, education, unions, equality for all people regardless of race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. My husband and I have been blessed to be union members. Through ups and downs our unions provided for us. Everyone deserves good health, dignity and respect.
Elisabeth Lamar   Female   Our beautiful state faces many serious issues but climate change remains the most threatening.Much of our land will be affected in some way,whether it be crops damaged by drought or shorelines eroded from sea level rise. It is imperative to the future of this state that climate change be addressed immediately and we take drastic steps to mitigate its effects. It is also important that we fix our broken immigration system, which is especially relevant to my district, made up of many immigrant farmworkers.As a delegate, I will do my best to ensure my district's needs are effectively represented. I am a board member of the local Sierra Club, and have newly been appointed to a committee for our entire chapter.I have participated as a volunteer lobbyist in Sacramento and Washington.I have served as a volunteer for many organizations,including the Democratic Party.I have been blessed with a life rich in diverse experiences which has made me an expert in finding common ground between people with varying perspectives.I love all of California,but my heart belongs to Oxnard.I care about the future of this land and its people more than anything else.
Don Bing   Male   I am a Democratic activist, having registered many new voters and converting many to VBM-PAV. I serve as Vice President of my local club. I have been an ADEM from AD44 and participate actively with the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee. I wish to continue to serve the California Democratic Party and also participate in several caucuses of the state party.
Victor Gallardo   Male   Good morning. At this point in my life I fell I can give back to my comunity. Having being in the union my whole life,I would enjoy being part of a process to improve other lifes. The electoral process is part of the big picture to improve our standard of life for our childrens children. Thank you. Vic E. Ga....
Cleofas Navarro   Male   I would like to be a delegate to the CY 2015 Democratic Convention. I have attended 6 conventions and appreciate the process. I am a member of the Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley, a member of the Moorpark Democratic Club and a member of the Democratic Sociables. In addition, I was a past treasurer for the Conejo Club.
Gustavus Bernal   Male   I have spent more than 30 years traveling and helping third world nations industrialize. This has given me a unique perspective with multi-national companies and has broadened my understanding and ability to provide out of the box solutions. I am in High Tech and know that we need to focus on, bringing new innovations back in our communities and getting our youth inspired again. I would love to bring my energy and years of experience to the Democratic Party. I want to be more than a voice on sidelines and know I can provide some value within the organization.
Wesley Davis   Male   If I am fortunate enough to be elected as a delegate, I hope to work with other delegates to move a progressive agenda forward that centers on the values most important to fellow progressives such as social justice, environmental justice, gender equality, and fighting against the growing rate of income inequality in our nation. I am a local public high school teacher and elected union leader. I am also a delegate to the Tri-County Central Labor Council. In my role as local union leader, I have recruited and helped elect good progressive women leaders to public office. As a recent candidate for public office, I was endorsed by the Ventura County Democratic Party, the Tri-County Central Labor Council as well as our Congresswomen Julia Brownley. I would be honored to have your support.
Alessandro Neri   Male   Alessandro Neri I am a democratic activist serving on my schools student senate as a senator. sitting on various committees. I am for social equality and marriage equality for all. also i am against bullying in all forms and as a democrat, I will continue to fight against bullying and police brutality. I am here to stand up for and fight for jusicet and liberty for all. I have served on The Jacqui Irwin for State Assembly Campaign as an intern, i also volunteered for Julia Brownley for congress both times. I hope i can count on your vote because i think its very important for young to stand up for equality for all and against bullying. also it is very important for young people to get involved in their government and the Democratic Party
Kristen Mavity   Male   Diverse perspective and commitment to well defined core Democratic values are the two strengths I would bring to my role as delegate. The perspective is the product of a unique life path which includes college student, union member, homeless person, owner of two homes and landlord. I currently work at a non-profit service at-risk children as their database administrator. I am an avid reader, news-reader and blog-reader. I am a member of MoveOn.org, SPLC.org and many other progressive organizations. I lean centrist but also populist and believe firmly in one set of rules to govern the rich and the poor. I would bring my very best to this role if selected. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely Kris Mavity
Scott Donohue   Male   I am a first-time candidate for the Party's delegation. I have been active in California political campaigns for nearly two years, and I want to use this as an opportunity to help our Party get ready for future election cycles. I am an advocate for progressive values, and I want to see our State continue to lead in health care and the minimum wage. I am looking forward to representing those values in the Party, in our caucuses, and at our convention.
Nathan Sweet   Male   My name is Nathan Sweet and I am a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Los Angeles City Fire Department. My wife Rebecca and I moved to Moorpark in 2006 to raise our three children. I am a lifelong Democrat that has volunteered for and supported campaigns on the local, state, and federal level. I am a past member of the Simi/Moorpark Democratic Club and I currently belong to the Moorpark Democratic Club. In 2010 I was elected to the Board of Education in Moorpark and I currently serve as the Board President. I would be honored to have your vote to serve as an Assembly District Delegate for the 44th AD. Thank You.
David Lopez-Lee   Male   I was elected three times as Trustee of the Los Angeles Community College District, and was a Professor of Public Administration and Public Policy at USC for over 40 years.
Satyanarayan Karra   Male   Hullo my name is Satyanarayan Karra,Satya for short. I came to this country from India in 1975 and have been a Ventura County resident for 36 years.I am a registered professional engineer in the State of California. I worked in the Public Works department for the County of Ventura and retired as a Deputy Director in the Water and Sanitation department after 32 years. I have been a Democrat from day one and I truly believe that the values,policies and agenda of the Democratic Party are something very close to my heart.It is the party which understands the needs of the middle class and strives to work for their hopes and dreams.I was an OFA fellow and actively campaigned for the president's reelection and was involved in Julia's congressional race.I am the neighborhood team leader for Moorpark/Simi. In the 2014 election I worked in the campaigns for Julia and Jacqui.I have organized rallies,phone banks,door to door campaigns and also worked at a polling place. It would be an honor to serve as an Assembly District Delegate.
TIM ALLISON   Male   I am the head of the Tri-Counties Central Labor Council and a past Democratic nominee for Congress. I live in Newbury Park with my wife and 12 year old son. I have run political campaigns and was extremely involved in the recent effort to get Julia Brownley, Jacqui Irwin and other labor-endorsed candidates elected. I would appreciate your support!
Richard (Rick) Gunther   Male   Richard (Rick) Gunther is a Professor Emeritus of Business at California State University, Northridge. He has over forty years of teaching experience and served thirteen years as chair of his department. He served on the Board of Directors and as Vice President of the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the Society for Operations Management (APICS). Rick's background includes three terms as president of the Conejo Free Clinic in Thousand Oaks, CA and slightly over two terms as president of the Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley (DCCV). Recently he was elected to another term as president of DCCV for 2015. Rick has also served for several years as an Associate Member of the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee and was an Obama delegate to the Democratic Convention in 2012 at Charlotte, NC.
John Brison   Male   I am a graduate of Thousand Oaks High School, and received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. While at Cal Poly I re-founded the long dormant Young Democrats Club, and served as president. I was awarded the Leon and Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy Scholarship for Congressional Internship Program, where I served the Hon. Lois Capps. After returning from Washington I was first a proxy, and then elected Delegate for two CDP conventions. In 2004 I was selected for The Washington Center's National Political Convention Internship, working in Boston at the DNC. Here in the Conejo Valley I have been campaign staff for Ferial Masry ('08), Julia Brownley ('12), and Jacqui Irwin ('14). It was a great experience working alongside many of you this past election, and I am so proud of our efforts. It would be a great honor to serve this community as a delegate from our newly blue 44th Assembly District! Thank you for your consideration, John Brison.
Jason Gunther   Male   Jason Gunther graduated in June of 2014 with Bachelor's degree in Biology from California State University, Northridge. He is seeking employment for a lab position in biology. He is also contemplating doing graduate work in marine biology. Jason is currently a member of the Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley and has done extensive work in the Julia Brownley campaign in the 26th CD and the Jacqui Irwin campaign in the 44th AD.
Raymond Freeman   Male   I've been married since 1979. I'm a Limey and my wife Irene is a Yank. We've lived here since 1983. We've been active members of the Conejo Valley Democratic Club for eight years. I appeared on their TV program 'Eye On The Issues' and led discussions on economics and finance. We had fun learning about derivatives, CDOs, CDO squareds, synthetic CDOs, Magnetar Trades, and why Republicans should all be boiled in oil. Irene was its webmaster but had to quit after a serious accident. I was looking after her so couldn't work in recent campaigns. I worked in: Obama 2008 (CA, NV), Obama 2012, Pavley 2012, Brownley 2012. I've been writing for two years in the 'Ventura County Reporter' on economics, finance and law. I've given four economics presentations to Dem clubs. I have a degree in Industrial Economics, was a lawyer, then a banker. I'm retired now. I have been an ADEM for two years. I'm a member of the Progressive Caucus. Rep. Alan Grayson thinks everyone in Thousand Oaks has a British accent. I'll leave you to figure out why.