AD 43


CDP Vice Chair Eric Bauman


More Info:

California Democratic Party headquarters at 916.503.7302, or email emma@cadem.org


Time & Location:

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pacific Community Center, GYM B (school)

501 S. Pacific Ave., Glendale, CA 91204

Parking: Street parking (no cost) is located on S. Kenilworth Ave., (please review map). Participants can enter through to get to the Gymnasium from S. Kenilworth Ave. 

Registration Opens: 11:00 AM

Registration Closes: 2:00 PM 



2015 Assembly District Delegates

Name   Gender    
Elen Asatryan   Female    
Aline Babaian   Female    
MiJin Fernandes   Female    
Jamie Garcia   Female    
Silva Kechichian   Female    
Judith Smith   Female    
Tereza Yerimyan   Female    
Jordan Del Guercio   Male    
Malcolm Johnson   Male    
Berdj Karapetian   Male    E-Board Rep.
Leonard Manoukian   Male    
Shant Sahakian   Male    
Steven Whiddon   Male    
Garry Willis   Male