AD 43


CDP Vice Chair Eric Bauman


More Info:

California Democratic Party headquarters at 916.503.7302, or email emma@cadem.org


Time & Location:

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pacific Community Center, GYM B (school)

501 S. Pacific Ave., Glendale, CA 91204

Parking: Street parking (no cost) is located on S. Kenilworth Ave., (please review map). Participants can enter through to get to the Gymnasium from S. Kenilworth Ave. 

Registration Opens: 11:00 AM

Registration Closes: 2:00 PM 


* Eligible candidates shall only be those candidates who were previously approved by the CDP staff for the January 10, 2015 meeting and remained as candidates per the Credentials Committee report adopted at State Convention on May 16, 2015. Also note, the 3 Elected members (Tereza Yerimyan, Berdj Karapetian, and Shant Sahakian) may request to rescind their delegate spot to be added to the ballot; they must do so in writing (emailing emma@cadem.org) by July 10 at 5pm.

2015 Assembly District Delegate Candidates

Name   Gender   Statement
Alexis Djivre
  Female   As a proud Democrat and lifelong resident of AD 43, I have spent my career as a consumer attorney fighting for the rights of our citizens.  I work tirelessly to give a voice to the disadvantaged, the elderly, children, those who are catastrophically injured, denied justice by their insurers, discriminated against by their employers, and taken advantage of by big business.   I was a Democrat as early as I can remember, and even volunteered as a student aide for Sen. David Roberti while in high school.  For the past 8 years,  I have been working directly with local Democratic politicians to further consumer rights in California, and have lobbied to protect our State's citizens from corporate greed.    I have the dedication, desire and energy to help make our party as strong as possible for the battles ahead in the next two years.
Alina Sarkissian
  Female    It would be my honor to be a delegate for the California Delegate Party. I look forward to having the opportunity to learn more about the great work the Democratic party supports and the people behind those initiatives.
Aline Babaian
  Female    I am a Democrat, raised in a family of Democrats, and I have always lived in AD 43.  I administer a law office of 30 plus attorneys in four different locations, and thus, I have experience dealing with a myriad of issues ranging from insurance needs and coverage issues, employment issues, and interpersonal difficulties which are endemic to any environment closely populated with strong and differing personalities.  Outside of my professional obligations, I have extensive involvement in the GUSD District as a school-site counsel chair as well as being the President of DELAC.  Previously, I sat on School Board of the Chamlian School.  By way of background, I was born of Armenian parents in Lebanon, and as a young girl moved to the United States, California in 1969. Thus, I have an understanding of the liberties, privileges and obligations of citizenship, and have ever been very proud to be an American.  I want to give back.  I see the Democratic Party as best reflecting the noble principles this country was based on, and as the best hope for our collective future. I would be thrilled to be elected as a Democratic Assembly District Delegate and thank you for your consideration.
Breeann Weist   Female    
Diana Abasta   Female    My name is Diana Abasta and I am a high school English teacher. I have been teaching for 34 years. In that time I have been involved in my local teacher union as a past president and am currently on the bargaining team. I have also been involved in the community and have been involved as a delegate at the state level. I am an advocate and believe in building community.
Elen Asatryan   Female   I've been a proud and active democrat for as long as I can remember and it would be my honor and privilege to serve as a delegate
Ginger Damon


I am a native los Angelina, I have volunteered on my neighborhood council for four years, I have volunteered as a neighborhood council budget advocate, as an advisory committee as to implimenting best practices in to our city. I created a neighborhood awareness program for suspicious activity. I volunteered with LAPD on the CPAB.   I am very dedicated to my community of Los Angeles and spend countless hours as a volunteer

Ingrid Gunnell   Female
    I am Ingrid Gunnell.  I was born and raised in Glendale and now live here with my own family.  I believe in the CA Dream Act, a Living Wage, Healthcare for all, and in issues that make social justice a reality for all Californians.  Equity and Access should be universal, not solely for the top 1%. I am a classroom teacher and union activist.  I believe the Democratic Party in CA is a national leader, and in that respect, our Public Education platform needs to be unapologetic about fully funding schools, holding charter schools accountable to the same standards as all other public schools, and once again being the national model for Public Education in America. I appreciate the opportunity to run in this election and advocate for Social Justice in CA.
Jamie Garcia   Female   Looking to serve the Democrats of the 43rd Assembly District.
Judith Smith   Female    I am looking forward to serving the democrats of the 43rd asssembly district.
Kathleen Gavin   Female    
Mary Manoukian   Female  
MiJin Fernandes
  Female   I run for delegate because I believe in the Democratic Party's commitment to social justice, equal opportunity, and environmental health. In fact, I have led efforts in my neighborhood to create smarter solutions to solid waste. Serving as delegate is a way to inform voters about the value of progressive, Democratic leadership for our communities and the next generation of Californians and the state they will inherit.
Rosalie Salvato   Female    
Shanna Ingalsbee   Female   As a Democratic activist I have been happy working behind the scenes to further the ideals of the Democratic Party and to get good Democrats elected. I'm currently the President of the Burbank Democratic Club, an elected member of the eboard for the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, the Regional Endorsement Coordinator for the LA County Democratic Party and I have been a delegate to the CDP since 2008. I'm not interested in collecting more titles; I'm here to do the work. I understand party politics and I've successfully worked with the movers and shakers to get things done. I ask for your vote so I can continue to be the voice of the incredibly diverse 43rd Assembly District.


Silva Kechichian   Female  
Stephanie Landregan   Female  
Artin Manoukian
   I am a devoted democrat. I would like to have the opportunity to serve as a delegate to the 43 AD and advance the progressive agenda of our party
David Dobson

David Golonski


Frank Higginbotham


My Name is Frank Higginbotham.  I am a longtime progressive Democrat who is concerned about the future of the country. My wife and I are very active in local issues and have two school aged kids who we are always working to make great citizens. I understand the hardships of working families and the challenges it takes to get and stay involved. I've been the School Site Chairperson at Edison Elementary School in Glendale for four years. This involvement has made me feel like it's time to step up and ensure that we have people who are willing to fight for progressive values. And endorse and elect candidates who share these values. I will work to turn out the vote and increase involvement in the Democratic party. Thank you for your vote.

Garen Yegparian


 I look forward to serving diligently over the next two years and learning more about our party through the experience.

Garrett Atamian


Garry Willis


Garry Willis Los Angeles has been my home for 28 years. I was elected to the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee in 2000, and 2002. I was chair of the 43rd Assembly District County Committee delegation representing Glendale, Burbank, parts of North Hollywood and Los Angeles. A progressive political activist, I participated in organizational meetings forming the City of Los Angeles Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, and was elected to the Neighborhood Council from 2003 - 2005.  I have been active in California Democratic Party politics since 1994, and I chaired the 43rd Assembly District Committee. I registered new voters in the 43rd A.D., and introduced many new United States citizens to the privilege of voting. I am a 25 year TV news veteran, an Emmy winning news cameraman, and a retired Supervisor and Federal Officer after 10 years with the Transportation Security Administration at LAX.  I, Garry Willis, promise to fight for Working Families, Union Workers, and Small Business Owners when elected to the 43rd A.D. Committee in 2015. I will honor Ethnic Diversity; Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Rights; and I promise to fight for Democratic Victories in National, State and Local Election.

George Fatheree

Greg Gomberg


Jordan Del Guercio


Jordan Del Guercio My name is Jordan Del Guercio, and I've been a member of this district my entire life, having been born and raised in La Canada. I am a Democrat because I believe that all people in our country, state, and community deserve the same opportunities to succeed, that we must work together to achieve prosperity, and that everyone deserves to be treated equally and without discrimination. Over the years, I have volunteered, interned, and worked on several campaigns for Democratic candidates (both in the district and elsewhere), and in several offices of elected officials. With my experience in politics and knowledge of our community, I believe I am qualified to represent our district. As a delegate, I want to not only advocate and represent the shared values of the Democratic Party, but represent the values of our district and community.
Leonard Manoukian


 To serve the interests of the democrats of this district and represent progressive values at the part convention.

Luke Klipp


As a lifelong political and community activist, I am a firm believer in the value of our democracy. As a Democrat all my life, I am proud of our party's sustained commitment to equality, the environment, human ingenuity, and fairness for all. I'm also proud of our party's success here in California, electing Democrats to all statewide offices, and supporting those offices with a super majority in both state houses.   Here in Los Angeles, I have found my voice through neighborhood organizing, block by block, serving on the neighborhood council and building coalitions that address local issues. Our city and region is a rich, diverse fabric of cultures and communities that all deserve the acknowledgement and ear of their elected officials. Our community is also going through a challenging time on a more global scale, with climate change, urban sprawl, and economic disparity tearing at our diverse fabric and forcing us to think more globally than just our own neighborhoods.  To me, the opportunity to serve as a delegate is an opportunity to be a voice for my neighborhood and to influence policy and electeds at a larger level. It is also an opportunity for me to help my community better

Malcolm Johnson


 In 2010, California made a choice to elect a Democratic Governor and Democratic Supermajorities in both the Assembly and the State Senate.  Because of this, California is back and stronger than ever.  The California economy has recovered from the crash of 2008.  The State launched one of the best Health Care Exchanges in America with Covered California.  Our votes did that.  If we want to keep all the progress California has made, we need to keep electing Democrats, both in the State and Nationally.  I want to do my part.  I'm running to make sure that happens.
Mark Vargas

I have been a life-long Democrat and a delegate to the  California Democratic Party for many years.  I have spent the last 15 years working to get Democrats elected in California, beginning with my tenure as an aide to then-candidate for Governor Gray Davis.  I am a board member of the Beachwood Canyon Neighborhood Association, where I live, a volunteer at the Burbank YMCA, and I also own operate a Music Conservatory at the Community Center of La Ca–ada Flintridge, so I am familiar with all corners of the 43rd AD!

Matthew Clemente 


Matthew Hale


I began my career in public service fighting for the constituents of the 43rd Assembly District as a staffer for former Assemblyman Paul Krekorian and continue my service to Mr. Krekorian and Democratic causes today. I am a Democrat because I believe that Government can be a force for good in the lives of the people, can provide solutions to vexing social and economic problems and can make the economy more accountable to us all and more effective at bringing people out of poverty. As a delegate, I'll work to help candidates that will promote renewable energy, fight for workers seeking better pay and working conditions, ensure that our communities are welcome places for immigrants trying to build a better life, make sound investments in public and higher education, and implement the Affordable Care act to ensure that no one is without medical care. Though we were all disappointed by the results of the recent election cycle at the national level, California Democrats are strong, united, and committed to fighting for people over power. I hope that you'll support me as a delegate to fight for our party and the needs of the 43rd AD on the Central Committee.
Michael Sorich


Roger Koll


Stepan Boyajian


Steven Whiddon


I am interested in being of service to the values of the Democratic Party.

Jesse Tangkhpaya


My family immigrated to the United states in 1979, fleeing war torn southeast Asia. When they got to America they literally had nothing and no one; just the clothes on their backs and the audacity to provide their kids what they never received themselves: a quality affordable education.  They built a business using minimum wage money they saved up, created jobs and started their lives all over from scratch. After I was born they never let me forget where I came from, what they stood for, and what it meant to be an "American".  Those values taught me that everything I am and possess today, I owe to the sacrifices others have paved for me; and now I finally have the opportunity to  give back and pay it forward.  I've been involved in Democratic Party politics for as long as I can remember.  I've put in my dues, dutifully volunteering my time and efforts. Whether it's been manning fair booths, phone banking, door knocking, or just simply giving my general time and money, I've always been a ready, willing, able body for the cause. My years of service to the party allow me the insight to be a great delegate for this District.

Ryan Basham


As someone who came to CA a decade ago to create a career in entertainment, I'm proud of the roots I've put down in LA. I was also proud to be the alternate male delegate from the former AD42 on the PROGRESSIVE SLATE, and worked hard to represent my district powerfully at the convention in 2010. This year's convention, I was an honored guest of the CA Young Dems, and moderated panels that were designed to develop our party's future leaders. I sit on the STONEWALL DEMOCRATIC CLUB endorsement committee, and work hard for progressive candidates who seek to represent us. In my professional life, I run a business that develops film and television content. I also volunteer as a leadership trainer, with a focus on developing passionate adults into powerful advocates for their communities. This is a time of change for our state and the US, and this district has the power to blaze the trail that our nation will follow in the years ahead. We must rise to this challenge with decisive leadership and a passion for a better future. I will be honored to put my skill sets to work for AD43, and I would be humbled to have your vote. Thank you!


* Eligible candidates shall only be those candidates who were previously approved by the CDP staff for the January 10, 2015 meeting and remained as candidates per the Credentials Committee report adopted at State Convention on May 16, 2015. Also note, the 3 Elected members (Tereza Yerimyan, Berdj Karapetian, and Shant Sahakian) may request to rescind their delegate spot to be added to the ballot; they must do so in writing (emailing emma@cadem.org) by July 10 at 5pm.