AD 42


Doris Foreman





Time & Location:

Democratic Headquarters Hemet-San Jacinto


530 1/2 E. Florida Ave
Hemet, CA 92544
Cross street: N. Franklin St.
Location phone: 951-402-3194

Saturday, January 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Ruth Debra   Female   I have been active in Democratic Politics as long as I can remember. I have been serving as Chair of Desert Stonewall Democrats for a number of years. I identify as an Old Lesbian and will be 70 years old this week. I am a life-long activist working on many Progressive issues. I would love to continue to serve as a delegate. Thank you.
Frances Miller   Female   To serve my community.
Nancy Carroll   Female   I would be honored to serve as a Delegate to the California Democratic Convention. My commitment is evidenced through both my role as Chair of a Riverside County non-profit and my position as Beaumont City Treasurer. I feel it is my responsibility to support the issues that give all of us an even and fair playing field for our life choices. Additionally, I believe in fair education and career choices for all to achieve their dreams. As an elected official, I have been able to hear the voice of our citizens and translate that to supporting policies and platforms that speak to the needs of the electorate. I was graced with winning my current position with nearly 67% of the vote of my community. In particular, I am very concerned about strengthening the Democratic Party in California at both a State and Local level. I am committed to giving time and energy to make that happen. I live in Riverside County which has been dominated by the Republican effort. I would like to do all that I can to change this. I do not want it to continue to a tipping point where Democratic voices can no longer be raised.
Eileen Stern   Female   I am a proud Democrat. President Roosevelt was a saint to my immigrant grandparents. My grandfather was a union laborer who worked in a luggage factory. My father was a taxi driver in Chicago and when I was little, my family lived in the "projects" the name for public housing in Chicago. When my parents divorced my brother and I were original latch key kids. Being raised by a single mom on a receptionist's salary, we often relied on the kindness of others to get by. I went to public grade school, public high school and went on to state university with a student loan. With my college degree, my first job was as a typist.That was what college degree women could expect until affirmative action forced companiesto open opportunities for me and countless other women to prove ourselves in executive level jobs. It was because of affirmative action we even got the chance to climb the corporate ladder! So... I emphatically agreed with President Obama when he told Joe the Plumber that we have to pay it forward. That is what Democrats do! I believeDemocrats understand that helping people, not just corporations, is the best way forward for all of us. If I can help shape the party, I am
Marie McDonald   Female   I have been passionately involved in Dem. politics for almost 20 years. Whiile living in Walnut Cfreek, served as member of Ca.E-Board for 3 terms, was an active member of 4 local Dem. clubs and served as Secretary of the Contra Costa Central Committee. Since moving to Hemet, I have become an alternate to the Riverside Central Committee, and am Chair of the Outreach Committee of the Hemet-San Jacinto Dem. club. Intend to be actively engaged in 2015 & 2016 Dem. activites. While I am 87, I am in good health and am very active.
dale crippen   Female   I am a retired teacher who looks forward to participating in, what I believe, will be a revolutionary event in the electoral process of our wonderful and exceptional country.
Betty Cole   Female   I went to the Democratic Convention last year as a delegate for Mike Honda. I belong to the Tri-City Democratic Club in Fremont and would like to be more active in the organization.
Julie Bornstein   Female   I have been an active Democrat in Riverside County for 30 years, serving on the Central Comm., Chair of the Coachella Valley Democrat club (1986-89), AD Chair and elected to public offices. I've been a delegate to the State and National Conventions since the 1980s. As a community college teacher of government I feel a personal responsibility to stay involved and encourage young people to participate. As a "veteran" CDP person in the County, I try hard to mentor others so our region can get increased support from State and National party organizations. I am a CTA member and Spanish speaking.
nancy humenik sappington   Female   I have been a registered Democrat since I was able to vote. As a young person in Pennsylvania, I worked for the party helping my father, who was the local Democratic committeeman, get out the vote. I knocked on doors and helped people get rides to the polls. After college I worked on several Congressional campaigns in Pennsylvania and was an active member of Common Cause. In California, I have been involved in my career as an urban forester. I have served as a planning commissioner and briefly as a city council member. I am actively involved in promoting the environmental benefits of trees, and I serve on the California Urban Forestry Advisory Committee. I have a broad range of knowledge and experience and most importantly, I am a critical thinker.
Monica Rice   Female   I believe many have fought on battle fields foreign and domestic to give each of us a voice in our government. It is our duty to participate fully in our government so that it may represent us. I am a mother of two young children. I am a driven and dedicated public school teacher. I would like the opportunity to represent my district as an ADEM.
Maryanne Ennis   Female   I have been a strong supporter of the democratic party long before my first election. It was something that was bred intro my family structure to support my party and my country. I am a college graduate, i majored in journalism. I work for the state of California and have served as a delegate for the City of Corona. I am a member of SEIU 1000, holding the office of Vice President in the IE. Which is a significant supporter for the democratic party. I have participated in town halls and the election process of candidates for assemblyman, congressman, and governor. I know the process required to elect our officials and get laws passed. I have first hand experience talking with legislative officials and expressing the middle class point of view. I intend to elect good honest representatives that will address our communities' concerns, unemployment, violence, and homelessness -just to name a few. I have always been a person of action. I believe actions speak louder than words. Involvement always makes a difference. I intend to be that difference when I am elected.
Antoinette Johnson   Female   I have been involved in voting and politics since my first election in 1972. I have volunteered in many campaigns from council to president. Recently I attended the convention in Los Angeles as a volunteer in the credential department. I would like to be considered for position as delegate to the May 2015 convention held in Anaheim.
Craig Scott   Male   Interested in pushing for more progressive candidates willing to prioritize income inequality. I will be a voice for the LGBT community.
George Raymond   Male   We need more progressive voters and move aggressively against the conservative platform of the Republicans. We do not need to go back to those tried and true policies because they do not work. This is 2014 not 19?4, we need to rethink all of our priorities and must regain our strong middle class with education for all. I support strong progressive candidates who can lay out a clear vision of a just and social agenda for everyone.
Donald Miller   Male   To serve my community.
Steve Mehlman   Male   As a lifelong Democrat, I would welcome the opportunity to help build the Democratic Party and continue to elect outstanding candidates, especially here in Riverside County. My background includes communications and advocacy for AARP, the California State Employees Association, and the United Domestic Workers. I am currently vice chair of the No Way Gateway citizens campaign to stop the building of a mega-warehouse in residential Cherry Valley.
Carlos Avalon   Male   I have been involved as a volunteer in political campaigns since back in High School. My interest has always been to make a difference and not just talk or complain about issues that matter to me, but actually work hard to make what a care about come true, have an impact in making life better for us all. I was a delegate in 2014 because it was my first time as such, I felt a bit green and not as ready for the challenge as I know I will be in 2015. Thank you. Carlos Avalon
robert westwood   Male   Vice President of Democrats of the Desert currently and for past 5 years Current delegate to California State Convention Voted delegate to 2012 National Democratic Convention in Charlotte Member of Blue Election Strategy Team within Democratic Headquarters of the Desert Hosted fundraisers at my home for Congressman Ruiz and Assembly candidate Karalee Hargrove in 2014 Coordinated fundraisers/meet & greets for Congressman Ruiz and Assembly candidates Eduardo Garcia and Karalee Hargrove at Studio One 11 club in Cathedral City Frequent contributor to letters to the editor Desert Sun newspaper Acquaintances with Desert Sun political reporter Erica Felci and editorial board member, Hank Plante Founded and help begin "Progressive Talk with Elle" radio show on KPTR 1450 Founding member of Democratic HQ of the Desert
Robert Moon   Male   Robert Moon is a 1972 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, a retired Commander with 26 years active service, and a life-long Democrat. Robert retired three years ago and has been deeply involved in his community in Palm Springs. He is a member of the Democrats of the Desert, Palm Springs Stonewall Democrats, and has voted as a registered Democrat in every election since moving to Palm Springs in 2001. He has been a strong supporter of Congressman Raul Ruiz for two election cycles and has been a significant campaign contributor and held two large fundraisers for Congressman Ruiz in the past two years. Prior to 2001 he was a registered Democrat in Washington, DC. Robert has served as a Commissioner on the Palm Springs Measure J Commission since it's inception in 2012. He served as the first Chairman of the Commission for two years from 2012-2014. He is the current President of the Palm Springs Desert Roundtable, Vice Chair for Programs of the Contemporary Arts Council of the Palm Springs Art Museum, and Treasurer of the Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization. He is also a member of the boards of the Palm Springs Sunup Rotary Club and the Palm Springs Opera Guild.
Lanny Swedlow   Male   I am the founder of the Brownie Mary Democratic Club which works within the Democratic Party to end marijuana prohibition. There are now six BMDCs chartered by their local County Democratic Committees in Alameda, Los Angeles, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino and San Francisco. I submitted a platform plank that was adopted at the 2014 CA DEM Party convention that now commits Democrats to "support the legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana in a manner similar to tobacco and alcohol." In 2016, there will be a marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot and crucial to its success is to get the open and active support of the Democratic Party. The overall goal is to end the inhumane, racist, costly and ineffective War on Drugs. Marijuana must be legalized because if marijuana cannot be legalized then the War on Drugs will never end. Although there are many reasons why marijuana should be legalized, ending the War on Drugs is at the top. As for other issues, I am a rabid progressive on climate change, public schools, reproductive rights, LGBT & civil rights, jail for Wall St. criminals, strengthening unions, income inequality, campaign finance reform and . . . .
Jaime de Leon   Male   I definitely would be an asset as a first generation Hispanic Gay Male who understands the issues and the challenges facing the state and the nation. I am a former member of the Armed Forces and a person who put himself through college without out financial support for his parents because they could not afford it. I used student loans and here I am today. I've done well and have been able to mentor other youth to succeed and politically express my opinion and attempt to motive others to register to vote and get involved.
Michael McCans   Male   I wish to be a candidate representing the state of California due to the fact that I am a native Californian who has voted in every major election since my 21st birthday. I consider myself a serious progressive who is extremely concerned about the future of our state and country. I will endeavor to see that the party selects the best candidate to represent the people of Caliifornia as well as the United States to the best of my ability.
Tim Johnson   Male   I will do my best to represent the interest of working families in California and nationwide.
Norberto Gonzalez   Male   Every step I took during the midterm elections of 2014 brought me to a new door and the chance to listen to stories. Stories where people spoke of change and hope for a better tomorrow. As a community member I helped register students at local schools. As a student, I co-organized student events with local political figures to inform community member and increase young voter participation. My hope,as delegate, is to aliviate doubt of a better tomorrow with my narrative today.