AD 41


Tray Taylor





Time & Location:

UFCW 1428

705 W Arrow Highway
Claremont, CA 91711
Cross street: Indian Hill Blvd.
Location phone: 909-626-3333

Sunday, January 11
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Tim Wendler   Male   We need to elect a new President Clinton and retake Congress in 2016! I have been an active Democrat since 1988 when I first started walking precincts and phoning to Get Out the Vote. I have successfully taken on a number of leadership roles in the party over the years including Chair of the Pasadena Area United Democratic Headquarters for 8 years, national convention delegate, state party executive board member, assembly district chair, and president of several Democratic clubs. I look forward to working with you to spread our California success to the rest of our country!
Joe Salas   Male   My name is Joe Salas. I would be honored, once again, to serve as a delegate for the 41st Assembly District. Over the past two years, I have hosted seven successful fundraisers for Democratic candidates at the local, state and federal level. I have served as the Membership Chair for the Claremont Democratic Club. I also had the honor of serving on the Affirmative Action Committee (AAC) for the California Democratic Party..... While on the committee, we looked for ways to broaden the appeal of the party to diverse groups across the Golden State. For the upcoming 2014-16 year, I plan to continue to raise funds for Democratic candidates for office; register more Democrats , participate in GOTV efforts far and near and advocate for Democratic-oriented principals. There is a lot of work to be done..... Lets roll up our sleeves, devise a plan for electoral success, reach out to the stranger and articulate a vision which promises that America will live up to its credo as written by Thomas Jefferson, "That all men are created equal" Thank you for your support, Joe Salas josephsalas7@hotmail.com
Hoyt Hilsman   Male   Hoyt Hilsman is a writer and educator. He is President of the Democrats of Pasadena Foothills and has been a delegate to the Democratic national and state conventions in the past. He looks forward to again serving as a delegate.
victor castellanos   Male   My passion is in helping our society move forward. I believe that our energy should be channelled where it can do a greater good for the greater of the people..
Peter Baker   Male   My name is Peter Baker, and I announcing my intention to run for a position as a delegate to the State Convention. I'm doing this out of my genuine belief that being a delegate is important because of how that person represents the issues and principals that are so central to the Democratic Party. It is also important because of how it affords that person the opportunity to make sure that forward progress that was achieved in the election isn't lost. What this means is that it is paramount that the party be on the lookout for those who are serious enough about to make sure that the public's attention remained focused on them by fulfilling his duty of helping the party to create methodologies that will insure their continuance. It would therefore be very advisable that whoever is chosen to represent the party at the State Convention be someone who not only is an activist, but also possess a great interest in, and commitment to the party and all of its core principals. This therefore should be the frameworks around which any consideration of those that are running for delegates are centered. Based on this description it would appear that there are two sets of priorities that an
Harold Campbell   Male   As a U.S. military veteran and doctoral student of political science, I'm a strong advocate for the Democratic Party and an avid proponent of progressive causes. I've served my country on for over five years with the U.S. Coast Guard, and I'm eager to continue giving back through the party and that is why I am running to be an Assembly District Delegate (ADD). Presently completing a Ph.D. in Political Science and working as an adjunct professor in this discipline, I've been a long-time scholar of public policy and am familiar with many of the policy challenges that California and the United States are facing, and know how progressive policy intervention can improve our economy, environment, and the quality of life for the members of society. With previous experience as an analyst for the Government Accountability Office, I value transparency, accountability, and ethics in government and feel these are critical to maintaining the public trust in our government actions. As a born and raised California, I am eager to lend my expertise to moving the state forward and supporting the Democratic Party, and would like to thank you for your consideration in giving me such an opportunity.
garland byrum II   Male    
Kian Kaeni   Male    
James Jenal   Male    
John Kennedy   Male    
Hagop Ajemian   Male   I like to stand to my party and take my country need.
John Harabedian   Male   I am running to serve as a delegate for the 41st district because we need a strong progressive voice to represent our community at the upcoming conventions. As the Mayor of Sierra Madre, I work on a daily basis with my constituents on the various issues facing our district in order to create a better quality of life for our City and region. These efforts include working to preserve our natural open space, providing healthy outlets and activities for our youth and seniors, promoting access to more affordable public transportation, and ensuring public safety remains a top priority. I will fight for these same priorities as your delegate, and would greatly appreciate your support.
Sahag Yedalian   Male   I'm a progressive young democrat who has volunteered for great community organizations like the Los Angeles County Young Democrats (LACYD) and the Southern California Armenian Democrats (SCAD). Having been registered as a Democrat from the start, I have enjoyed lending my support to numerous progressive candidates and look forward to getting Democrats with a strong vision elected to public office!
Michael Shimpock   Male    
Francisco Ochoa   Male    
George Minter   Male    
Garen Kirakosian   Male    
Barry Gordon   Male    
Linda Baker   Female   California State Democratic Party Linda L. Baker Assembly District 41st Gender: Female 164 Sinclair Avenue, Unit 1 City: Upland, CA Zip: 91786 Phone: (909) 985-3985 Cell Phone: (909) 509-2508 E-Mail: llbaker4@verizon.net Local Club involvement: I am the former Secretary of the Inland Valley Democratic Club. Helping out at the Upland Street Fair on Thursday nights, registering voters, talking to people about the current issues. Helping out on different committees assigned to . Handing out literature to people on the different issues. Stood on street corners protesting different issues with club members. Help finding speakers for the monthly meetings and anything else that the board members want me to do. My job will be make sure everything runs smoothly in the club. Involvement in Campaigns: Worked and volunteered on Russ Warner's last four campaigns doing phone banking, stuffing envelopes, filing, data entry, registering voters and doing whatever I was asked to do in the campaigns to help get Russ elected to U.S. Congress and California State Assembly. Helping out with fundraisers by baking desserts and pastries. Organized and set up a fundraiser for Russ
Joanne Wendler   Female   My name is Joanne Wendler, and I have been a delegate to the CA State Democratic Party representing Temple City and Pasadena since 1994. I have been active in the Democratic Party since the Clinton-Gore campaign of 1992. I work full-time for a social media company in Santa Monica and I live in Pasadena. I look forward to representing you at State Party meetings.
Alexandra Zucco   Female   I have been proud to represent the 41st AD, and the 59th as a delegate prior to the redistricing for more than 15 years and regularly attend all conventions and meetings. I am on the Monrovia School Board, first joining the Board in 2009 and then re-elected in November of 2013. In addition to my service to the School Board, I was recently elected to the CA School Board Association's Delegate Assembly and help guide policy and endorsements of this organization. My day job is serving the constituents of the 41st AD for the new Majority Leader, Assemblymember Chris Holden. I handle Education and Healthcare issues, as well as serving the communities of Monrovia, Sierra Madre and East Pasadena. I am asking for your continued support and look forward to serving again. Thank you.
Darla Dyson   Female   My name is Darla Dyson and I have had the honor to serve as a ADEM delegate for six years and as an E-Board representative for the last two years. In addition, I have served on the Voter Services Committee. I was the Field Director at the United Democratic Headquarters in 2012 and the campaign coordinator for Assemblyman Holden in 2014. I am running to be a ADEM delegate for the 41st Assembly District because I would like to continue to work with the Voter Services Committee to not only register Democrats but to make sure they either vote by mail or on election day. Thank you for your consideration.
Teresa Lamb Simpson   Female   My name is Teresa Lamb Simpson and I am respectfully requesting your vote. For over two decades, I have worked hard to get Democrats elected, volunteering for many campaigns (local, state and federal), organizing and chairing Democratic events, and serving as an Assembly District Delegate. It has been my privilege to work for Congressman Schiff since 1997 and my equal privilege to serve as a delegate for 20 years. I would be honored to continue to serve as your Assembly District Delegate. Thank you for your consideration! Teresa
Wendy Eccles   Female   As an educator, who is actively involved in her local association and CTA, it is extremely important to me to bring that involvement and knowledge to my assembly district and to the CADEMs. Our communities are no longer about the people, but the corporate interests. Our schools are no longer about the students, but the reform agenda. We need to take back our communities and strengthen our state. I am very proud to be a California Democrat.
Aida Dimejian   Female   I have lived in Pasadena since 1976 when I immigrated to the states. I have been actively involved in the Democratic political process since the age of 18.
Molly Bosted   Female    
Kim Nguyen   Female    
Susan Jarolim   Female    
Laura Hogensen   Female    
Jana West   Female    
Maliha Noamani   Female   Hello: I am running as a young Pakistani American Muslim Woman to help change the course of our country into a positive direction. I am currently a Pharmacy student and would one day like to help influence our health care system into a more functional system for the many people who are still struggling with health care rights. I was a Executive Board member and Delegate in another district, but had to resign, because I moved due to personal reasons and therefore it was the ethical thing to do, However, I would like to return in order to help my party accomplish many of the goals we have for the years to come and love the opportunity to serve my county and the many great citizens that represent my great district. Thank you!
Renee Schillaci   Female    
Julianne Hines   Female    
Zazette Scott   Female    
Michelle Bailey   Female   I wholeheartedly support the Democratic Party position regarding a stronger economy, healthcare, education and protection of rights and freedoms. I love community, the Democratic process, and value education highly. I believe without a doubt that I can contribute greatly to the Democratic Party, particularly in California where I live and serve, as a voice for my community partners on a larger scale. My public service record goes back 45 years. My most recent service has been by appointment to two Commissions, Human Relations and currently the Northwest Commission; I have served as Chairperson of each. I am currently serving a second year appointed as a Regional Political Action Coordinator of the California School Employees Association (CSEA) where I am also Chapter 1st VP and PAC. I have served on the Board of Directors with the Pasadena Alliance of African American School Educators (PAAASE), the Alkebu-lan Cultural Center, the Pasadena MLK Coalition, and the Executive Committee of the Pasadena NAACP. In addition, I have served on the Trustee Board and currently on the Executive Board where I attend church. It would be both a privilege and an honor to serve as a 2015
Gabrielle Taylor   Female