AD 40


Chris Robles





Time & Location:

Islamic Center of the Inland Empire

9212 Baseline Rd.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 911739
Cross street: Hellman Ave.
Location Phone: 909-944-1836

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Elvira Harris   Female   I am Elvira Harris and currently serve as a California State Democratic Party Delegate (A-DEM) for Assembly District 40. I am a member of the California Democratic Party's; Women, Labor, and African-American Caucuses. Serving as the Southern Political Director for the African-American Caucus and a member of the California Democratic Party's Standing, Resolutions Committee. I have a 25 year career as a Correctional Peace Officer for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation which began in 1990. I have been a union activist with the California Correctional Peace Officers Association(CCPOA)since my career began. I am the first African-American woman to serve on the Chino Chapter of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association as the Correctional Counselors Representative where I help negotiate employee benefits, labor issues, and working conditions. Recently I have been doing this on a state wide level. I have worked as Prison Valley Chairperson for the Association of Black Correctional Workers prior to the chairperson position, I worked as Credentials Chair for this organization. I remain an active supporter of the California Peace Officer's Foundation pro
Talat Khan   Female   My candidacy for delegate is about inclusion of new and varied voters and activists in our assembly district. We need to strengthen our party in order to protect ideals of equality, diversity, education and economic stability against growing forces in the Republican party. I have been heavily involved in political activism for over fifteen years, having been involved in the efforts of presidential, mayoral, congressional, and state assembly campaigns. I have been a delegate for years, and am currently on the Affirmative Action Committee. I am a family practitioner for the past 28 years. I am also a retired Captain of the US Air Force, and have been active in my community, having served on the executive board of the Human Relations Council of Pomona Valley and helping found a free health clinic in San Bernardino. I also received the Women of the Year from the YWCA. I am a mother of three children who are now active members of society. My roles as a doctor, activist and mother have made me focus on life for all of us, able to focus both on our state and country for the present while setting realistic goals for the future.
Erick Jimenez   Male   User Provided No Response
Danielle Mackey   Female   I am a second generation Democrat who actively votes. My main objective is to register more Democrats to vote And to get more Democrats elected to Public Office.
Stacey Aldstadt   Female   I would be honored to serve the party. I believe in the Democratic Party, as a progressive, compassionate party. I have a great deal of energy to bring into the priorities of the party! I am ready to fight for 2016 and the future.
Laurie Stalnaker   Female   It has been my privilege and honor to represent the working families of the Inland Empire for more than 21 years, I will bring the same effort and tenacity to representing Democrats of the 40th. A.D. and beyond that I have representing my brothers and sisters of the AFL-CIO. I ask for your support and vote "ALL IN TO WIN" Thank you Laurie Stalnaker
Terrance Masl   Male   My name is Terry Masl and I am a passionate Democrat. I have been a State Party Delegate for the past 8 years and have attended every convention. I am also actively involved in the Democratic Party at the County and local levels. I am the founding President of the Inland Valley Democratic Club and the current Vice President. I have performed volunteer work for many Democratic Candidates and Initiatives over the years, phone banking, walking precincts and other various duties. In 2007 as the homeless encampment known as "Tent City" in Ontario grew to about 450 I helped coordinate the various charities, was appointed liaison between the Homeless and the City of Ontario as well as their spokesperson. I believe the California Democratic State Party is the strongest, most Progressive Party in the nation and I am proud of it. We need activist delegates like me to keep our State Party at the cutting edge of a Progressive Society. I am asking for your vote. Thank you
Donald Singer   Male   I have actively worked to elect Democrats at all levels-local, State, and national for many years. Among the activities I have participated in include making telephone calls, going door to door, and writing letters endorsing candidates. I have been a delegate to three State Democratic conventions.
Mohamed Gibani   Male   I will be working within and outside my community (Arabic speaking) groups to promote Democratic Party agenda. I would like to see more of my community getting more involved in the political process through the Democratic Party
Joe Richardson   Male   It would be a pleasure to be an Assembly District Delegate for District 40. I have lived in the area for a decade, and have ties to the area going back to my college years. I am a practicing attorney, active community member, and most importantly a concerned citizen and loyal Democrat with a true desire to see our party meet the challenges of the future head-on. It would be an honor to participate in the important work of evaluating our platform, and choosing candidates to endorse. I would bring passion for the political process, sound judgment in contributing to the important decisions we need to make as a party, and honest effort to complete our business thoughtfully. My hope and expectation would be that our party will use its diversity as a strength, choosing positions and candidates in line with our principles, while respecting differences. We must pursue innovative solutions to the challenges we face, and continue to thereby help California lead the way for the entire country. It comes down to each of us contributing to the process through our participation. I would proudly do so as an Assembly District Delegate for District 40, and ask for your support. Joe Rich
David Salvaggio   Male   As an active Democrat here in California since 1988, it would be a privilege to serve as a delegate to the 2015 State Convention. Most recently, I worked as a volunteer to help elect Pete Aguilar to Congress from my local District. I knocked on doors, made phone calls, posted signs, wrote letters to our local editors, and helped with events (rallies, debates, etc.) Previously, I also volunteered to help elect our President Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012. I look forward to registering more Democrats in California and electing our candidates to statewide offices. We MUST retain control of our State legislature and Governor's office and both U.S. Senate seats. I promise to work hard.
Mark Janov   Male   I Mark Janov would like to serve my community, through the Democratic Party. I would like to help lead the democratic party in my district, by participating in leadership and being part of the change. We are at the crossroads in our great state with various issues that demands our attention. I am ready to step up with other California delicates and create solutions to the many problems we face in these difficult times
Angelica Balderas   Female   I am Angelica Balderas a Democrat supporter and my candidacy for delegate focuses on representing the people and their interests. As a 15 year employee of Ralph's market, I have represented my co-workers as a Union Liaison. For the past year, I have been on special assignment with UFCW local 1167, with whom I have been a member of for 15 years. Being a grocery worker has enabled me to make productive connections with workers of stores in our union. The workers know that I have first-hand knowledge of their experiences. I am also involved with the Human Rights Campaign and volunteered with such organizations as Los Angeles and Desert AIDS Project, as well as GLAAD. Immigration is another area that I work on through UFCW. I have been a part of workshops on immigration that we have sponsored. I believe it is important for people from all walks of life to have a voice. Being a delegate would allow me another opportunity to voice their interests in order to bring about change. I have experience working on numerous political campaigns. I have worked on mayoral, congressional, and presidential campaigns. My experience in activism and politics makes me the ideal delegate to represent the
SanJuana Laurel   Female   User Provided No Response
Sean Houle   Male   I have been an activist in the Democratic Party since 2004, when first Howard Dean, then John Kerry challenged the lies and deplorable, warmongering policies of the Bush administration. I have been a delegate to the state convention since around 2006 and have worked to endorse and elect good Democrats who fight to protect working people, women. the environment, our LGBT community and all members of our ethnically diverse society, and ensure that our nation's promises of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness shall be rights for all, and not privileges for some. I am a member of the Stonewall Democratic Club, as well as a member of the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee, where I am honored to serve as Sergeant-at Arms. I would be likewise honored to again represent you at the California State Convention. Thank you.
D. Dianne Landeros   Female   I have been actively involved with the Democratic Party since 2002, working on Howard Dean's campaign, then organizing the local Redlands Democracy for America. I have been a member of the Redlands Area Democratic Club since that time also. I was on the membership committee, the get out the vote committee, and was involved in fundraising for the club.Over the years, I have hosted several fundraising events and meet and greets for a variety of Democratic candidates. For the last two elections, I have worked as a poll monitor in conjunction with Common Cause. I am committed to the values of the Democratic party, including preserving the environment and fighting global warming, equality, justice, voting rights for all, a woman's right to choose, a strong middle class, and the importance of government to address many societal problems. I have actively worked to get out the vote and to mobilize Democrats in the Redlands area for over ten years and have served as a delegate for most of those years. My activism in the party demonstrate my commitment to the Democratic party and why I should be a California delegate.
Dr. Reyes L. Quezada   Male   It would be an honor to be a California Democratic Party delegate for the 40th District. I have lived in Redlands for 19 years. I was one of the delegates to the 2014 California Democratic Party convention. I am a professor at the university of San Diego in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences. I have been a professor at the University of Redlands, and at California State University Stanislaus. My doctorate is from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. I also hold three Masters Degrees in Administration and Counseling. My research expertise will serve our district selection of our representatives. I have advised democratic candidates in city, state and congressional races throughout my years, on education, political, and immigration issues. I support increased funding for education, antipoverty programs, state fair wage legislation, fiscal responsibility and innovation to support equal employment for all. I am on the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing-Committee on Accreditation, the San Bernardino County Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and former commissioner for the City of Redlands Housing Authority and Human Relations Commission.
Kristin Washington   Female   I am seeking your support for Assembly District 40 so that I can help our party recruit and elect Democratic candidates that represent the progressive values and diversity of our region. I am an active Democrat, currently serving as Vice President of the Redlands Area Democratic Club (RADC). I have helped elect Democrats at every level of government by doing such work as going door-to-door to meet potential voters and making phone calls to encourage higher voter turnout. In my role as RADC program chair, I have provided local Democratic candidates the opportunity to heighten their profile and engage with voters by inviting them to speak at monthly club meetings. The district needs candidates that generate excitement and can gain the support of the community. As an African-American woman, I believe I can do a great job finding candidates who look like the residents in this district and who are willing to perform the important work of representing all of us once elected.