AD 39


Chad Jones





Time & Location:

El Carisco Community Regional Park Community Room


13100 Hubbard St
Sylmar, CA 91342
Landmark: Next to LA Mission College
Location phone: 818-439-8635

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Renato Lira   Male   I am a grassroots Democratic Patty activist in the Lation community.I know that there are many issues that are common to all Democrats sunch as minimum wage.We need to work together promoting an agenda of Democratic Values. I work well with everyone and am eager to listen to others. I was recently elected to Vice Presidents United Chicano & Latino Democratic club of Los Angles County.I know these are only titles, but l believe that they also reflect my commitment to insure everyone is treated fairly and justly. I keep informed on current issues and l will stand up for fairness and justice.You can be sure that l place fairness and justice before political expediency, just as we grassroots Democrats always try to do.I identify with the grassroots because that is who we are. That is what makes us the Party of the 99%
Noel Barajas   Male   I am seeking re-election to continue representing you at the California Democratic Party and to continue being a voice for our communities values and issues.
Farid Enrique Ben Amor   Male   Hello, eastern San Fernando Valley! I'm proud to say I grew up in this wonderful part of LA and returned here in 2010. I've been happy to serve as your delegate since 2011 to make sure our shared beliefs are represented in our wider state party. To that end, I've also served twice as an editor and writer of our state party's platform, where I've focused on amplifying our shared social justice and human dignity values, both in person and especially via the internet and other new communication technologies. I'd love your vote so that I can continue to represent our views. Thanks for your support! Please feel free to reach out to me anytime at fbenamor@gmail.com -Farid
Kevin Suscavage   Male   My name is Kevin Suscavage. I believe in the spirit of democracy, where a 'grass roots' movement has the opportunity to flourish. I believe in the union of like-minded citizens gathering for a common cause, regardless of financial status or social class which may be, inadvertently prescribed therein. Furthermore, I strive to further the ethos of the Democratic Party's principles, as was demonstrated with my candidacy in the 2014 CA Assembly District 39 Primary.
Eric Menjivar   Male    
Charlie Bradley   Male   I am very excited about the opportunity to represent the state of California as a Delegate for the Democratic party. I am a life long Democrat and stand firmly on our ideals and beliefs. I have a servant's heart and a servant's spirit. I served my country in the US Marine Corps, I served the state of California as a CHP Officer, I now citizens of my community as the VP of Neighborhood Council, and am now ready to make my service available the Democratic Party! I look forward to working with the other elected delegates and will work tirelessly in securing the future and advancement of the Democratic Party!
Steve Jaramillo   Male  
David Rodriguez   Male   David M. Rodriguez is a historian of American foreign relations. From September 2011 to November 2012, he worked on Latin American security policy at the U.S. Department of State. He also served in the Clinton State Department as a Foreign Affairs Campus Coordinator and Cyber Analyst. Dr. Rodriguez is passionate about preparing a new generation of global leaders and has spent the past three years organizing internship and career workshops for college students interested in international relations. A native of Sylmar, he holds degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has taught history and politics at Los Angeles Mission College, Pasadena City College, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Sylvester Partida   Male   I ask for your vote and the opportunity to advocate for our communities through the platform that the Democratic Party provides. My motivation for becoming a Delegate of the 39th Assembly District is having the opportunity of representing the people of the Northeast San Fernando Valley. I, as your representative, will promote and express the values of our Democratic Party to our communities and voice the concerns of its residents. Thank you for your consideration.
Caesar F. Huerta   Male    
ERIC SUGAY   Male   My decision to run is solely based on meeting the needs of the community as a whole. It's a big task to meet everyone's needs and I'm ready for the challenges. It is an honor to be given the chance to serve you.
Lorenzo Peralta   Male    
Armen Ansryan   Male    
Aris Hovasapian   Male   I care deeply about California's environmental and energy policies, and believe that a strong, progressive environmental and energy policy is critical to sustaining economic growth while continuing to prosper. I have been a Democrat and voted Democratic since I could vote, and have worked on many campaigns at all levels, including School Board, City, Assembly, and Congressional campaigns. As a delegate for AD 39, I will ensure that our state representatives maintain our core progressive principles.
Mark Lomeli   Male   Over the last 10 years I've had the privilege of being a public servant in leadership positions. I have served as a field staff member to elected officials, as a campaign manager in a number of high profile elections, and have held the position of Director of Special Projects for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Through these experiences, I've developed a unique eye for being solutions oriented to ensure collaboration among all stakeholders. I'm also proud to bring a fresh perspective that combines the ideals of public education, public service, and the need to make progress. I bring ideas to the forefront of community organizing while staying true to the foundation of constituent services. And lastly, I have the ability to lead both individual and small groups toward achieving targeted goals.
Gilbert Berriozabal   Male   I am running for Assembly Delegate in the 39th District to bring progressive and innovative ideas to the California Democratic Party and our state convention. I have been involved in politics working to elect Democrats for many years and now as Chair of Transportation & Safety Commission for the City of San Fernando. I am committed to progressive causes such as gender and LGBTQ equality, raising the minimum wage, immigration and campaign finance reform. I believe in creating jobs and strengthening the economy, reforming education, protecting the environment, and taking care of our sick and elderly. I am also committed to engaging and empowering our youth to become engaged in local and state wide issues. I would be honored to represent AD39 in championing these and many other progressive causes. I respectfully ask for your vote on January 11th, and look forward to serving as your Assembly Delegate.
Carlos Lara   Male    
MARK SEIGEL   Male   I would like to help our City and State build a better future and a better today.
Joe Mkhitaryan   Male   I am running for Delegate to the California Democratic State Party to better and assist the democratic process by voting on important issues, endorsements, and recommendations to help promote the California Democratic Party's agenda and Platform.
Nareg Khodanian   Male    
Melanie Davis   Female   I want to get more involved in the Democratic Party because I want to be part of the Democratic comeback after the 2014 election. The Democratic Party is the true party of ideas and we better represent the ideals of the Founding Fathers and the majority of present day Americans. It's time to put the fear and misinformation spread by the Republican Party out to pasture so we can make the USA as strong and prosperous as it has ever been. The USA that we grew up with and love needs committed and active citizens to be it's best caretakers. Not the oligarchy that wishes to hoard the countries wealth from the rest of us. This is not the time to put our heads in the sand...it's time to fight back and win!
Elizabeth Knipe   Female   I am interested in serving as a delegate to the Democratic Convention. I am a lifelong Dem.
Abigail Moreno   Female  
Cristina Coria   Female  
Veronica Padilla   Female  
franki becerra   Female  
Yolanda Anguiano   Female    
Vanessa Serrano   Female   I was born and raised in the North East San Fernando Valley. At a young age, I began to volunteer my time through various local groups and have decided to continue to actively participate in organizations that invest in the communities prosperity. I would like to represent my community in the Democratic Party. I am looking forward to serving my neighborhood.
Lorena Bernal   Female   As I life along resident of the Northeast San Fernando Valley, I believe in the democratic process and I will exercise my civic duty to do exactly that.
Anna Aroutiounian   Female   I was raised in the East San Fernando Valley and have lived here for 19 years. I have been involved in politics and government since high school, working to elect progressive Democrats, especially women and minorities. I am currently a Policy Deputy for Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Krekorian, serving areas of AD 39, and in this capacity, I have worked on a number of progressive causes, such as gun control, gender equality/women's right, worker's rights, and protecting our environment. In addition, I serve as the Vice President of Finance for the Los Angeles County Young Democrats and I am the PAC Vice Chair for the National Political Women's Caucus Metro Area. I would be honored to receive your vote and represent AD 39.
Satenik Ansryan   Female   I am a longtime proud member of AFSCME. As a social worker in Los Angeles County, I have been serving the most neediest of Angelinos, get connected with the social safety nets that the our Democratic party has been fighting for. Day in and day out I experience how our parties values have saved lives and our community. I look forward to being a part of our party delegates and fighting for thous services that have been under attack from the right, and to strengthen thous policies in our Party platform.
Shooshig Avakian   Female   My name is Shooshig Susan Avakian and I was born and raised in California. I am a former teacher, now working in the mortgage lending industry as a loan officer. Growing up, I have been active in youth groups within my community as well as abroad. I am a mother of two young boys and live in Sunland, Ca. I would like to become a delegate, because I would like to represent my area and out interests in the Democratic party. Being a mom and former educator, I'm active in our community and believe I can contribute to our Party's strength in the Valley.
Carolina Perez   Female   I believe I am the correct candidate for becoming the District Delegate because I am a growing, open minded, and intelligent women. I have set this in my life as a priority accomplishment. In my 32 years of being a Democratic citizen in my District, I accomplish in becoming a advocate for education, foster children, seniors, immigration, housing, jobs, and many others to create and become. Through out my experience I have seen the concerns, wants, and necessities my community has. Now is the time to exploit them and change it. We need to improve our schools and make education attractive to the students so we can have a growing number of high school graduates. Becoming prospects to our universities and then alumni's with their dreams. Also establish vocational and trade options for our youth and ways to increase job opportunity with better wages. We need affordable housing to be reachable for hard working families and people who make low income. I have been in several organizations that has travel to Sacramento and Washington. There we have establish a bond with our representatives knowing who we could trust or not. I have the knowledge to lead and point you in the right direction.
Maria Jacquez   Female   As the immigrant mother of 8, I struggled to raise my family and I understand the challenges that immigrant families and people of poverty suffer in the 39th AD. That's why I joined the United Auto Workers in 1984 to fight for fair wages. I became a shop steward and also became active in my community of Sun Valley working to improve the schools and fighting for environmental justice against the many businesses who abuse the environment. The Democratic Party represents these issue best and now I want to serve the Democratic Party as a delegate.
Krystee Clark   Female   Krystee Clark serves on the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council where she is highly involved with community concerns. As a former candidate for Los Angeles City Council and an elected Los Angeles Budget Advocate, Ms. Clark continues to fight for long-term strategies that will benefit the greatest amount of people. Her local activism led to involvement on a National level as an elected Convention Delegate for the SAG-AFTRA union. Krystee continues to seek ways to actualize true change. Krystee Clark is a passionate advocate for equality and woman's right's. Ms. Clark is concerned for the future of our youth and insists on equal access to arts education and will fight to save our natural beauty and resources for future generations to experience. Krystee Clark will work tirelessly and energetically to uphold our Democratic ideals and to represent the needs of the 39th Assembly District. Thank you for your vote and your continued engagement.
Astine Suleimanyan   Female   As a lifelong Democrat and UC graduate who has always worked for organized labor, I understand how critical Delegates are to the Party and our Golden State. I'm throwing my hat in the ring because I feel I'm in a position to add value. I am in my second year of service as Political Coordinator for the largest Service Employees International Union local in California, the United Long Term Care Workers. I am a newly elected Chapter Board Member for the ACLU of Southern California. And I'm a longtime active member of the Armenian National Committee of America. My professional experience has prepared me to fulfill the responsibilities of a Delegate. And my personal experience has prepared me to use the privileges of a Delegate to champion the rights of others. Our Party thrives when it represents our diverse neighborhoods and communities. Our Golden State thrives when we fight for equitable educational, healthcare, employment, judicial, and entrepreneurial opportunities for all.
Cindy Monzon   Female   My name is Cindy Monzon, I am running to provide a progressive young Hispanic female voice to the state party as a representative from my district. I have been a registered democrat since I was eighteen years old. I began my political involvement with my college Young Democrats chapter, CSUN Young Dems, and have since been involved with the San Fernando Valley Young Dems. I am also an advocate for woman and reproductive rights and am part of Planned Parenthood Young Professionals. I am currently a SoCal Region Director with the California Young Democrats Latino Caucus. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and continue to be involved in my community. I am a special education elementary school teacher in San Fernando. Thank-You for your support.
Angelina Fowler   Female   As a field deputy for a Los Angeles City Councilmember in the East Valley, I believe that I am uniquely in-tune to what the East Valley Democrats are passionate about. Environmental issues, social justice, equal opportunity in education, and better mass transportation are what East Valley Democrats like myself are passionate about. Being a representative for the East Valley on these issues and other important democratic principles is incredibly important to me, and I believe that becoming a delegate will allow me to do that more proactively.
Deborah Ray   Female   I believe that everyone has a voice and everyone should be heard.
Liliana Sanchez   Female   First we preserve.
Marie Khatchaderian   Female